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Baby Driver Post Release Thread

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So after a wave of pre release hype and hyperbole, I got to see this for myself and.....

It's pretty damn awesome actually. I'm surprised the musical aspect of it is the thing that everyone keeps mentioning because it feels like an old school crime thriller first and foremost. The music is indeed awesome with the musical cues mixing with gun shots, tyre spins and everyday sound to create a unique rhythm to the most exciting moments. Most of the songs are defiantly old school too which was surprising given Edgar Wrights fondness for modern music. The thing that stuck with me most though was how the plot constantly goes left when it seems like it's going right. It's consistently surprising in terms of how certain characters react and who ends up filling which role, truly kept me on the edge of my seat. This combined with the central romance like something out of a Bruce Springsteen song and the film totally owned my ass.Everyone in this film knocks it over the back fence with Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx really standing out along with Ansel Elgort who has real charm like a young John Cusack.

What this film will be remembered for though is the action scenes. Every year there is one film with truly pulse pounding action if we are lucky and Baby Driver fills that role nicely. There's a central scene which felt like the foot chase in Point Break mixed with the scenes in Spaced whenever Michael Smiley would show up.

Baby Driver might be Wrights best film so far.
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It's good, but it didn't quite do it for me. I don't think I liked Ansel Elgort. The supporting bad guy cast all get some great moments though.

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I don't generally like hats.  

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then you may not like this movie
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I like Fear of a Black Hat.
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People who wear hats seem to be begging for attention most of the time.  "Look at me!  Look how special I am!  With my hat!"

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I wear a hat almost all the time


will you hate me?

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What kind?

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trucker hats

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I don't beliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieve uuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

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Me neither Freeman.

I bet in reality he wears baseball caps.
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Nooj would rock a newsboy cap.

I can't pull any kind of hat off thanks to my huge head.
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Also, I really wanna watch this. Looks great.
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Interesting mid budget car choice there with the '07 Impreza WRX.  Usually these things are full of classic muscle cars or god awful 'wish they were classic 70s muscle cars' modern reboots  (there's surely a couple (ed. of the latter) in there though.  Hopefully the villains all drive big dumb American gas guzzlers.  Trailer seems to suggest so).

Low budget +lack of sponsorship + foreign director = taste.

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Really liked the first three quarters of this, but felt it was odd that the big climax was a generic shootout in a garage. It was like he used all his good car chase ideas up too early and didn't have any left for a big closer.

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Goddamn, Wright can stage and edit the hell out of a scene like nobody's business.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I liked it overall. Lots of fun, clever and hilarious moments as expected (it is an Edgar Wright movie, after all), but I did have a couple qualms. Doc's final moment didn't feel believable at all. You're telling me this no-nonsense criminal mastermind who leaves the corpses of bank robbers in trunks if they become sloppy wouldn't want to kill Baby after he sabotages the mission? And then he helps Baby because he has a girlfriend? You mean the same girlfriend Doc was threatening before? I know Wright was trying to subvert expectations on who the final villain would be (Buddy seems like the friendly bank robber, as opposed to the quietly menacing Doc and the bullying Bats), but I was looking for an "a ha!" moment between Doc and Baby that didn't happen. More backstory on their partnership would have helped. Also, I liked how Baby handles Bats, but once Foxx leaves the movie, some of the tension deflates.

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
kevin snidely muttering, "I was in love once...."
is at once both silly and endearing!
"get outta here you crazy kids!"

(promptly run over by hamm)


I agree about the last stretch.


The movie also seemed to gradually drop the musical element towards the end.  Too bad.

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I quite dug it as well. Good characters and good action, smartly put together but not as tightly wound and aggressively clever-clever as Scott Pilgrim.


It turns out it's a lot easier to just relax and enjoy an Edgar Wright movie without people cramming it down my neck as the movie of our generation years from now directors will say it inspired them to direct etc for months on end. And as a member of the tinnitus community it's nice to get some cinematic representation outside of explosion scenes.


I like how the gang members all alternate between threatening and charming, so you just know someone's going to be a problem sooner or later, but not exactly who or how. Lily Collins looks uncannily like a young Madchen Amick.


If I had a problem it's that the large part of the movie felt like setup and character building. That's fine but for a crime thriller there was an odd lack of a central drive, the plot just kind of ticks along in leisurely fashion waiting for Baby to kick things off. They almost seemed to go out of their way not to escalate the drama sometimes.


It won't make a penny but I do think it will be remembered quite fondly!


