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I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore. (2017)

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This is a Netflix original, and a funny, brutal little movie. Directed by Macon Blair, it feels very much in line with his previous collaborations with Jeremy Saulnier, Blue Ruin and Green Room. There's a very naturalistic, mundane quality to everything that at first makes everything seem grotesque and awkwardly funny, and later shocking and blunt.


The story follows Melanie Lynskey's Ruth, a nursing assistant that comes home one day to find her house has been robbed. All that's missing is a laptop, some medication and antique silverware, and the police turn out to be no help. So she decides to, with the help of her neighbor Tony (Elijah Wood, bringing the quirk), go find the laptop since her phone has a GPS tracker on it.


The rest is kind of Breaking Bad meets Batman, with normal people getting in too deep but turning out to just be competent enough to blunder their way through adversity. I very much could relate to the frustration of not being in control of the universe, and the tip over into nihilism that Ruth finds herself in after the robbery. 


Great, great little 90-minute potboiler that manages to also subvert the treatment of gender while espousing a bit of philosophy at the same time. Check it out! 

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I don't have to feel at home in this world anymore, Alfred. I just have to save it.

I've had this on my list because it looked interesting but I didn't know anything about it otherwise. Glad to hear it's good. Get to it this week sometime.
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It won the top jury prize at Sundance this year fyi.

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Saw this when it dropped on Netflix.  It's great!


It must be nice to be able to collaboratively bounce ideas off of your equally talented filmmaker buddies. (Not a dig at Macon Blair's writing/directing at all).  It's just something that's missing in a lot of other industries.

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This was probably the best thing I've seen all year until I watched Raw recently. Really great, should probably get around to watching it again sometime since its been a while now.
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Just saw this and loved it. This is Blair's first feature film? He wrote and directed it? I'm a little bit in awe of both Blair and Jeremy Saulnier. God bless Netflix for allowing the two of them to continue to make films , as I'm not confident many other studios would make this film today. I believe Blair also wrote Saulnier's next film for Netflix, Hold the Dark.

As if writing and directing this wasn't impressive enough, Macon Blair's brief exchange with Ruth at the bar was the biggest laugh of the film for me.
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yeah, I really liked this. the plot/story is a bit too "quirky indie crime movie" but the execution is really good and I really enjoyed (the criminally underused) Melanie Lynskey and Elijah Wood in their role. I found it interesting that the two leads of this movie are two leads of Peter Jackson movies (Heavenly Creatures and Lord of the Rings, respectively). sorry, random PJ nerd moment.

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 I watched this last night because Mike and Jay from Red Letter Media where impressed by it. I didn't like it as much as them, but I did enjoy it.  Elijah Wood was the best part of the movie. For as weird as he could be, he was still a decent person and he is the moral center of this movie.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I was glad he didn't die.

It was good to see Jane Levy in this. She has a small role, but she was good in Don't Breathe and The Evil Dead remake, so its good to see her getting work.

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