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SWAG BRAG: Chud Holiday Gift Xchange 2017

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Here's where we show off our various loot from the exchange this year.


I've already received my gift from the fabulous Judas Booth. It's on the personal side, so I don't want to go into too much detail, but suffice it to say it's an incredible gift and much appreciated. Raise your glasses high and join me in a toast to a great Santa, Judas Booth!


<clinky clinky>

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My sincere pleasure.

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Everybody needs to rep the livin' hell outta Judas.

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Yeah, Judas was my gifter last year. He chooses his gifts well and they were much appreciated.

Thank you again, Judas! They get a lot of play!
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I was bragging as well about Judas being my Santa 2 xmas’s ago. You’re a good man Judas!
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This isn't technically part of the exchange, but it's from a fellow Chewer, MrBananaGrabber, who was getting rid of some of his older tabletop games and sent one to me absolutely free!




There are some great minis in the box, and it looks like it'll be a blast, as well as fitting in perfectly with our game night rotation. So hats off to MrBananaGrabber!

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millennium1 got me this:



It's a working 20-minute timer you build yourself. Very cool!

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Some lovely gifts from Boone. A couple of intriguing books to get my teeth into over the holidays, and lots of stationery to given me a kick up the arse to get back to writing next year. Top stuff, sir. Thank you.


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Everyone should read SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME, particularly if you've read Michelle Alexander's THE NEW JIM CROW. And those notebooks are top-notch - big fan of Field Notes' aesthetic, but Muji makes a great, inexpensive notebook with high-quality paper. (And not to brag, but all of JHP's gifts were purchased from local suppliers here in NYC. :D)

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SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME, such a jolly yuletide gift. 


I kid, I kid...

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Is it a book about marriage?


I also kid...

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It's about convict leasing, which emerged in the aftermath of the Civil War and in part formed the foundations for our modern system of prison labor. I know, very cheery! 

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