Fun fact: I walk right past the house from Spaced on the route back from the cinema.

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Originally Posted by Paul C View Post



It turns out it's a lot easier to just relax and enjoy an Edgar Wright movie without people cramming it down my neck as the movie of our generation years from now directors will say it inspired them to direct etc for months on end. And as a member of the tinnitus community it's nice to get some cinematic representation outside of explosion scenes.


 Lily Collins looks uncannily like a young Madchen Amick.


oh man, how did I not see that?



and YAY for feeling represented!

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Whoops I mean Lily James.

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didn't even notice


lily collins has a small part in OKJA though!

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This was very good. A solid 8 out of 10. (8.4 if we're doing ridiculous Pitchfork scoring)


As others have mentioned, it felt like it was missing a car chase. This isn't exactly Ronin. A more accurate title might have been Baby Driver/Runner/Jumper/Hanger Outer At Diner.


Jon Hamm gets one of his better non-Draper roles. Better than his blah part as creepy FBI guy in The Town.


I'm curious to see how well it'll hold up on Bluray. It's densely packed with filmmaking craft, like every Wright film, so it'll probably have good lastability. The most memorable scene is the first one where Baby gets coffee...not exactly a traditional trailer money-shot moment.


I have a feeling the popularity of this film will cause sales of used Subaru WRX's to skyrocket 0.5%.

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Yes, it was odd that the angle they've used to sell this movie over and over again-- that its marriage of soundtrack and driving sequences make it almost a musical-- really seems to take a, um, back seat in the later half. Did need another good sequence along those lines somewhere, perhaps. Also I think
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Doc's face turn was only one brief earlier scene or moment (maybe around the time Baby meets his nephew) away from being altogether convincing. I do believe Spacey gets across that Doc has some affection for Baby that doesn't need to be spelled out, but just short of selling it totally.

Still, really liked this on the whole. Maybe the feeling that something's missing just comes from the fact that the story zigs in several places where these kinds of things usually zag. The driving/music sequences that are there do deserve the praise they're getting. Good performances all around-- nice use of Hamm's knack for facile charm especially-- and the romantic leads have you really rooting for them to make it, and that's half the battle right there.

My wife declared it a "Cute Movie", which is as good a descriptor as I've heard.
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Originally Posted by Slim View Post

My wife declared it a "Cute Movie", which is as good a descriptor as I've heard.

what I said in the pre-release thread:


 FUN movie!

Real cute.

Put together with the kind of precision that we know Wright's films to have. (the stuff about the film being a quasi-musical is true, but it gradually phases out just how much it plays into that as the plot develops)

That said, for the practical benefit of not building it up too much, don't go in buying the festival hype TOO much. (though I think we all know that by now)

It's a really fun movie though. Really charming and exciting.

Fluffy. real nice. real cute. real elgort



turns out, I am 





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If this isn't the movie that makes Edgar Wright the next great director that everyone is trying to imitate (on a mainstream platform), I don't know what the fuck to tell you. This is the most fun I've had at the movies since Fury Road and a keeper for the ages.


Wright is in the league of De Palma and Tarantino as one of cinema's greatest remix artists. You could call it The Driver meets La La Land, but it's undefinable as similar to those or just one thing. It's singular as hell.


Come for the experience, but holy shit I don't know where to start with the cast. Ansel Elgort has a charisma akin to Risky Business-era Tom Cruise. Kevin Spacey reminds you that he's one of the best of his generation. Jamie Foxx does his best Waingro.


But holy holy SHIT, Jon Hamm steals this movie. So many delightful shots of his mug, and that ghastly hipster Hitler haircut. He's like Otto in a Michael Mann-rewritten version of A Fish Called Wanda. And then...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
He becomes a human version of the T-1000 in the climax.


Oh yeah, and let's not forget Paul Williams shows up playing a real-life version of his time as The Penguin on Batman: The Animated Series.


2017 has given us a crowded slate of great-to-classic genre movies: SplitJohn Wick: Chapter 2Get OutLoganWonder Woman... and now, this.


If Blade Runner 2049 ends up being as good as Baby Driver, then Denis Villeneuve is just Akira Kurosawa in a new human host.

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Originally Posted by Paul C View Post

It won't make a penny but I do think it will be remembered quite fondly!


I haven't seen it but I thought that too! Hopefully I'm wrong, but that does seem like the fate of a movie movie like this.  Lower budget probably means less publicity.  Car chases look good but petrolheads will a) not hear about it and if they do b) have certain suspicions about a car flick that has Dave Brubeck on the trailer.  60s/70s referential aesthetic makes it seem "old".  The arthouse crowd won't like it because ew, action movie filmmaking.

