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PROUD MARY pre-release

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I thought there was a thread for this already but couldn't find one. Figured this would be right up CHUD's alley, a modern blaxpoitation film starring an Oscar-winning actress? Count me in.


Anyone seen this or have any word on it? Opens tomorrow fer cryin' out loud.

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I had no idea it was opening tomorrow!

Bad marketing?
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I haven't seen one ad for it.

Gonna try to check it out over the weekend. Pretty cool array of supporting players and it's from the director of LONDON HAS FALLEN.
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I think I saw a trailer in theaters once? And it feels like that was a while ago.
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Yeah, not only has the marketing been shit (despite the really fun trailer), but they haven't screened it for critics. Fingers crossed for Taraji, though - Person of Interest stars represent.


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Originally Posted by mcnooj82 View Post

I had no idea it was opening tomorrow!

Bad marketing?

I've seen tweets from Amy Nicholson and Odienator saying their tickets were canceled and they had to find other ways to get tickets to see the movie for review?


Weird, but I know my Empire-loving wife is eager to see it.

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So there ARE actually showings going on for the movie tonight in LA?


I was wondering why I couldn't find any in my area.

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Checked to see if any reviews had popped up (none that I can see) and stumbled across this odd conflict regarding the film:


Taraji P. Henson’s new movie, “Proud Mary,” opens in theaters on Friday, but one person who has no plans to see it is songwriter John Fogerty, the man who composed the 1960s classic rock song that inspired the film’s title.


Fogerty said he wrote the song 50 years ago and calls it his “very first good song.”


That said, it “irks” him when people “seek to capitalize on the popularity of his music and the good will it has earned with the public” for financial gain.


Fogerty said that he’d like people to associate the words “Proud Mary” with “leaving painful stressful things behind for a more tranquil and a more meaningful life” and not a movie “about killing people for money.”

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I knew Fogerty hated his fellow CCR members, but good grief. I now want to see this movie (and listen to "Ramble Tamble") a lot out of spite.

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A film critic from The Detroit News, Adam Graham, tweeted this:


PROUD MARY had Thursday nite showings at one area theater, the AMC Forum 30. Around 80 tickets were sold. Studio called & nixed the showtimes with one hour’s notice. Theater manager said he had no precedent for this ever happening. This movie is being BURIED
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must be really terrible!!!
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It's got Xander Berkeley, can't be that bad for God's sake.

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Originally Posted by Moltisanti View Post

can't be that bad for God's sake.

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That no good Agent Gibbs! He got what was coming to him!


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Variety says it's a watchable wad!


Praise for Danny Glover:


 Glover, now 71, gives a canny and arresting performance.


Hollywood Reporter not so kind:

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Well it's not horrible, Sony and Screen Gems have put out far worse over the years. It's just really routine. Henson tries her best and does well enough. She shoots guys, they fall over. Never goes much further than that in terms of impact. Even the "big" finale set to the tune of the film's title comes off tepid.


Danny Glover spends way too much time playing his crime boss as kindly. He only gets about half a scene to show any menace. Disappointing.


Not sure what Neal McDonough was here for.


Xander Berkeley shines in his two scenes as "Uncle," the villainous Russian gangster that foolishly offends Mary. He should have been the picture's main heavy.

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bummer... that's unfortunate

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I wonder sometimes how people constantly say they is no marketing for a movie I've seen tns of ads for. Do you guys actually watch TV? I know a lot of people who complain about lack of ads yet wouldn't be able to see them anyway.

Anyway, it's gotten plenty of ads. I've seen it on and and fox multiple times. Lifetime has been doing specials inserts with Taraji during commercial breaks for shows. And of course networks with high African American viewing have run ads like crazy. I've seen ads on YouTube. It has been advertised.
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heheheh I don't watch TV on TV!

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Yeah that's what I thought. The marketing was weak. Don't get me wrong. But, it's not like it wasn't being advertised at all.

One review and Sony marketing rant.
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See, this right here is why I don’t like people going “you have to support this movie, it’s an action flick with a middle-aged black female lead!” And like okay, I want to support that, but you know what I want to support more? Movies that don’t suck. Surely, what use gaining diversity if it be in really shit movies?


