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There just need to be more animated films like it, that's all.


Whisper of the Heart comes close, despite its fantasy interludes.

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hmmm....How about that Your Name?


I still haven't seen it.

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Your Name shares the focus on emotions and relationships, but it's pretty much the opposite of slow-paced and reflective.

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So decided to do a rewatch of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Largely because I wanted to see if my opinions had change after having watched the entire series (plus the two movies) nearly a decade ago. Admittedly, I had a chip on my shoulder in regards to Evangelion: You could not get away from this show; not only was it apparently the greatest anime ever made, but those who loved the movie were just better than you. And if you don't get it--it's probably because you weren't smart enough to comprehend the glory that is Evangelion. So yeah, real easy to ride that backlash train and I absolutely did use the show's main protagonist, Shinji Ikari, as an easy target. But my opinion has softened over the years, especially after watching the true ending to the series, End of Evangelion, which was a far successful interpretation of what the show itself was going for.


I just want to see if, with some time and distance, I'll now feel how everyone else feels when talking about Evangelion.

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I was fortunate enough to avoid most of the overhype by dint of not getting on the Internet or into anime in general until later on, when everybody was obsessing over DBZ and then Inuyasha. EVA is a show with some rough patches that just plain and simple runs out of money and just barely manages to drag itself over the finish line with a couple episodes of headtrippy lunacy that work more because they're captivating in their strangeness than because they actually function as an ending, but it's surprisingly good in spite of its issues. The biggest problem I have with it is that the protagonist is such a whiny putz for most of its run, but they just manage to pull off making it clear that that's a large part of the point.

I do need to finish the Rebuild series, and I should probably give End of Evangelion a go sometime just for the WTF value, but yeah: it's not the Greatest Anything In History, but it's pretty damn good.
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Shinji being a bit of a bitch was a thorn in my side too while I was watching it. I get that that's largely the point: What happens when you throw a 13 year old kid into a mech suit and tell him to fight alien-demons? Reality ensues.


But it's whether or not any of it is compelling, that's the real question.  Watching it now, I think I understand Shinji a bit more now than I did when I first watched Evangelion. It's not just that he's thrown into an incredibly dangerous situation. It's that he's a very damaged individual even before he steps into that mech. Shinji is very clearly suffering from some type of disorder that affects how he interacts with people. He wants to engage with others but is so terrified of getting hurt that he completely shuts down. And I get that. I don't think I'm anywhere near as bad as Shinji, but I know what it feels like to be with a room fool of people and unable to say anything because you're terrified of saying the wrong thing. It's a shitty situation that makes you feel that you're useless.

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Yeah. It's not a character concept I particularly like (again, I really need to finish the Rebuild series, which I've heard described as "Evangelion if people were on their meds,") but I can respect where they were going with it.
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The Rebuild films have a more active and heroic version of Shinji for sure. Ironically, though, from what I hear from the last two films, things actually get worse despite it.

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Finally watched Train to Busan, and really loved it. Seoul Station (the animated prequel) was quite good, too. Has anyone seen those earlier animated films by director Yeon Sang-ho, and if so are they worth tracking down?
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Just started Martian Successor Nadesico in the last week. Holy moly, this show is halfway to being the Excel Saga of space/mecha anime.
Oh man, I love that show. I own it in DVD set.
I'd avoid the sequel movie if I were you, though...let's just say it misses the mark on a lot of things that made the anime special.
Gai Daijogi forever!!!
Well, anyway, I finished this not too long ago, and...yup. Mildly annoyed that they left off on a cliffhanger with the assumption that they'd get a few movies to wrap things up, but it's a damn good show regardless. Though yes, reading about the movie, not gonna bother with it. I've learned enough in my life that I'd rather leave things unresolved than ruin them for myself.

Anyway, started back into Kokoro Connect recently, which I'd watched the first few episodes of back when it was new but never got around to finishing. It's a little heavy on the angst for my taste, but pretty solid in spite of it. Also started KonoSuba, and holy shit, if this thing is half as twisted as it's shaping up to be...heh.
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For fans of any animated series, there comes a point where you notice the work of rotating animation teams/supervisors.


This link focuses on Dragon Ball obviously, but it's something one can talk about with almost any show:

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For fans of any animated series, there comes a point where you notice the work of rotating animation teams/supervisors.


This link focuses on Dragon Ball obviously, but it's something one can talk about with almost any show:



Considering that you posted a dragonball-related link, and you have made DB-related posts in the past....


Have you been watching Dragon Ball Super?

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