Movie movies always seem to be a hard sell like that, unless you're Tarantino.  But hopefully not in this case.  We'll see.

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The budget is only 34 million. It should be fine, at least.

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The family member I saw this with turned to me and exclaimed "THIS IS WEIRD." when Baby was grooving to the music in the first scene at home with his surrogate father.


But her favorite scene in Guardians of the Galaxy 1 was the opening bit with Chris Pratt dancing to his Walkman!


You can't win with some folks.

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Just got home. Saw it at 5:45, and had dinner/drinks afterwards to discuss it.


It's my second favorite Edgar Wright film, and easily my favorite film of 2017 so far. Anything else from this point on is going to be hard-pressed to top it (looking at you Dunkirk, but I'm nowhere near convinced). I need to save my thoughts until tomorrow when I'm merely hungover instead of buzzed, because this film is worthy of intense analysis and discussion.


Holy shit. What a great, visceral, confident and masterful film.

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Originally Posted by HunterTarantino View Post

Oh yeah, and let's not forget Paul Williams shows up playing a real-life version of his time as The Penguin on Batman: The Animated Series.

Ha. When I saw Williams in that scene I nearly whispered to my wife, "Hey, it's the Penguin!"-- but I knew she wouldn't get it.

Agreed with you about Hamm maybe being the MVP here. He's doing that Jon Hamm thing that he does-- cool dude at the end of his rope, underlying menance-- but that actually calls for a lot of nuance, and he really brings it.

Speaking of actors named "Jon" in this movie, it just occurred to me that we never did see Jon Bernthal's character again...

So I guess he's dead.
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I loved the character building at work in this film.


Baby not only needs his music to drown out his tinnitus, it's also become how he relates to and navigates the world. With his buds in, he's supremely confident. Music shapes and interprets the world for him; everything is in sync and on time with the song. Turn the music off, and he's utterly lost. Intimidated, disconnected and out of sync. It's as essential to him as water or oxygen.


I thought it was brilliant that the person he's closest to is deaf and can't hear the music. The one thing that connects him to the world is also ironically and sweetly something that he and his foster father can't share.


And the sound design and structure of scenes around the music. Holy shit, I thought James Gunn was good at this, but Edgar Wright brings it to a whole new level. The whole movie is the Queen/pub scene from Shaun of the Dead cranked to 11. And it's not just the gunfire in time with the music or the elements of scenes like car horns, street musicians and various other objects all being part of the constant symphony that Baby surrounds himself in, it's also how it's presented. The scene where Bats pulls Baby's left bud out -- any other director might have cut the sound from the right channel to match what we're seeing on screen, but Wright cuts it from the left. Because that's still how Baby hears it, and we're in Baby's world.


And god damn did Bill Pope shoot the fuck out of this movie.

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I'm seeing this on Saturday (maybe Sunday, depending on how my schedule works out) on a date. I kind of hate taking a date to movies almost as much as I used to hate the concept of dating itself, but we'll see how this goes.

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This kind of reminds me of Life of Pi at the Oscars, where sure it didn't win Best Picture but nobody could argue that Ang Lee didn't direct the hell out of it.


Wright's visual control is more stunning and intricate than ever. For some reason my favorite bit is at the end of the getting-coffee shot where Baby enters the building and a police car flashes by, reflected in the revolving door. Second place goes to Hamm shooting his gun in time to "Hocus Pocus."

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Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny View Post

I'm seeing this on Saturday (maybe Sunday, depending on how my schedule works out) on a date. I kind of hate taking a date to movies almost as much as I used to hate the concept of dating itself, but we'll see how this goes.


This is a pretty excellent date movie, to be honest. The romance plot is present, but an afterthought, while the movie is all well done set pieces, solid comedy bits and decent plot turns.

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Hopefully it's also a good non-date movie as I am currently Shaun Of The Dead Love Life but will be seeing it tomorrow coz I love Edgar Wright moobies.

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Fucking great. One of the most enjoyable theater experiences of the last few years, for me.

The relationship with his foster father was beautiful, and the romance was one of those that give you an ache in your chest and make you feel 16. The fact that it's the most chaste on-screen romance I've ever seen also says something about what real chemistry can do.

