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Your Must-Watch-Now TV

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With it being harder and harder to keep track of what shows are great (or even exist), I thought it'd be useful/fun to have a thread to compare notes in without having to navigate a potentially spoiler-filled thread for every show we aren't watching. It can also function as a "Best of" list we can update, without locking us in to a specific year, since shows are on such wildly different schedules these days.


Basic rule:


Your list can be of any length and any criteria, but each show must be currently in production, and it must be a "Must Watch NOW" show. Basically, a show you're going to watch ASAP after it's released without question.


Here's mine:


Sense8 (Netflix) - It'll be over soon, but while it's alive, it's still the most unique, hopeful and beautifully shot show there is.


The Last Kingdom (Netflix) - A really exciting semi-historical viking romp featuring a guy I will only ever know as, "British Brad Pitt".


Game of Thrones (HBO) - A cult classic, shame no one's ever heard of it.


Better Call Saul (AMC) - Eh, anyone who posts here knows how great this is.


Patriot (Amazon) - Everyone -should- know how great this is. I gave it a try and within a couple of days it was my favorite show on TV. If you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to at least try the pilot, you philistine.


The Tick (Amazon) - They've only done a handful of episodes, and it's already broken through my superhero fatigue.


The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) - It was an incredibly interesting show before our last election. Now it has the added layer of watching each scene thinking, "Better or worse than our reality?"


The 100 (CW) - In a just world, this would have The Walking Dead's pop-culture status. It's smarter, more fun, and with a WAAAAY higher body count.


Ash vs Evil Dead (Starz) - I would watch anything with Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless in it. Thankfully the old Xena team has still never failed to entertain.


Fargo (FX) - Still great. Still ready to devour whatever they serve up next.


Archer (FX) - Still makes me laugh out loud. That's valuable!


South Park (Comedy Central) - Also still makes me laugh out loud. Still valuable!


Looks like 12 titles for me. Anyone else?

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I'm game and I won't duplicate, otherwise about half our list would be identical.


The Expanse:  In my opinion, the 'smartest' sci-fi on TV right now.


Narco's:  Real life production issues, aside, I love the stories and characters this show has given us.


Hap and Leonard:  The main characters fill the giant 'Justified'-shaped hole in my soul.


Ripper Street:  Fantastic looking series with characters I really care about.


Supernatural:  A warm blankie on a cold winters night...I'm in until the end.


Honourable Mention:  Strike Back:  Still haven't found a way to watch the new season but people who's opinion is good on this site have had good things to say!

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I'll play.













If it were still going, BLACK SAILS would be on this list.

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Ah, you've reminded me that The Deuce exists. Thread vindicated!

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I'd say catch these shows and be ahead of the curve.


The Exorcist:  Possibly better than all the sequels.  In fact it is a worthy successor to the original movie.

​The Good Place:   We haven't had a show that combines pop entertainment with deep philosophy this well or at all) since Lost.   In fact, the Good Place does it better.


Game of Thrones:   Gives LOTR a run for its money in the spectacle department.   It shames the blockbusters.


Mindhunter:   Did you like Zodiac?   How about 10 hours of that brand of David Fincher?  Might be the best Netflix show this year.

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I'll also add Star Trek: Discovery.   Remember how Voyager and Enterprise were going to be different?   Remember when by episode 2, they became a clone of the Star Trek: The Next Generation and lost whatever edge they might have had?   Well for good or ill, Star Trek: Discovery is that show.     I'm digging the hell out of it because 9 episodes in, I have no clue what to make of the captain and what the deal is with him.   Is he a good guy, bad guy, even from our universe?   No clue and that's pretty exciting territory for a sci fi franchise like Star Trek.   They could have gone all The Force Awakens with this show and gave fans what they wanted but instead decided to go a whole different direction.   I respect the hell out of the balls it took to do that.   It's worth watching for that reason alone.

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