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HAPPY! (SyFy) = Crank: The Television Show + A Cartoon Horse Voiced By Patton Oswalt.

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 Based on the comic series by writer Grant Morrison and artist Darick Robertson, Happy! stars Meloni as Nick Sax, formerly a hero cop, now a drug-and-booze-addled hitman whose latest job leaves him on the brink of death, but also in the middle of a Christmas season gang war between rival crime factions. As if that's not enough, Nick finds himself visited by Happy (voiced by Patton Oswalt), imaginary friend to Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo), a young girl who has been abducted by a malevolent Santa Claus. Happy, a buck-toothed blue unicorn-donkey with feathers, just wants Nick to save Hailey. Nick, however, mostly wants to get away from scary threats like a superficially genteel mobster named Blue (Ritchie Coster), Blue's smiling torture expert Smoothie (Patrick Fischler) and a detective, Meredith McCarthy (Lili Mirojnick), who may have played a part in destroying Nick's old life.
Morrison adapted Happy! for the small screen with Brian Taylor, half of the Neveldine/Taylor duo behind the Crank films, and Taylor directed the pilot. 


Premieres December 6th on SyFy. If anyone knows if this'll be on Netflix or Amazon Prime for international viewers, please let me know as I kind of want to see this!

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Got my DVR all set to record tomorrow night!

Looking forward to it as this looks right up my alley.
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Ehhhh I'll want to see a second episode before passing judgment.

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Oh. That doesn't sound good.

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Don't want to make it sound bad. There are elements that work, mainly Meloni who throws himself into the role with glee. Where it lost me a bit was the humor. A lot of it felt awfully forced.


It's one thing to have that whole CRANK energy on display for a 90 minute movie. You know it's going to end so you don't mind soaking up in all the depravity. Translating that to a weekly show is a little tougher. But I'll check it out next week to see what it has in store.


I did enjoy a nice CRANK callback in the pilot.

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Rats, meant to dvr this thing and forgot. SyFy (sigh) has odd habits when it comes to watching their stuff online.

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Looks like it'll run again tonight at 11.

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Arrgh fine.

Really enjoyed the pilot; I have no idea how they'll manage to sustain the hyper-kinetic, Crank style energy throughout a season of television

But I'm fucking down.
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The pilot was a lot of fun.


This is the first proper Grant Morrison adaptation I know of, so I'm in for the duration. The guy is an expert at complex convoluted mindfuck stories.


Grant doesn't seem to be a credited writer on the next episode according to IMDB, so I suppose there is the risk of the middle of the season getting filled up with typical cable TV drama timewasting filler. I'll keep my fingers crossed for goodness, though.

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It really annoys me (and I know how entitled this is going to sound) that SyFy UK aren't showing this (I can't even find it on their schedule!). What's the point of being a sister channel to the main American channel if you're not going to air the same shows around the same time. It's like they've never heard of internet piracy.  

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This was insanely funny and violent in equal amounts. I don't know where it's going to go but I'm in for the duration.

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