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SNES Classic (September 29th)

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Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing an SNES Classic on 9/29 with the following games for $80:

Contra III: The Alien Wars™
Donkey Kong Country™
Final Fantasy III
Kirby™ Super Star
Kirby’s Dream Course™
The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past™
Mega Man® X
Secret of Mana
Star Fox™
Star Fox™ 2
Street Fighter® II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
Super Castlevania IV™
Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts®
Super Mario Kart™
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars™
Super Mario World™
Super Metroid™
Super Punch-Out!! ™
Yoshi’s Island™

Yes, it includes the never before released Star Fox 2. I was lukewarm on the NES classic, because many of those games haven't ages super well. The same can't be said for this list.
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That's...pretty kickass. But if they really wanted to impress me they'd strong-arm Squeenix into finally doing a fucking English release of Seiken Densetsu 3.
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Missed this thread.  To reiterate, want Turtles in Time, but otherwise its a tight selection of SNES games.


I really wish all of this was available for the Switch on its non-existent Virtual Console that was supposed to tide me over until Mario Odyssey.

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Given the issues Nintendo has with hardware releases, I wonder when this will realistically be available in stores. Summer 2019, maybe?

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Oh, supply on this thing will be terrible. Nintendo's management of modern supy chains is bafflingly incompetent.
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this actually tempts me

if only it included TURTLES IN TIME as well!!

but obviously I have no chance at it
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Turtles in Time would be too sweet.


Will there be a 3-player option for Mana? This is crucial.


The shortage issues aren't really Nintendo's fault. There is a worldwide NAND memory shortage. Nintendo's supply chains haven't moved enough volume in recent to prioritize their purchase reqs over heavier hitters. 

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Dude, Nintendo is the company that sells out of DIGITAL COPIES of games. Something fishy is up with them.

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That happened one time, and it wasn't even a game that was for sale! 

Club Nintendo was the shit tho, I really miss that program.

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The inclusion of Star Fox 2 is going to make actually obtaining one of these things an absolute bloodbath.


I must arm myself.

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For science, if you want this be a fucking hawk and follow Wario on twitter or bookmark the SNES thread on gaf. What you want to look out for is the pre-order page on Toys R Us or Target (launch day at midnight). It's the only way I was able to snag the NES Classic for me and my brother last year. Toys R Us came through on day0 for these fucking things, if I can I'll hit them up again.
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Amazon UK/Europe Pre-order up. For the hell of it I'm going to see if they'll fulfill this, fine print says they won't deliver to US addresses.
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I put in a pre-order as well.


Some twitter account that post the Amazon UK pre-order says "ships to USA even though it says othewise"


so we'll see


I'd prefer the Super Family Computer look anyway!



Since all this is via HDMI now, do I even have to worry about compatible TV signals anymore?

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Sad it doesn't have a few more beat em ups and fighting games. Also E.V.O was the shit.

They should make a promotion where you get 10$ off for every system you've previously bought these games for.
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Killer Instinct would have been....



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That's a great list but it has some glaring omissions like no Donkey among Country games or any fighting games.

Why wouldn't they make an expansion slot for these?

You would think companies like Capcom and Konami would fall all over themselves releasing direct roms of their game collections instead of losing money from emulators.
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Its got DKC 1 and Street Fighter 2 Turbo Hyper Fighting (the GOAT SNES Fighting Game).

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Gamestop next door isn't doing pre-orders. But they are aware I want one.  Gonna have to get up early that morning.

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I'm wondering why it's SF2 Hyper Edition instead of Super Street Fighter 2

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Hyper Edition had the secret code where you turn the gamespeed WAY THE FUCK UP and it was an absolute blast.


So I am happy with the choice.

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no that's too fast!!!


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Wait I'm doing this wrong.

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I'm honestly having a hard time focusing on anything.

All I can think about is the extreme lengths I will have to go to in order to play a finalized, emulation-perfect version of STAR FOX 2.


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Oooof.  That's appealing.  But if I'm going to get in a fight to buy a system, I'd rather have a switch.

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Obligatory lol at u suxx0rs guys, I haz Retro Pi post:

SNES Pi Case for $23

Raspberry Pi starter bundle for $70, you could go more basic than this for cheaper.

SNES style Controller for $19
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Or just buy this one:


I'm telling you guys I have never been happier with almost any electronic purchase in my entire life.  With all the money I have spent on retro systems over the years for just a few key games, I still can't believe all the different games for all the different systems that came with this thing.


Every damn time I turn it on, I look to the sky and thank Overlord for mentioning the whole retropie thing in another thread.  Can't believe it's as good as advertised.


Do yourself a favor and just click on the link and then on the complete list of games, just for the hell of it.  Un-flippin-believable, and completely plug-n-play.  I've already had 3 friends buy one from the guy for themselves, and they have been raving as well.  So worth it.

