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LMA still looking real good. Outcome might be a little different once San Antonio gets their best player back.

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Doubt it. SA is still a good team but they're way out of their depth when playing the Warriors. It's simple, they've been lapped.
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Nobody is beating GS in a 7-game series if they are healthy and firing on all cylinders.  They've lapped everybody.


The problem is everybody now wants to play like Golden State, but only Golden State can play like Golden State. 

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It comes down to personnel. I still have some hope that a sufficiently talented (and gigantic) frontline can neutralize GSW.


There's an inkling of an outline of a plan in what is happening to Houston. It looks like Moreyball has been solved: if they dont wanna shoot two-pointers, then bend your defense to run them off the three-point line. Houston will clearly need to adjust their 'three ball and at the rim' strategy because teams have adapted to it overwhelmingly in the early going. Once they get CP3 back, that's the guy to do it, so its not a panic scenario.


But to the original point: even if your starting unit can pace GSWs starters somehow, and beat them to hell on the boards, you still have to deal with their second unit. And that is the frustrating thing. That starting five is bullshit to begin with, but add to that the best bench unit in the league - by quite a bit- and its all what the fuck.


The most realistic strategy for beating them is still hope that Draymond gets his dumbass suspended, and that they go cold from outside. 

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It's a shooter's league now.  All 5 positions on the floor need to be threats.  Three years ago Andre Drummond was the next Dwight unstoppable force in the paint.  Now he's almost an offensive liability and he's only 24.  Why is Orlando suddenly more competitive?  It's because Aaron Gordon has suddenly become an efficient 3-point shooter.  Last year Gordon was a guy without a position.  Too small to play the 5, but not enough of a shooter to play the 3 or 4.  Now teams have to respect him and it opens up lanes for everybody else.  Andre Roberson, all-world defender, right?  He's getting his minutes cut because he's one of the worst shooters in the league.  The days of the Tony Allen-like players are over.


The Celtics are/were the closest thing to the Warriors in the league.  Their opening night starting 5 was Kyrie, Gordon, Brown, Tatum and Horford.  Tall, athletic, two-way players with shots that you had to respect in an offense that encourages ball movement.  Even with Gordon out, the Celtics are winning with the same formula.  It's the same formula Houston won with last year, and why I thought Chris Paul wasn't going to make a huge difference.  It's why New Orleans, with 2 of the 5 best bigs in the league but terrible everywhere else, will never be a threat. 

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.@bball_ref top 3 individual performances since 1983.. 1. MJ: 69 pts, 18 reb, 6 ast, 4 stl, 1 blk 2. Kobe: 81 3. K Malone: 61 pts, 18 reb

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The Beard in rarefied air last nite:  3rd career 50 + pt / 10 assist game tying him with Russ and Tiny, and putting him ahead of Elgin and Wilt! 

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I could watch this shit all night:


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Kyrie is ridiculous.  

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Originally Posted by bob loblaw View Post

Kyrie is ridiculous.  


Best handles, dumbest theories. Ridiculous in multiple phases.


Bled to the Bucks? I like that.


Bled/Jabari/Giannis? That might seriously fuck some people up.

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Bledsoe to the Bucks is a great deal for Milwaukee. They're on their way towards competing, and if Bledsoe can be happy there and not a whiny little bitch, the pairing will be solid and get them that much closer.


Suns got fleeced. But Bledsoe was a waste here, and at least we got a first rounder for him. It may sting a little less when we lose the lottery again.

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Suns weren't getting anything better out of that deal, FO fucked it all up.

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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post
Originally Posted by bob loblaw View Post

Kyrie is ridiculous.  


Best handles, dumbest theories. Ridiculous in multiple phases.


Bled to the Bucks? I like that.


Bled/Jabari/Giannis? That might seriously fuck some people up.



Kyrie has the best handles and is the best finisher around the rim of any point guard I've ever seen. 

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Bledsoe is such a steal for the Bucks! I can't believe it.

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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post

Suns weren't getting anything better out of that deal, FO fucked it all up.


The Suns are totally fucked, anyway. Ownership is among the worst in the league, and probably the history of the team. No one wants play for Sarver, and now they know all they have to do is complain and get themselves traded.

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This Is Dope: "Simmons with the 45 foot alleyoop Pass"

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Interesting look at how Bledsoe fits with the Bucks:


Does Eric Bledsoe Complete the Bucks’ Puzzle?

Milwaukee is struggling, and the disgruntled Suns guard could be the shot of adrenaline the team needs to reemerge as an Eastern elite


"How will Bledsoe adjust to a smaller role in the Bucks offense, where he won't be able to dominate the ball? That's the central question the Bucks will have to answer. Giannis is the point guard in Milwaukee, and he's averaging 31 points per game on 58.3 percent shooting; it doesn't make sense to take the ball out of his hands. Most of the players who surround Antetokounmpo on any given possession are good 3-point shooters who threaten defenses off the ball. Bledsoe hasn't shown the ability to do either consistently. Bledsoe learned at the feet of Chris Paul, but he’s not going to be able to survey the floor and pound the ball into the ground next to Giannis. Coach Jason Kidd will have to figure out how to use Bledsoe as a cutter and add more off-ball action into his offense to keep him involved."


