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What's the most losses a team in the NBA ever racked up? I think the Suns might challenge that number...
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Fuck it. Give the Suns to Seattle, too.
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Walter Davis rollin' over in his grave...

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Things I've Been Wrong About # 1, 031: I really thought Eric Bledsoe was going to be great. Like a perennial all-star for Phoenix. Injuries have been a factor, just hasn't quite come together.

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Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post

Walter Davis rollin' over in his grave...


Much respect to the Greyhound, but we're a shit market with shit fans. The reason the Cardinals have been able to make it here is because 1.) NFL games will sell out regardless of where they are (unless you're in LA) and 2.) Michael Bidwill discovered that actually putting money into a sports team yields dividends.


That's something virtually no other Arizona sports team owner has ever discovered.

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Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post

Things I've Been Wrong About # 1, 031: I really thought Eric Bledsoe was going to be great. Like a perennial all-star for Phoenix. Injuries have been a factor, just hasn't quite come together.

A big part of it is being the face of a club that lacks any kind of identity.

Always wanted him on the Mavs. Lets see who goes winless longer: PHX or DAL
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BTW, you think Steph gets suspended?

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Eric Bledsoe just tweeted "I don't want to be here."

Being a fan of AZ sports really sucks now.
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Well, Phoenix just fired their head coach.
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Bled to the Clippers?

Oh man that would get me feeling things.
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"Don't feel too bad for Earl Watson. Dolph Schayes got canned by the Buffalo Braves one game into the 1971-72 season.

To beat him as fastest coach fired during a campaign, you'd have to be dismissed at halftime."

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This is working out great. Warriors scuffled a little bit in their first few games. Nothing like a tune-up against the Mavs to get 'em back on track.

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I can't believe Steph wasn't suspended. It's astounding what the Warriors get away with.

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Why would they suspend a player for trying to provide a souvenir to a fan in Memphis? Don't we want these guys to give back? NBA cares.

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Think the Warriors got another second round steal in Jordan Bell.




Thanks for selling that pick, Bulls.

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I know it's still early, but Philly fans can't be thrilled with what's happening with Fultz. 

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At least the 76ers seem to know what plays to run, unlike the Knicks.

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Did you see Fultz shooting free throws?  If a guy is hurt to the point where he has to change the way he shoots a shot I would say sit him down. 


What makes it worse is the two guys immediately picked behind him are playing like ROY candidates.

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So Molt.... the Kings rollin' out a video tribute for Boogie tomorrow?

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That's what I've heard. Here's the rough cut:


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BK Nice, no D-Lo? They still nice.


Also, I called the MAGI. That's a team focused on one thing, and one thing only: hustle. 


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Can I get a minute to comment on the Spurs deciding to empower LMA, after his disappointing performance in the playoffs?


Especially when compared to whats happening in Dallas: this is easily the most slept-on story in the early goings. Pop said "LMA, you sound like a bitch, but we believe in you, and let's prove it out."

If Kawhi comes back and things go off the rails, LMA is guaranteed a place in the All-Time Worst. 

If Kawhi comes back and finds himself benefiting from All-Star LMA: that doesn't really tell us too much. We already knew that Pop is peerless. 

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Shaq on NBA TV is an absolute delight.

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What brand of shoes is Lonzo wearing these days?

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no idea

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Kyrie is so sick 1 v 1.  He's got a season's worth of highlights in this game alone.

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Punching Klay in the head when he aint done shit is how you lose my allegiance.

I don't particularly care for the Dubs. I want to see Draymon suffer the slings and arrows. But I fucking love Klay.


So friendship with WIZ over. Friendship with MAGIC begin.


And can't nobody act like they had no idea Orlando would be for real, cause I been told you.

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Once again Draymond playing an honorable game of basketball and he's cheap-shotted. Certainly wouldn't hold it against him if he presses charges against Beal. No place for that in the league, or society for that matter.

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This is killin' me Haha Wes Matthews Sr!

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One of the offseason stealth great moves was Pistons getting Avery Bradley.  A star and a glue guy.

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Clips-Dubs should be pretty good tonight

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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post

Clips-Dubs should be pretty good tonight


Golden State wins by 65.

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I will say, the success of the Clippers speaks to how much the NBA has changed.  I think the days of the ball dominant, distributing guard are done.  It's one of the reasons I didn't think Chris Paul will move the needle in Houston and any Russell Westbrook led team will always have a ceiling.  Golden State has great ball handlers, but they are also unselfish...promoting ball movement over ball dominance.   It makes a team more difficult to prepare for.

