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True Blood Rewatch

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So, totally by accident, my wife and I decided to revisit the first episode of "True Blood" which was one of our weekly favorites back in 2008 (!) when it first appeared. A week later we are midway through season 3 (thank you, Amazon Prime!) and absolutely loving it, again :)


I have a vague memory of the wheels coming off in the back half of the show (season 5ish, maybe?) but the first three seasons have just been wonderful - a very strong cast with a lot of detail paid to each and every character. Fantastic music, humor and a solid horror scene or two (or three or four) thrown in and you've got the ingredients for a really great story which just thrives in the "binge" mode. (Also, worth noting, the T&A, both male and female, is solid throughout as well ;) )


If you haven't given it a whirl in a while, check it out again. A lot of fun and really well done!

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I keep meaning to finish watching the final season but dammit I can't bring myself to do it... so much other stuff to watch.


I'll get to it eventually... maybe during a lull in the summer.

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I actually read most of the books. They're trashy, but the fun kind of trashy. And the same goes for the show. That dirty Southern gothic vibe the world goes for just work for me.


But with both the books and the show, once the fairy shit gets introduced it goes off the rails and I just lose interest. 

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If I did a re-watch I think it would be a single season one and done for me.  Though I would be missing the one great line that my wife and I still say to this day, "Eggs is dead, Sookie!".

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I agree with Dalyn.

Season One was good.

And then Eggs.
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The problem is that True Blood has a ton of hooks that keep you watching far longer than you should.


For me, I really liked Season 1 and would stop there...


BUT Season 2 does bring us the Fellowship of the Sun, Steve and Sarah Newlin, plus a near blood orgy. I would definitely stop here....


BUT Season 3 gives us Russell Edgington, as well shit, that is worth it. I would definitely stop here as I can't remember anything about Season 4...


BUT Season 4 gives us more Pam and Jessica, and well hell. I am down for that. I would definitely stop here though as Season 5 was just shit....


BUT Season 5 has Edgington and Vampire Steve-Newlin? Well goddamn, I mean I gotta stay and watch that. I would definitely stop here though as Season 6 is all Billith all the time....


BUT  No, seriously. Just stop. Alan Ball leaves and the sinking ship only sinks harder.  I couldn't remember anything about Season 4, so I ran to the wiki. This is the description for seasons 6 and 7. 



Previously there are full paragraphs. Apparently Season 7 is...a season. 

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Oh man, Russell Edgington was my favorite character on that show!

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Originally Posted by Dalyn View Post

Oh man, Russell Edgington was my favorite character on that show!


And that's how you are watching Season 5 of True Blood when you should have stopped at Season 3. 

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God damn you, had to go remind me how much I loved Russell Edgington.  Now I'm fill with the need to re-watch.


Why you do this, man?

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Pretty much agree with Tyres. Started watching TB after a friend recommended it, then later when I realized said friend actually had kinda shitty taste, it was too late because the show already had its trashy hooks in me. Well, maybe that's not totally fair. The show wasn't always complete trash, and I genuinely liked some of the actors. It was quite sex positive and LGBT inclusive too (speaking of, still can't believe Nelsan Ellis is gone. What a talent)

Don't really remember much of what happened in later seasons, apart from Steve Newlin dancing, which is one of those things that I will take to my grave.
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MrTyres - I believe you have nailed it completely :)


Also, as I plow through the third season, I think Russell Edgington benefits from a) fantastic scene chewing by O'Hare (saw him recently on This is Us and he is just terrrific there as well)  and b) really lame side plots that don't do much for the rest of the cast - Sam's family (lame rednecks) and Jason's new love (lame rednecks) all kinda just blur together. The vampire story line definitely feels much more dramatic as a result, even with the werewolf stuff (more lame rednecks) and I like Alcide!

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Oh, meth head Were-panthers. 

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Quick update - season 4 is MUCH better than I remembered. I really think it benefits from the binge pacing (vs the weekly watch originally). And damn if Paquain wasn't born to play Sookie. She delivers in every single scene like nobodies business. In, ahem, lots of ways 😜
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