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Kyrie doing Kyrie things.

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Kyrie ballin. Mavs losing. Embiid taunting his vanquished foes.

All is well in the lands of the NBA.
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Does Carlisle stick around for this rebuild?

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He's not really the guy to lead a rebuild effort. I predicted before the start of the season he moves on by the end of this go. He's clashed with too many of the Mavs major pickups, from DeAndre to Rondo to Noel now. He's had success here when Dirk was the unquestioned leader - hard to maintain in the twilight of his career. And he had the most success when he had a floor general who was seasoned enough to be able to tell him to go fuck himself and get away with it (Jason Kidd). 


When he has unquestioned authority of all things, he micromanages and clashes with anyone who doesn't slot into his expectations without complaint. You're gonna have a hard time getting enough players who will both go along with that who are also talented enough to win games.


Tactically, strategically, he's every bit as good as Pop. Managing matchups, he might be even better. But his players don't love him. I guess JJ loves him. But damn near everyone who has ever played for Popovich has a deep abiding admiration for him, and that's really the difference. Between getting guys to buy in and browbeating them into it.

Also, there's a picture floating around of the Carlisle Thanksgiving dinner and its fucking pitiful. If you can't put together an acceptable meal for the best holiday on the calendar your priorities are all fucked up. 

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I feel Carlisle has a job forever with the Mavs because of the championship he won for Cuban.  The only way he's not on the team next year is if he walks away.  


The Mavs are going to lose a lot this year, and probably end up with a top 5 pick...which is what needs to happen.  Too long have they been spinning their wheels in mediocrity in a silly effort to be the 8th seed in the west.  And now they are old and bad.  They need other young pieces to go with Dennis Smith.  I think Smith is the only guy currently on the team who will be there 3 years from now.  They dodged a bullet with Noel, I think he just flat out sucks.  Dirk is done.  Barnes is a 5th option on a good team.


I would be surprised if Carlisle would want to stick around for a 3 or 4 year rebuild, but maybe he's comfortable.  I would think if he left after this year he's still got enough cache to get a top job, whatever that is.  

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Carlisle to the Pelicans would be fun. I certainly appreciate and respect what he's done here but these gigs have a lifespan. I just dont see how you rebuild with a guy who historically struggles with younger players.

People blame the Mavs strategy of focusing on aging vets on the FO but dude has been here long enough to earn equal credit for the failure to develop *any* young players (shout out Jae, exception to the rule).

So who to bring in? Impossible to say. But if they started talking about Avery Johnsons return, I wouldnt be mad. He developed the best youth movement in the teams history, with JHo, Devin, Marquis, JJ. He would be great for DSJ. His tenure is marred by two historic choke jobs, which makes people remember him as faaaar worse than he was. Dude could coach. He absolutely deserves another shot, if he wants it.
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Jae wasn't Jae until he got to the Brad Stevens Center for Lost Toys and Reclamation Projects (TM) in Boston, so you can't even give him that one.

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I mean, youre not wrong. The big complaint here before the Rondo trade was why the hell isnt Jae playing more. We had an historic offense and a fatally flawed defense, but we were leaving our best net wing defender on the bench during crunch time.
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I do feel there is a Nerlens Noel to Boston trade on the horizon.

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Oh good maybe we can get two second rounders for him.
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The Celtics don't really have a rim protector.  Supposedly that's the one thing Noel can do although I have yet to really see it.  But Stevens gets the absolute best out of his players, so don't feel bad when Noel is putting up 10 boards and 2.5 blocks a night in Boston while catching oops from Kyrie.

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Tee-hee, Cousins trying to sell this as accidental:


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Maybe its a Marcus Smart 4 Noel trade.  Smart is a gritty player, but he's single-handedly keeping the opposing teams in games with his outside shooting.  3 for 15 (and 2 for 11! from 3) vs the Mavs.

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I wouldnt feel bad at all. I liked the move when it happened. Stevens is exactly the kind of coach who can get the most out of the kid. To such a degree that Boston would be well within rights to vastly overpay for him.

I think Ainge has been stingy with his assets because hes waiting to swoop on Boogie tho. Thats the real missing piece there. Kyrie can distract him with Youtube videos about the lizardmen Royal Family and theres enough talent at all positions to demand accountability from Boogie.

Leaving NO barren and adrift. We assemble a package of Devin Harris' embalmed body, Noel, Doe Doe, and RICO CARLITO. Plus $100 million cash. All we ask for in exchange is AD. Not like theyre doing anything useful with him anyway.

The brightest timeline.
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I'm assuming Rick doesnt have a no trade clause in this scenario.
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Blake out two months for the Clippers. Jordan probably shipped out by time he returns.

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"LeBron James says he's already visualized how Isaiah Thomas will fit in with the Cavs by playing with him on NBA 2K: "It’s the most realistic basketball game you could ever play. I mix and match a lot of lineup changes to see how we can be really good. I’ve done that."

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That's awesome. Live 2018 has a fantastic and informative single player mode, btw.

This is me.

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Does NBA Live make everyone look like a cross-eyed eastern european serial killer?

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I was thinking Chemo Louis CK, but WHATEVER.


Max Kleiber is Dirk 2.0

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LAL-PHI was ridiculously entertaining.


One thing I really like about younger teams is that they treat national broadcast games like they're the playoffs.


Pop just sits everybody you want to see.

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Longtime DIPO stan, so that's nice to see.


I said at the time I would be somewhat hesitant about that trade, simply because I have a feeling that SABONIS will end up being a really, really good player one day not too far off.


Even though I always picked up Vic on my fantasy teams, I didn't really see him breaking out like this.

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G-League on Twitch is a pretty solid move, and further cements the NBA as the LEAGUE OF THE FUTURE.


Even tho none of ya'll be watching!

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It's just been a ho-hum season so far. Not good when the league's biggest star is LaVar Ball.

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Porzingis is best star
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That's worse news!

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We haven't really talked about how disappointing the Thunder have been so far, and how Westbrook especially has made no effort to blend his game with fresh superstar talent.


The other week Dubs bench were laughing at him still being in an already decided game with a minute to go blatantly chasing triple double. Anthony Bowie rolling over in his grave..

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Yeah. The look on Westbrook thru all this is undeniably terrible. I wanted to see him attain true werewolf status but as we all know the most effective werewolves hunt in packs.
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Counterpoint: Westbrook triple dubs still mean his team has an overwhelming chance to win. It doesnt seem healthy, but theyre right there in the playoff picture.
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ROX tho
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