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Seemed like the same old Clippers to me.

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Kyrie looks ... really, really good.

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I think Kyrie and Durant choosing the teams they did gets talked about more in the controversial sense than the actual basketball systems they went to. Kyrie of course didn't choose his team like Durant did, but I am assuming he's thriving in a less iso-heavy system in similar ways that made Golden State so different from OKC, where the latter was near the bottom in assists or something like that in Durant's last season there. I've watched less than a minute of Celtics ball so far, so I know I could be wrong, especially as Hayward's injury means more slack for Kyrie.

But yeah these guys didn't just leave Russ or Lebron for some B.S. (either to be the man or cupcake walk to a ring), they went to teams that play like teams in a team sport. Yeah, the terrain has changed towards "superteams" but unless those play like teams, they won't be so super. We had all that in the past, we jist didn't have certain teams based on system that also had superstars. Ok, that is probably a wrong statement, but I think you guys know what I mean, maybe.
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Well, KD did leave for the cupcake reasons. There's lots of teams with viable offensive systems, and only one team that had just eliminated him in the WCF.

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If his dumb alt account tweet is something to go by, he was looking for the diametric opposite of the OKC franchise, in all facets, and I'm sure, city. No judgements here (ok, I lie, as a biased and typical clueless Californian and non-Thunder fan) but the only place to go with those standards was Golden State, where he won't need to ever worry (too much or as much as most other teams) about losing another "Harden", a season due to a teammate injury (again, same content between these parentheses as the last), or a bunch of other variables that can get in the way of a bunch of things someone in his position, stature, age, etc. might want. And he's got 'em, so I think he saw the bird in the hand, and just miscalculated how much it would anger people, but that's just one other variable-- low on the list of guys who don't care what other people think. Durant isn't one of those guys, but yeah, he got everything else, especially in a system with guys he wanted to fit in with, and I mean: what other team has a Curry and a Draymond like Curry and Draymond? Those guys are a system unto themselves, and Durant was perfect for it and they were perfect for him more than any team I can think of. If that's cupcake, then I am cupcake for liking shoes that fit, or some better analogy.

And I also think it was better to aim at the Cavs more than the Warriors, even if the Warriors beat him prior. Maybe he thought he couldve beat Lebron had Presti not traded Harden. So go get a superteam that the alternate reality Thunder with Harden could be or better and go make that fantasy a reality. I know I'm speculating his mindset, and yeah, he could just be cupcake in the end, but I think it's more complex than that, and "cupcake" is simpleton really, started by a simpleton Durant, Westbrook, Perkins, and whoever, conversation/ inside joke. (Not calling you simpleton though, Zhukov! You're cool, actually)
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"Very proud to present @BobSaietta's Joe Caldwell opus. Recommended for fans of sports history, labor, and sadness!"


Joe Caldwell was a star at the dawn of the modern NBA.  Then the sport took everything from him.

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Eh, I think Durant is just the 1,000,000th piece of evidence that "rivalries" and "enemies" are fan concepts that the players don't give a shit about.


And the result is that Durant is happy and his critics are bitter.

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Not sure why Durant was running a burner campaign with a bunch of fake accounts if he was so happy.


Rivalry was real for the D.Rose Bulls at least. And the Paul Pierce Celtics. You are delusional if you think the Spurs-Mavs rivalry wasn't important to the players (even though that one was ultimately rooted in respect). The sport benefits from it.


And holy cow Kyrie really is that dumb. Its impressive, in a way.

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I said the Magic would be good, but not 6-2 good. Wow.

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I would say the Mavs need to blow it up, but I think they've already imploded. 

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Already called it, Bob. Your words hurt me not.


Losing Seth Curry was, improbably, a huge blow - Carlisle needs a whole squad of B-list undersized guards to work with, at all times. The drama with Nerlens has not been helpful. Every time I remember that this team could have had Giannis on it, if only Cuban had listened to his fucking GM, I die a little inside.

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I'm not trying to hurt you, Zhu.  I actually think this is the best possible scenario.  They have been spinning their wheels in mediocrity for the past few years.  Their best player is 40 years old, or whatever.  I think they dodged a bullet with Noel by not paying him the max.  They will suffer for a few years, but it will be better for them in the long run.

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GSW-SAS tonight!

I hope Zaza gets knocked the fuck out.

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Think Zaza is fine. Spurs came out of it a bit bruised though.

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