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Bioware's ANTHEM

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Might as well get one started. 


SO, Bioware does Multiplayer raids but you get Iron Man suits to fly around and shoot stuff with! Drew Karpyshin is writing the plot and he does great work. Like Destiny except EA is way better with international multiplayer than those chucklefucks at Bungie so I'll actually get to play it. 


Have at it. 


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Unless its has a HUGE single player experience and story/setting, Im not really interested.

Im not into heavily multiplayer games, Destiny bored me quickly and more of the same, but in third person and prettier doesnt entice me. 

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If it really can be played solo (and be fun solo), I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat. But I don't think exploration plus live squadmates goes hand-in-hand. It's like pizza toppings, everyone wants something different.

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I say we go to the devils canyon! And I say we go to ripper gorge! I say we go to noobs row!
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They did a good job of making it look cool. I certainly want it to be good. The rocket based weaponry was nice.


The video raised a lot more questions than it answered, what with the BS "vertical slice" elements. Do you really walk around with no hud in the town area, and then get frozen in place while NPCs deliver their mission spiel? Do you have to manually travel outward from the town to each mission area? Not worth thinking about too much I guess, since a lot of these elements are probably in flux.

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It looks pretty. But damn if I can't tell, even in the video, who you're supposed to shoot and shit. That was my main issue with Battlefront. Look, I'm old. You gotta paint me a fucking picture of who or what I'm supposed to shoot.

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