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U2 - Songs of Experience

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Only listened to 'The little things that give you away', but this a hell of a song. Starts off like an ok bobby U2 tune from 10 years ago then suddenly The Edge gets going and a sweeping guitar riff starts. He hasn't sounded this good in ages. Great song.
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Agreed. That had me old school bopping around the kitchen when I played it a few minutes ago. Listening to the rest now.


Down to "Landlady" and I would say "The Little Things..." makes the best first impression. A lot of ballads, as well as a few curious tracks. I'm reconciled to the fact there will never be another Boy, War, Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby, but that's fine. It's a good album - probably on a par with Pop for me. 


"13" a nice track, although there are a few "Ultraviolet" and "Acrobat" style songs like it on the album.

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Gave this a few listens and was positively shocked to find that it's probably their best album in two decades. U2's problem seems to be that they sound so good (in terms of musical skill and the equipment / resources available), they more often than not don't bother writing proper, simple pop songs. For some reason everyone is bringing it here, especially the Edge is really cranking out his most inspired guitar stuff. The production sound is also a lot nicer on the ears than their Danger Mouse -collaborations.
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