Proud Mary stars Taraji P. Henson as Mary (possibly Mary Proud, but probably not). She’s an assassin, but one of those movie assassins who is super-professional and amoral enough to remorselessly kill dozens of people at the drop of a hat, but also just waiting to melt into a pot of paternal affection for the right orphan.


And in the opening scene, she makes her own orphan, taking out a mark before realizing that his teenage son Danny is in the other room. One year later, she finds that Danny has become a drug courier for an abusive Fagin type played by a Russian-accented Xander Berkeley (thanks for being the goto baddies in all movies like these, Russians). Wanting to protect him, she tries to smack some sense into Berkeley, but things go wrong and she ends up taking out his entire operation in one of too-few perfunctory action sequences.


(Plot hole: why does it take a year for Mary to seek out Danny? Was she periodically checking in with him? It doesn’t seem like it. And she doesn’t come across him by chance, but deliberately goes out to find him. So what suddenly compels her to check in on him?)


The Russians blame Mary’s Mob (Danny Glover, Billy Brown, Neal McDonough), starting a turf war that her fraction tries to avert/win as Mary takes in the recalcitrant Danny.


Not a bad premise, if cliched as hell, and to the movie’s credit, but Henson and the actor playing Danny are really good in their scenes together. Henson, as those of us who watched Person of Interest might remember, is great as both the cranky but warm-hearted maternal figure and the take-no-shit badass.*


Unfortunately, this movie had to be hacked down within an inch of its life in the editing room. Scenes are chopped up worse than most Steamed Ham memes. Dialogue exchanges go by like a book with no formatting. It’s so cut up that the ending of the movie plays over the closing credits like it’s playing on TBS and we have to wrap this up so a Big Bang Theory rerun can play. And, because Mary is keeping her head down to avoid being fingered as the person responsible for the unsanctioned hit, entire scenes happen with our badass lead standing in the corner, hoping no one notices her.


Now, I’m not a huge blaxploitation fan, but wasn’t a big part of the appeal watching people like Richard Roundtree and Pam Grier dominate the room? You know, the social lowborn going among their supposed betters and not only winning, but humiliating their opposition with their smarts, their skill, and their style? What’s the point of doing a blaxploitation throwback if our lead doesn’t get to be a cool-as-shit badass?


This guy sure wasn’t circumspect and careful in choosing his words.


Also, not to put too fine a point on it, but where’s the sex appeal? In 2018, shouldn’t a blaxploitation heroine be kicking a parade of hotties out of her bed? We get endless sequences of Henson gussying herself up, but the only sexuality is her dealing with a possessive ex-boyfriend. Okay, fine, hashtag MeToo, but does anyone go to a blaxploitation movie to nod sagely as sexual harassment is decried?


Well, the fact is this really isn’t much of a blaxploitation movie at all. Aside from a funky credits sequence, a Motown soundtrack, and playing the eponymous song during an action scene at the end, this could’ve been a generic crime thriller that some fan edited into a blaxploitation movie as a joke. Which is a shame, because the idea of Henson playing a badass hitwoman in a crime world populated by character actors like Xander Berkeley and Neal McDonough is do damn fun. But you just get this movie, where McDonough has one dialogue scene and then Henson assassinates him in an ‘awesome action scene’ where she comes up behind him while he’s jogging and shoots him in the back. What’s even the point?


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

*SPOILER: I can’t even give this movie full credit for the Mary-Danny storyline, as they whiff the ending by having Danny imply that his dad was an abuser, thus clearing the way for Mary to adopt him no strings attached. Shit, if that’s the resolution to all this drama, what was the point? Why not just have it turn out that Mary didn’t kill the guy at all, but he slipped on a banana peel and broke his neck?


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hey you supported it!

good on ya!!
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Female assassin and woman out for revenge make up like 95% of all female-led action movies. There's enough them that I don't think not supporting one will suddenly mean they fall out of fashion.


But if you're insisting on it, rather support THE VILLAINESS. I watched it today and it's dope!

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