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Holy shit that's overpriced, and that's just the base model. And wait, is the dude charging for roms too - in most cases that's illegal.
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I was wondering about that.
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I'm on board with the cheap-SBC-plus-emulators approach, but yeah, that is ridiculously overpriced, and paying for ROMs the guy doesn't even have the rights to sell is just silly.
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Very true. ZSNES + roms and an Xbox360 controller is all you need. Best $50 I ever spent. 

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You guys may be right, but after looking all around, it was worth it to have one that was literally just plug it into my tv and start playing immediately with no other BS.  No connecting to the internet, no additional steps to grab games, it just came with everything I could ever want.  And as an absolutely computer illiterate person, it was important to know that I could just put it next to my PS4 and hit the on button.  Simplicity and convenience is worth the money for me when it comes to computer stuff especially, and just like buying a cold bottle of soda at a gas station, when I'm just not sure there is a cold 12 pack from the grocery store waiting at home in the fridge, it has been worth every penny. 


If only I had listened more in my computer classes way back in high school, as opposed to sitting in the back of the room quietly playing golf games on those old IBMs.  I did at least succeed at programming a PASCAL moving target game back then though, so it wasn't all for nothing.

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Originally Posted by Headless Fett View Post

Very true. ZSNES + roms and an Xbox360 controller is all you need. Best $50 I ever spent. 

Yeah but for only $100 more, I got a great Logitech wireless controller, Atari 2600, 7800, Lynx, SNES, NES, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, a shit ton of actual arcade games that I used to shove $100s in quarters into, and about 8-10 other systems I couldn't even begin to likely ever play.  I understand that this is probably a losing debate on my end, since most of you are likely light years ahead of me when it comes to stuff like this.  I also understand that the guy himself is probably making a ton more money than it is worth for him to just build and "program" it, but for me it is exactly what I wanted, and I didn't have to raise a finger other than plug it in and turn it on.


Worth every penny to me, as I said before, to insure that it would work exactly as I wanted it to, with not one single extra hassle.

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For Murica here are current links:

Best Buy.


Nothing yet for Target/ToysRUs. So go ahead start mashing your f5 key...or maybe sign up for alerts or nowinstock alerts. If pre-orders are done the same way they were for the Switch, these might go live at midnight PST.

Pro-tip: Enter your 1-click payment and credit card info now. You'll be looking at seconds before they sell out or the respective websites crash Gaben style.
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3am? Are they nuts?
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If not that, this is your Last Resort.
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What's 3am in reference to?

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Midnight PST is 3am for me in the EST. Just first world probleming.
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So were the pre-orders actually available on Best Buy and Amazon US already and they've already filled up?


Or are they just placeholders for now?


Best Buy just says COMING SOON.

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Not sure. Ever since I clicked on the link it has said that.

Although it appears the UK link says the same thing so it is possible they are already "sold out".
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The NES classic selection ended up being the key factor in me not getting one, but this time? I'm all for getting one of these, since I never had a SNES back in the day (from NES to PS2, I was PC gaming exclusive, not by choice).
I actually rented a SNES and FF3 for a whole two weeks to play and finish that game.
So, yeah, I'm getting this.
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Yeah, I managed to survive the NES Classic (couldn't see paying $300 for it, although I still want it), but I must have this system.  My favorite Zelda, my favorite Metroid, my favorite Contra, my second favorite Castlevania, Star Fox, plus plenty of other solid to good to great games...I hope to get it MSRP, but I'll use ebay if I have to.

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Yeah I don't know about this.

Between the Wii virtual console and the 3DS virtual console, every game is available except for Star Fox and Star Fox 2.

Star Fox 64 is the be all end all for me.

I think I'll pass.
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I must reiterate once again how much more adorable the European design for the SNES was and is:


I never had a NES or a SNES so the nostalgia aspects of this whole thing is somewhat lost on me, but the bottom line is there are a bunch of the greatest of all time in there. Super Mario All Stars and Chrono Trigger are unfortunate omissions, but at least FFIII made it.


I'll tell you what though, if they do a GameBoy Classic with all the best games built in, a huge battery life and the original green LED screen intact, I'll probably melt into a big puddle of lost youth.

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I hope amazonuk actually ships me that UK one!

And I hope it actually works for me here!

I'd need to go to toschi station for a power converter though...
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Originally Posted by catartik View Post

Between the Wii virtual console and the 3DS virtual console, every game is available except for Star Fox and Star Fox 2.
And I'd lay money on StarFox 2 making it onto ROM sites within a week of the release.
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Originally Posted by mcnooj82 View Post

I hope amazonuk actually ships me that UK one!

And I hope it actually works for me here!

I'd need to go to toschi station for a power converter though...

It's powered by USB, so you could just plug that into any old usb AC adapter.
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Just looked into it.

Only the NA release comes with the AC adapter. The European and Japanese releases will not. How odd.

But if I do manage to get the UK one (who knows if that'll work?) I'll need to get an adapter.

I actually don't have one just lying around. Unless I can use the ones I have for my iPhone or something?
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Originally Posted by catartik View Post

...the 3DS virtual console...

Say what in the what now???

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