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Originally Posted by Paul C View Post

I must reiterate once again how much more adorable the European design for the SNES was and is:


I never had a NES or a SNES so the nostalgia aspects of this whole thing is somewhat lost on me, but the bottom line is there are a bunch of the greatest of all time in there. Super Mario All Stars and Chrono Trigger are unfortunate omissions, but at least FFIII made it.


I'll tell you what though, if they do a GameBoy Classic with all the best games built in, a huge battery life and the original green LED screen intact, I'll probably melt into a big puddle of lost youth.


One thing they really missed the mark on was adding some never released games for each region; sure, Europe never got FFIII, but they got Terranigma.

Hell, they could had added cartridge functionality and made cheapo cartridges with new games anthologies.

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I almost mentioned Terranigma! A lost gem to be sure.

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Continuing their general fuckery and war on humanity, Gamestop is not taking preorders for the SNES Classic.

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Originally Posted by mcnooj82 View Post


Just looked into it.

Only the NA release comes with the AC adapter. The European and Japanese releases will not. How odd.

But if I do manage to get the UK one (who knows if that'll work?) I'll need to get an adapter.

I actually don't have one just lying around. Unless I can use the ones I have for my iPhone or something?

You actually should be able to just use an iphone AC adapter. That worked for the NES classic, so I assume the same is true here.
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Gamestop: Why sell them as plain skus when we can add on $80 of accessories for double the profit?
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Originally Posted by COULD432 View Post

You actually should be able to just use an iphone AC adapter. That worked for the NES classic, so I assume the same is true here.

oh how nice!

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Any word on when North American release pre-orders will go live?

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No shit. Been checking every day. Gotta get them "Super's".
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Nintendo loves that press!

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FLY YOU FOOLS Best Buy opened up pre-orders just now.
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hahahah thanks for the heads up!


I think my pre-order went through?


Site was really acting up the whole time.  The shipping or pick-up situation kept changing on me every few seconds.  It seemed like I was getting locked out of both options for a few moments, and then it would let me pick one again.


And then I would try to use my credit card and clicking PURCHASE wouldn't do anything.


So eventually I tried signing in with my paypal to pay it.  That seemed to go through, so for now I have it ordered unless something goes wrong, which at this point I can see happening.  I didn't even get to pick my preferred shipping address because of it.



As of now, it looks like the option to pre-order is greyed out and replaced with a COMING SOON


I'm still curious to see if Amazon UK will actually process my order for the UK version...

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Fucker sold out fast. Opted to sully myself and do an in store pickup this time.

Keep an eye on these pages to see if these retailers follow Best Buy's lead:



Toys R Us
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That's what I tried to do as well... and then it locked me out.


Then it didn't.


Then it did.


Then I went for Paypal, which seemed to default to shipping it?


We'll see...


I wonder when Amazon is gonna open the gates...

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Took about 20 minutes but Best Buy just confirmed my order. Good luck with yours man.
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To you as well.


I also got e-mail confirmation of my pre-order.

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Amazon Listing is weird, I'm not sure if this is real life or just fantasy.
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People say the Amazon listing is legit.
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Who the fuck opens pre-orders in the middle of the night?

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Heroes. That's who.

Lol, I got home from shitty ot, was reading twitter. Wario busted a nut and I fucking zoomed over to Best Buy. Just before going to sleep I found this weird ghetto page on Amazon, pre-ordered there just in case. Amazon fucked up though, they didn't set limits per customer so folk just went fuck if Amazon wouldn't retroactively cancel orders like they did in the UK last month.

Keep an eye out on Target, Toys, and Wal-Mart (Gamestop is an option but fuck Gamestop - you're just setting yourself up for credit card fraud using them). They are slated to be doing something now that Nintendo let the cat out of the bag officially. Also, follow Wario64 on twitter for up to date alerts. Do not trust store based email alerts or Nowinstock.
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Originally Posted by D.T. View Post

Who the fuck opens pre-orders in the middle of the night?

