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U2 - Songs of Experience

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Only listened to 'The little things that give you away', but this a hell of a song. Starts off like an ok bobby U2 tune from 10 years ago then suddenly The Edge gets going and a sweeping guitar riff starts. He hasn't sounded this good in ages. Great song.
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Agreed. That had me old school bopping around the kitchen when I played it a few minutes ago. Listening to the rest now.


Down to "Landlady" and I would say "The Little Things..." makes the best first impression. A lot of ballads, as well as a few curious tracks. I'm reconciled to the fact there will never be another Boy, War, Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby, but that's fine. It's a good album - probably on a par with Pop for me. 


"13" a nice track, although there are a few "Ultraviolet" and "Acrobat" style songs like it on the album.

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