"How much Bledsoe will help, though, depends on what version of him the Bucks are getting. He was one of the best defensive players in the league when he was backing up Paul in his first few seasons with the Clippers. However, in five years in Phoenix, his defense slipped while his offensive role increased, and a series of knee injuries have sapped some of his explosiveness. According to the tracking numbers at Synergy Sports, Bledsoe was in the 13th percentile of NBA players in defending the ball handler in the pick-and-roll last season, the 46th percentile as an isolation defender, and the 25th percentile in defending players as they come off screens."

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Apparently what was wrong with the Mavs was not enough SALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH


That old dude has been outplaying the shit out of Nerlens. The dumbfuck youngblood is gonna lose so much money on this deal.

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Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post

This Is Dope: "Simmons with the 45 foot alleyoop Pass"


The way the balls just zooms out of his hands is strange and almost looks fake.



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It's over for the Clippers, right? Lottery bound, right?

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Originally Posted by Moltisanti View Post

It's over for the Clippers, right? Lottery bound, right?


It's over.  Throwing together aging, oft-injured vets apparently isn't a recipe for success in today's NBA.  Who knew?


This has all the makings of a Doc Rivers escape.  Are we taking bets as to where he will be coaching next?

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That was gonna be a fun to watch team with Milos.


Damn shame, really. But I guess DeAndre earned some struggle. That motherfucker.

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Doc's next destination:  Milwaukee. 

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Leave Milwaukee alone. Please.

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Doc only goes to places that he thinks are on the verge of winning.  Phx is about 25 years from contention.

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I think Docs cachet is drastically reduced at this point. Anyone on the verge of winning ain't really gonna want him.


I could see the Knicks taking a flier on him just because they're the Knicks tho.

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This Philly/LA game is really entertaining.


Are LA fans worried at all with Lonzo's play so far?  

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Simmons and Embiid are breathtakingly good.

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Embiid's line:  46/15/7/7

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Embiid has replaced China Klay as my favorite player this season.

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Lonzo is really struggling right now, after putting up a triple double a couple of games ago, he has had his worst two games and been benched all of the 4th quarter in both of them. 


He looks like a guy who is lost in his own head, all the easy natural plays he was making in the summer and early season are gone. He is hesitating, his teammates are reluctant to give him the ball, the mess in China with his brother may have pushed him over the edge as up until then he played pretty well despite his shooting issues. 


Right now the Lakers have lost 5 of 6 but were in position to win all of those games, there are a ton of brightspots and Lonzo has contributed to that. However, he needs to just relax and play the way he was earlier, but that may be easier said than done. 

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The Lakers definitely seem to be overachieving relative to where they were pegged at the start of the season.


Dude is a rookie, he's playing like a rookie. I think Luke Walton is smart enough to keep that fact in focus for the guy.


The familial distractions are, I am sure, problematic tho.

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The Lakers could have won that game last night but they weren't giving Randle any help.  Embiid was just killing them in the 4th and they seemed reluctant to throw a double team at him.  That just seems like bad coaching.


I don't know what to make of Lonzo.  All you hear is that his style of play is infectious, but he's not really quick enough to beat a good defender off the dribble and he can't hit a jumpshot.  He's a great passer, but that's really only relevant in transition.  In a half-court situation his flaws really become noticeable. 


On the plus side, Ingram looks good.  Dude just needs to put on like 50 pounds. 

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Lonzo looks like a character from Veggie Tales.

I think his life will improve once he get that's sorted out.

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Good Thread:


"The honesty here is refreshing. I don't know why there's this unwritten rule that your best player has to be the leader. Everyone isn't built to lead. Being self aware enough to know how to best leverage your strengths is just as commendable as leading imo"

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KD wants to be Commander Riker, can't handle the Jean Luc position. Understandable; I'm the same way.



Milwaukee rolls to 4-0 after picking up Eric 'AQUA DAGGER' Bledsoe.


Aqua Dagger is a dope fucking nickname. I hope it sticks.

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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post


Aqua Dagger is a dope fucking nickname. I hope it sticks.


What does it even mean?

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Somebody just dumped 'ERIC BLEDSOE' into the Wu-Tang Name Generator.

I gave your monikers a spin, but they came out pretty lame.


Nowhere near AQUA DAGGER level.

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Celts showing some spirit here. Alright, should be a fun 4th.

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It's an ugly beautiful game.

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Marcus Smart continues to be the most infuriating player ever.

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Huge 3 from Klay! Chocolate milk for everyone!

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Oh boogers.

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Easiest game of their lives.

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Between Jayden and Tatum, the Cs have some really nice young talent.

And I am enjoying the hell out of Kyrie's 'moron with a heart of gold' act. He'll casually throw in stuff like 'but why are any of us really here?'* into his post-game interviews and it cracks me up. Dude is hilarious.


*I swear to god this actually happened, verbatim.

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He's fucking with everybody.

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