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BATMAN: THE ENEMY WITHIN - The Telltale Game Series

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Last year, a few of us on CHUD played Telltale's first Batman story and discovered it was actually really good.  


This was largely down to two reasons: Firstly, the game's set-up allowed for you to play as Bruce Wayne and Telltale somehow made your decisions outside the costume almost as exciting as when you were in it. Secondly, they rebooted the entire universe and played upon your existing ideas about Batman to surprise you. If you've not played the first game and you're a Batman fan, I strongly urge you to give it a go.


Anyway, we're getting a second game and it's coming out closer than anyone anticipated (Episode One "The Enigma" drops on August 8th). Some of us here had a really good time playing the first game episode-by-episode, posting our speculations and choices here after each episode, and essentially treating it like a tv show (or, more appropriately, a comic series) by talking about what surprised us in the episodes and where we thought the story was going. I invite people to do the same again and let's have some Batfun. If it's as well written as last time, this should be a blast!



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You need to collect all 800 Riddler trophies to get the true ending.
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I think I can swing a pre-order on this.


I saw on another thread the idea that Telltale should do a Rick & Morty game. I got shivers...

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First 16 mins of Gameplay.


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So is this a game where a transporter accident splits Batman into wimpy and bastard-ey versions of himself, then?
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Not going to watch that gameplay video because I want everything fresh for when it's released tomorrow. I just discovered that Barry Woodward's favorite actor INGRUBER does the voice of The Joker. It's funny that he's gone from following in Han Solo's footsteps to Luke Skywalker.

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I noticed the pre-order is a few bucks off, so I got it today. C'mon, Tuesday...

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<looks at watch, taps foot, checks Steam, looks at watch...>

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Don't think I'm going to get a chance to play this tonight. Might even leave it as a treat for the weekend, depending on how things go, but I'm very much looking forward to diving into it. Have been up and down on Telltale recently but they absolutely nailed the first Batman game and I don't have any doubts they'll do it again here. 

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Once again, I'll wait till the season's done.


They just play better that way for me. 

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Boo, Codey! 

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I've done the intro and early bit. Great start, feels right at home falling back into this world. Gonna take it slow, though, I want to savor it.

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Now, I'm going to get my two main criticisms out of the way early. The first is that I'm not as enamoured with The Riddler as I was with Penguin. Whereas Penguin seemed like a fresh, new take on an established character, Riddler is...... well, he's pretty much how he's always been. Except now he's also Jigsaw from the Saw movies, which is somewhat predictable. Robin Atkin Downes is a great voice actor but he doesn't get to have the same kind of fun that Jason Spisek was having last time round (although it's funny that the first season had an American playing a Brit, and now we have a Brit playing an American). 


My second criticism is that two of the main relationships in the game seem to change drastically based on a single decision. I was cultivating a pretty good relationship with one particular character and they suddenly went from "Bruce, you're okay!" to "Bruce, I want to kill you!" because of one choice I made. That's kind of stupid. 


Everything else? Loved it. The entire game runs a LOT better than the previous one, and they've added more choices during the combat. It's not just a series of quicktime events, but you also get to choose certain gadgets and maneuvers in places which I like a lot.  In fact, there seem to be more choices all round. You can choose whether to go to a location as either Bruce Wayne or Batman but then you get to make other big decisions whilst you're there. You might not be wearing the Batsuit but that doesn't mean you can't use a bit of violence to achieve your goal, if diplomacy isn't your thing. But should you? I also like the final sequence which really tests what kind of Batman you are, and what kind of sacrifices you're willing to make in your pursuit of justice.


I really like this early version of The Joker who is still fighting with his demons, and I'm interested to see where we go with The Agency and the background details alluded to by The Riddler. Very solid start to the game.


My choices for the episode:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Can't wait to read that spoiler text after I complete this episode, but I did want to say that in the stuff I've played so far I agree the game has run more smoothly than other Telltale entries. And even though I love what they do with what they have, I wish they'd upgrade to a more visually robust engine.

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Episode two arrives on the 3rd of October!


Looking forward to this as the first episode was great.



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Downloading now. Most of my choices in the first chapter were the popular ones, except for one reveal, in which I was in like a 10% minority. Wonder if it'll have any effect...

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I might save this for the weekend. We'll see how much willpower I have....

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Same here. I find these make perfectly satisfying Saturday afternoon gaming.

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Just finished episode two and enjoyed it as much as the first. Two hours of enjoyable narrative, even if I could have perhaps done with a little more investigation or combat. The best Telltale episodes tend to get the mixture of storyline and gameplay right (usually 80%, 20%) but this felt weighed a bit too much toward the former in my opinion. 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Whilst I'm not 100% sold on the game's version of Harley, and I'm not entirely sure that changing her origin really adds much or makes sense (she took on the harlequin theme due to her father dying?), I very much approve of this version of the Harley and Joker relationship where Harley is the one in control. I don't think I've seen that explored before and it not only makes Harley a more formidable enemy but it changes the Joker's 'love' from abusive to obsessive. Some might not like that change but it has the potential to lead to some interesting places in future episodes if they allow it.


I enjoyed the backbreaker tease with Bane; a character who has the potential to shine in this version of a Batman game where he can do more than just punch people. I applaud Telltale for continuing to think of interesting things to do with Bruce Wayne because I certainly wouldn't have thought about making him go undercover so that he could team-up with The Joker, Harley, Bane, and Mr. Freeze to commit crimes. The next season will get even more interesting now that Catwoman is back on the scene.


Anyway, here are my episode stats:


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