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I guess before you can talk about the movie itself, we gotta address the Salva thing first. Here's what I think: he did a sickening sex crime in the 80s but in contrast to many others actually confirmed it and served his time, then apparently never had another situation for 29 years. I never want to meet the guy, but if we gonna tolerate Polanski, and in the future possibly Kevin Spacey, it should be kind of possible to discuss the work of this guy - unless there'll ever be new allegations of course. Then he should go straight to prison again to rot in hell, with his filmography buried forever.


Of course, Salva is obviously not nearly as talented as Polanski or Spacey. Still, he's not a total nothing. Powder wasn't exactly bad, and Jeepers Creepers from 2001 turned out to be a rather well directed genre feature with neat ideas, solid leads, and undeniably, one of the most original horror monsters of the 2000s. A winged, truck driving, axe wielding immortal being that can replace bodyparts by eating those of others? Sounded like a solid X-Files MOTW episode, and Jonathan Breck is really good under the makeup. Of course, the teens acted rather foolish (let's go look where the obvious creepy guy threw his bodies while he's still around somewhere), the connection to the song Jeepers Creepers made no sense and the psychic was a stupid element. Still the movie had a good pace and the final scene was solid.


I remembered part II as being way worse, but I was wrong. Of course everything with Ray Wise as a vengeful dad trying to harpoon the creature is good, but all the scenes with the school class besieged in a bus isn't bad either. The actors aren't good, but the movie does a solid job conveying their fear and curiosity. It's easy to be fascinated what the creature will do next, or how it survives all the injuries. And any monster that can simply replace its head after impalement deserves some attention.


Now for part III. Weirdly, this is set between the other two movies. Somehow Salva decided not to continue with the 23 years later coda of part II, with the creature finally coming back from his slumber to face Ray Wise again. In fact, one of the survivors of this movie turns out to later having been on the bus of part II. So, does it have anything interesting?

Yes, but it's an odd addition. The Creeper's mythology gets extended even more, and in this we find out that his iconic car is actually alive. It drives on its own, throws bombs, hurts people who are climbing around inside, and it can now impale people with a harpoon it can shoot from a rear exhaust. There's a former chopped off alive arm of his that Meg Foster keeps in her garden that can lift you up and give you visions. So yeah, it is not a lazy sequel, and while nuts it keeps the curiosity thing alive. But it has a rather lazy final scene, with Gina Phillips' character from the first movie showing up for a 20 second cameo vowing to revenge her brother Justin Long that comes off as if she skyped this in on a Thursday morning, and there's a very vague implication that the people who touched the Creeper's hand now know about his origin. I'd say if you thought II was kind of okay, III is also worth your time.

What's strange? The female lead Gabrielle Haugh looks so much like a young Gina Phillips, but their characters are not related.


Will there be another one? It was only shown in theatres on two days, then sold to the SyFy channel for a two-night run. It must have had a lower budget than the other two (10m and 17m), but it doesn't look that much cheaper.


If there's another one, I hope they don't ever fully explain where it comes from or how his car can be alive. With the Creeper's design I kind of wanna see him during the Western times. Having his car already, obviously.

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Big fan of the first two movies. Completely forgot about this though. Will have to wait for the VOD now, I guess.
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