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Originally Posted by Schwartz View Post

 the debatables - Superman II, Blade 2, Batman Returns, Thor 2, DOFP

Of these movies, I like 3 of the 5 more than their predecessor. Sad.


I will always defend my love for Batman Returns.

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pardon the derail, but I wanted to say: it's great to see you back, wd40.  You were missed.

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Thanks , Judas -- we'll see how long my fragile ass can take it. The Trump thread isn't helping, but I can't seem to stay out.

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Originally Posted by Judas Booth View Post


I mentioned it first!  I win!!!!!!


I've gotta start reading this website.

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Originally Posted by Mangy View Post


I've gotta start reading this website.


You can put Schwartz on ignore, though.  Everyone else has.

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I'd put the first 3 Alien movies up there. I actually saw Aliens before I saw Alien and it works incredibly well as a standalone. Same with Alien 3 honestly cause it lays out the stakes off the bat. 


Taken as such they tell the story of a woman confronting life (Alien), motherhood (Aliens) and her death (Alien 3) through the lens of sci-fi horror. 

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Inagaki's Samurai trilogy is pretty much perfect.

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I don't think they were originally conceived as a trilogy, but each of the films in Edgar Wright's Cornetto trilogy are note perfect in their delivery of the particular genre they're parodying and are infinitely watchable as stand alones. The weakest link I think is Shaun of the Dead, the strongest being Hot Fuzz, just pipping The World's End to the post. I used to really dislike TWE as a film in general but repeat watches made me do a 180 on it and I now think it's an utterly brilliant movie.
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For informal trilogies, I go for Wrath of Khan, Search For Spock, and Voyage Home, viewed as Spock's journey to humanity.


Terry Gilliam has stated that Time Bandits, Brazil, and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen comprise a loose trilogy depicting the dreamer as a child, an adult, and an old man.


And I consider Love and Death, Bananas, and Sleeper to be Woody Allen's past/present/future Horny Revolutionary trilogy.

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It's stretching it, but the Qatsi trilogy can be viewed independently.
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LOTR always seems to headline these discussions, but I think Return of the King is a massive pile of garbage.


Trilogies I enjoy all entries in: Wachowski's Matrix films, Raimi's Spider-Man, Kaneko's Gamera movies. Don't want to really play around with thematic trilogies. Also it feels like a cheat to label three films in a larger franchise a "trilogy" unless they're distinct from the whole (ala a director overseeing the films like Raimi). Why I wouldn't rank Jackie Chan's Police Story films.


The Naked Gun choice earlier in the thread is kinda underrated. 1st is classic ZAZ, 2nd dips in quality mostly because they re-use a ton of Police Squad jokes, but the third is a nice rebound with Fred Ward and the prison setting.

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Yeah but that Naked Gun 2 jack hammer dildo gag is one for the ages.
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. . . that's not Top Secret?

Die Hard had an ok trilogy before the nu-Hards borked that up.

Romero's Night/Dawn/Day is in very much the same place . . . with a similar escalation of locations even.
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Yeah, the Anal Intruder ("Our doctors were unable to remove the smile from his face") is in Top Secret!.


Naked Gun 2 1/2's great distinction is its progressive political stance. Especially since David Zucker would later turn batshit right-wing.

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- Cutter's Way

- 8 Million Ways to Die

- The Big Lebowski 


The greatest trilogy of all time.

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The Sam Neil MONTANA trilogy:

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