Exactly. Fuck that noise. Fuck Nintendo once more. And fuck Amazon for failing to notify me even though I signed up. Definitely not the way I wanted to start my day.

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I'm supposed to get notifications from all the major retailers (except Wal-Mart).


Email and text are both empty.

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Same here on the notifications.

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Oh shit, I forgot I had one for Best Buy as well.


I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume Nintendo notified them 12 seconds before they opened up for pre-sale. If that's remotely close to the truth, then fuck Nintendo even more.


I didn't give a dick about the NES Classic, but I wanted this hard.

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so weird...


Yeah,  I never ended up getting any e-mail notification from amazon or best buy either

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Nintendo should have done some fucking lame Treehouse or Direct Show. Then at the end announce pre-order time/date like Microsoft did with their cringey Gamescom stream. At least give people a fighting chance at securing this shit while they are conscious. Seeing as tomorrow is the US anniversary date of the OG SNES launch why not schedule it all tomorrow?

I feel bad for everyone who missed out so far. Nintendumb as usual.
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Cheer up, guys. Starfox 2 will be on ROM sites by the end of September.
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I'm not putting much stock in random twats over at Gaf, but there's a dude claiming Walmart is opening pre-orders up at 10am today. PST Zone? I didn't catch the details.
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An hour ago Forbes said most of them are opening soon.

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Originally Posted by mongycore View Post

I'm not putting much stock in random twats over at Gaf, but there's a dude claiming Walmart is opening pre-orders up at 10am today. PST Zone? I didn't catch the details.

I read that was 10am EST. I refreshed the page for five minutes and didn't see anything. I'll watch again for PST -- as long as my work meeting ends early enough. I need to find someone to buy for me just in case I think.

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Today is going to be unproductive as fuck.

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You people are weird.

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Canada Best Buy is selling the SNES at 10 AM PST. All you canucks go fuck wild with your f5 key. Make sure you follow @Wario64 and @BBYC_GamersClub for more info/links.
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Walmart page has been updated with pricing info again, no longer a blank slate. Keep an eye here if you're thirsty for some snes.
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Word floating around now is that most major retailers are going to start taking preorders at 10am Pacific.

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You're all Jingle All the Way-ing three months too early.
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Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

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Walmart just went live. Sold out in 30 seconds.

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Jesus. Sounds like I should start saving so I can buy it on ebay for a $1000.

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Gamestop has the text on their SNES site to preorder, but it's not an active link yet.

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Gamestop went live. Site was instantly destroyed.

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Target went live. It sold out at some point while I was checking out. Fuck it then
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Target went live and I have tried to pay ten times. Keeps erroring.

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*looks at SNES that's sat on top of my bookcase, unplayed for the last three years, and shrugs*
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Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post

You people are weird. offence, but I've got a SNES Emulator and 765 game ROM's for it. I even have fucking Zoop. Does this have Zoop?! FUCK NO!


But whatever floats your boat I guess. 

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I haven't had a SNES in probably 20 years. When I did, I didn't have 75% of the games this comes with. I tried borrowing one from a friend recently, and I couldn't get it to work on my TV. For all of these reasons, I want this.

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Same with Target. Had everything good. It was in my cart. Info was all saved. Got all the way to place order and the site said it was sold out and removed it from my basket.

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Pretty disappointed. For about 60 seconds, I felt pretty good.

This mini has 6 stone cold classics I'd love to replay. Genuine Hall of Famers for me. But I'm not paying $250 for it. If Nintendo wants to prioritize artificial demand that primarily lines the pockets of scalpers again, more power to them. I lived without the NES Classic. I'll live without this.
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My boss had Target all nearly automated/1-click to go. She had it in the cart, confirmed her pin...error spat her back to the basket. Fuck, everyone is just cussing in the studio now. People are pissed. This is why middle of the night pre-orders are the best. Fuck competing with the living, this has been a shitshow all around.
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