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Ha, my DVD for AWE has the insert with the FAQs. Very informative!
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Do you think they'll ever release special editions of the originals with FAQs for all the films? I bet people would buy them. 

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Oh, indeed.
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Just spent money on this.

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I thought what's-her-name was quite lovely.
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I caught this yesterday, and enjoyed it (for the most part).  The action staging is far more fun than the stuff ON STRANGER TIDES had to offer (mermaid sequence aside), and although Depp leans even heavier on the drunken schtick than before, I still found myself entertained by Jack Sparrow's antics.  Bardem's good, playing it far straighter than I was expecting, while Rush is once again a delight as Barbossa... though the screenplay forces that character into a function that feels both totally unearned and completely out-of-step with what we know of Barbossa having spent a lot of time with him in three previous movies.  The arc the film gives Barbossa is one of its biggest missteps, but Rush does all he can to sell it.


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I thought what's-her-name was quite lovely.

Kaya Scodelario is easily the more impressive of the two young leads (of course, it doesn't hurt that smart, headstrong brunettes are my type...).  No offense to Thwaites, who has an earnest quality to him, but Scodelario brings a lot of energy and personality to an otherwise stock character on paper.  As with Rush, though, the screenplay positions Scodelario's character to have an emotional payoff that doesn't really land.  

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Also, though Geoff Zanelli's score didn't register very much while watching, it's a fun listen on the album.  Several strong new themes (including an incredibly catchy, legitimately swashbuckling action motif), and copious usage of classic themes, but - for the most part - these are fresh spins and variations on them rather than straight note-for-note passages from the previous scores.


I'd say it's the best score of the series after AT WORLD'S END.

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always top score!


seriously, the return of the romance theme from AT WORLD'S END helped the prologue have an oomph I don't think it would've had otherwise!







if only I found their actual romance in the movie as compelling as the theme!

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Dave Chen was just talking about how much he loved listening to the pirates score...

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Just come back from this. It was so goddamn boring I felt like I had to actively keep myself from dozing off. The freshness and inventiveness of the originals has been replaced by a sense of obligation. Nothing exhibits that better than their approach to the scripts which are always some variation on Jack Sparrow being stuck between a silly cursed villain, the British navy and a sexy couple while searching for a macguffin. It's not worse than On Stranger Tides, which wasn't even competently made, but the race is a lot closer than I expected it to be.


What surprised me most is that the thing I was dreading the most - Paul McCartney's cameo - ended up being the one bit that really made me laugh. He's got some great comic delivery.

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On the box office side, it's looking like this will be following the pattern of ON STRANGER TIDES where it does only okay domestically, but the foreign grosses more than pick up the spare.


Of the $1 billion TIDES pulled in, $200 million was generated in North America, and the other $800 million came from other markets.  Based on the opening weekend, the industry projection for the fifth movie's total take is $850 million, which is definitely enough for Disney to consider it a success and more than likely enough for them to think about a sixth installment (for better or worse).

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The next part should be entitled "Pirates of the Caribbean: A movie without a soul ... :)

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Saw an advert for this earlier and completely forgotten I'd already seen it.
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I remember, Elvis! I remember everything.

Except the fourth movie.
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This thing just crossed $600 million worldwide.  I am not sanguine about how much fun another sequel can be without Geoffrey Rush, but if they must make Pirates 6, these would be my suggestions:


1) Take the right lesson from the success of this movie and wait a while

2) Double down, hard, on Kevin McNally

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I can see Disney churning out one more with another big name as a cursed captain or whatever. After that fails to hit expectations, they'll do one bugfuck / desperately weird sequel where Captain Jack magically travels to modern day and hijacks a modern navy battleship. Actually I'd watch that.

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After that fails to hit expectations, they'll do one bugfuck / desperately weird sequel where Captain Jack magically travels to modern day and hijacks a modern navy battleship. Actually I'd watch that.

Im actually a bit surprised something like that hasn't happened already.
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Who's everyone's pick for talented actor to be wasted as the supernatural villain, next time around? This fifth one was originally supposed to have Cristoph Waltz in the Bardem role, which is almost obvious to the point of being parody. Tim Roth's about due for one of these, yeah?
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if Roth does play a villain, I hope he plays it like the bellhop from FOUR ROOMS




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Well, the post-credits scene sure seemed to indicate Davy Jones is coming back, for what that's worth.


This was such a tedious film.  It felt like it had sixteen prologues just to get us up to speed as to who was who so they could get the plot started, and then that plot is a fairly bog-standard "Go get the magical thing" story.  Then it blows what would have been a pretty great prologue as a flashback about halfway through, by which point you just don't care.  What little goodwill Jack has left is gone; he was always eccentric but competent, but here, he's a total bumbling drunken fool, succeeding more by accident than by his own wits and skill, and therefore even less interesting.

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The "keelhaul" bit at least was vintage Jack getting what he wants through deception.


Despite the teaser, bringing back Davy Jones would make no sense.  I think it would be more interesting if Will's nightmare portended different consequences of leaving his post.  I'll allow that being bound to the Dutchman counts as a curse, but isn't it also necessary to shepherd souls at sea or whatever?  What happens to them now?


It's also just as possible they will ignore the teaser altogether, as they did with the fourth movie's.

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That keelhaul scene was the one moment Jack felt like Jack.


And I did wonder, if Salazar's men immediately began drowning as soon as the curse was lifted, why Will and the Dutchmen crew didn't immediately drown on board the submerged ship.

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perhaps the magical thing provides everyone cursed with a nice little grace period!

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The Dutchman can breach, so...


I guess this means Jack the monkey is no longer undead as well.

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Oh I'm sure there's some in-universe explanation, it was just a humorous thought I had as my brain tried to find anything entertaining in what I was watching.

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The articles states that the fifth movie "is on course to bring in more than a billion dollars to Disney," which isn't true unless they're factoring in presumptive home video and merchandising revenue.  Still, it has a chance of breaking $800 million worldwide, which is impressive for a fifth installment of anything.

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I really like Depp as an actor, correspondingly all the movies he plays at are remarkable for me! One more good adventure movie. Watch again-probably not, but for one time with a good company at a cinema  goes just great! My girlfriend also liked it. So I guess good for both guys and gals.

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Not gonna lie, kinda dug the ending in a guilty pleasure give the audience what they want way. It got the Black Pearl back on the sea and Will and Elizabeth back together, so can't complain.

Had some elaborate set pieces.
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Between Ori, British Navy Faramir, and the reprisal of Orlando Bloom, there was an unexpected amount of Middle Earth representation in this movie.

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Originally Posted by The Dark Shape View Post

The stinger makes no sense but I totally loved it.  Gimme PIRATES 6.  Preferably with Gore Verbinski at the helm serving his time in director jail.


It looks like Verbinski's sentence will be Marvel's GAMBIT instead.

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