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I get that. But again, Disney did that shit all the time back in the 80s with 30 minute Mickey Mouse cartoons (Prince and the Pauper, A Christmas Carol). Maybe the features were shorter so they needed to pad things. 

different times


different measures...


Just what audiences are accustomed to these days.  


That and it feels like there's way more animated fare in theaters than there was back then.

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On November 30th, I was looking for a pick-me-up because a close high school friend had died earlier in the day.  I went into this blind.  Holy shit did it hit like a ton of bricks in a cosmic sorta way.  Like I said, I had no idea what the story was about, but I'm always down for Pixar.  Lots of crying, lots of laughing, and the film was so breezy.  A fucking emotional roller-coaster of a day.  This movie is embedded in me for life.


ETA: I heard about the Frozen featurette and luckily dodged all but the last two minutes of that shit.

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Coco was exceptional. I think the Frozen short engenders such anger because it is materially VERY poor. It is the worst Disney animated product to get a theatrical release in a long time. It is mediocre, unfunny, unmusical, and uncharming. I'm amazed it got any theatrical play at all.

Fortunately, Coco is warm, funny, very musical, and very charming.
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Really, really liked this.  It's a stunning movie to look at visually, with a very vibrant color palette that is always interesting to admire, whether you're in the 'real' world or in the 'dead' world.  The characters all perform in exactly the right ways, and the story...while fairly predictable...has enough to it to keep you engaged with the material and trigger the desired emotional responses, especially at the end.  The film WORKS.


The FROZEN short that precedes the film isn't an abomination but it IS a complete misfire.  It's all of the cutesy shit from FROZEN condensed into 20 minutes of shitty musical numbers and forced humor.  If you have a low Olaf tolerance, then you'll be miserable.

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Also: we loved seeing Gerald (from FINDING DORY) re-purposed into Dante the dog.

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The Frozen short was very obviously a repurposed TV holiday special. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the Sofia the First crew was on this mess. God, Sofia the First is horrible.
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Haha I love that they've taken the Frozen short off, so there was nothing to sully my experience of this amazing film. i'm not a crier but oh man, Coco played me like an instrument. Such an vivid, beautifully realized film.

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This was better than Star a lot.
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as a piece of tightly scripted, self-contained storytelling?



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