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Fortnite Thoughts?

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Went in for early Access on Fortnite for the PS4.  I have to admit there is a lot more to this game that I ever anticipated.  I am curious if anyone else has checked it out yet.  Thoughts?  My biggest gripe right now is very limited Inventory space and the crazy decision not to be able to manage your inventory from the quest/map launching interface and only in your fort area or missions?


The loot Llama's are a hoot.   There is something about smashing one with an electric guitar and hearing that distinct metallic clang which indicates the loot got upgraded to either Silver or Gold.  


So many skill trees too.   


I really had no idea there was so much to this game.

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Buying this soon with any luck on PC!
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I never understand people paying to play Free To Play games early. 

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This will be the first time I do that.  It looks really really fun and I want to pay to play it early instead of waiting to next year.

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I don't normally either, but my real life buddies were all getting it and it's been awhile since we all played a game together.  They really give you a ton of starting loot to help and now I'm hooked.


I got a pretty good Amazon Prime/Amazon points deal so got the deluxe edition for like $30.


I've already more than gotten my monies worth out of it.


I think it's a hoot.


Plus Smashing Lawn Gnomes never gets old.

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As a Paragon Founder Pack buyer, apparently I'm able to play this game's Battle Royale mode for free. Y'know, the one that's totally a copy of PUBG. Anyway, is it even worth me downloading this? Anyone else touched the Battle Royale mode?


ETA: Actually forget it. Why would I play this over PUBG? Seems a bit silly to me.

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I also got the thanks for playing Paragon download. I said F it all and downloaded it, will try later. Now is this the full Fortnite or just this mode?
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I think it was just the Battle Royale mode. 

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I'm putting together Monday night BR events and inviting Chewers.  I'm just going to keep playing this Monday nights and promoting the events on social media until I can get four (hopefully not wacko) people together.


I made a Facebook page for the events - you don't have to be Canadia to join.  Just PM on Chud if you want in.


Here's the page with the events:

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