I really loved this movie.
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This was so much fun. My goodness.
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This was just a big ol' sugar rush of a movie. Wright's style remains astonishing (I was cackling at the graffiti in that first coffee grab and how perfectly timed each reveal was), and that supporting cast was delicious. Best line reading of Kevin Spacey's career, and Hamm makes for a great heel when the turn comes.


Didn't quite come out walkin' on air like I did for every other Wright film (well, except Fistful of Fingers) - felt like I could've used a bit more substance to the Lily James character, but still a rip-roarin' good time at the pictures.


That shoot-out to Tequila was one hell of a thing. Also,

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Foxx's death scene, holy fuck that was brilliant. You knew those pipes were going to pay off, but what a fantastic build-up.

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Just come back from the breakfast screening of this (I was literally the only person in the entire theatre!) and had a really fantastic time. I knew I'd love this from the very first scene where Baby starts rocking out in his car as the robbery takes place in the background, but it was cemented by the coffee run sequence not long afterward (I adored the subtle touch of having the lyrics appear in places around Baby as he moved down the street.) In fact, this was probably the first movie I've seen that really replicates that feeling of walking in public with your headphones on as one of your favorite tunes plays.


Absolutely loved how Wright used the soundtrack in this movie, beginning with the sound of Baby's tinnitus over the studio credits and then fading it out as it's replaced by the first scene's song. Later in the movie, I noticed that the tinnitus returned when Debbie departed at the end of their date. It's little touches that make me really appreciate Wright's movies and are going to reward repeat watches. Oh and can I echo how damned sweet the romance in this movie was? It probably helps that Lilly James is absolutely adorable but her and Elgort had a genuine chemistry together. I found myself grinning like an idiot during the scene where they're discussing how many songs carry their names, and Debbie gets adorably frustrated at her sister Mary getting so many songs written about her.


The whole cast was great but Elgort was a revelation to me. I didn't know what to expect from him but I thought he carried the movie exceptionally well. I loved the scenes where we just see Baby dancing around to tunes. 


So, yeah, this was a wonderful movie experience and Wright continues his unblemished record with me. I'm not sure where I'll put this in his list of movies as I want to watch it again first, but it's going to be quite high up that list. It's amazing how much it doesn't quite look like every other Wright movie and yet, once you're aware of him as the director, you know that nobody else could probably have directed this. 


One of my favorite movies of the year.

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Disco 2000 is the first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to Deborah songs, a track Wright would definitely know but maybe the characters wouldn't?

Kermode's review alerted me to this video from 2011, directed by Wright:
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Originally Posted by MrSaxon View Post

Just come back from the breakfast screening of this...

I have no idea where to find whatever a breakfast screening is here in Vegas, but I damn well need to find out for movies like this. I always thought one of the advantages to living in Vegas would be more chances to see some movies early due to the fairly close proximity to L.A., but I was very wrong. After almost a decade, I just feel lucky to have actually found a fairly decent theater to watch movies in general.
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You haven't lived until you've sat in a theatre at 9am with a coffee and a bagel! 

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I was actually a bit disappointed by this, but perhaps my expectations were too high. Among other things, I kinda think Baby and Debby were a bit bland, and Jon Hamm was good, but I guess I would've preferred more out of the final bad and fight (the point about it being a gunfight instead of a car chase resonates with me too). Spacey ends up feeling kinda underused in the end, and I would've liked to see more of Bernthal now that I think about it.

Overall, something just felt missing for me. Again, I think my expectations were too high. Maybe something was off with me too. Looking back, my favorite character and scenes included the foster father and Baby's beatmaking (and the gang's reaction to hearing it) so maybe I wasn't in the mood for this kind of movie at the time as much as I was thinking.
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The kind of pre-viz and prep Wright did on this makes me sneer even harder at Edwards' rogue one temp movie.




he'll be no match for my GLOWER POWER

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If you want anyone 's input on car chase sequences, I really can't think of a better director to have on call than George Miller. What I would have given to be a fly on the wall during the dinner between him and Edgar Wright. I bet those two had some incredibly interesting conversations! 

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Originally Posted by mcnooj82 View Post


The kind of pre-viz and prep Wright did on this makes me sneer even harder at Edwards' rogue one temp movie.


In Edwards' defense, he wasn't developing this movie over 10 years, and had very little opportunity to put as much of himself into it as Wright did with Baby Driver.


Still, the idea of him pacing out the movie the way he did with a rough stitch of random movies is weird.

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yes very fair


very good

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I just got back from a BABY DRIVER / THE BOOK OF HENRY double feature. The transition was a bit jarring.

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