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Enough already. I love this guy...he is a great rapper and all but it's all about the same shit over and over again. Always about himself, his mother, his father, his ex- wife, and of course his daughter. CD after CD of him bitching about him growing up poor and how his father just walked out on his family. Can this guy sometimes stop his bitching and go onto something new?
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I would much rather hear him talk about that shit with his clever edge and incredible skill with words than listen to any other rapper. All other rappers either sing about smacking their bitches and getting rich and use about every vulgar word under the sun. I'm not saying Eminem isn't vulgar, but he uses it cleverly. When I hear Eminem, I know it's Eminem. Anyone else, fuck 'em.

Also, you tell me another rapper who uses "Munchausen Syndrome" in a song.
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I hate rap music. HATE. But, I enjoy hip-hop. All the shit about bitches, drugs, money, etc. is irritating. I don't wanna hear about how much cash you have, or the fact that you have 37" rims on your Escalade. I listen to music to get something out of it. And I get something out of Eminem's music. He writes about what he knows, which is hardship, heartbreak, and pissing people off. He is a brilliant lyricist, a great rapper, and his social satire is some of the best out there.

His music is his vent, and if you don't like it, then don't listen to it, listen to Ja Fool or Nelly instead.
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i don't listen to it. i don't listen to ja fool or nelly, either.
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Every rapper - even the best of all time (KRS-ONE, Biggie, Tupac, Rakim) - have a limited pallette of subjects to discuss.

Some focus on storytelling. Some focus on gun talk. Some focus on blinging/jewels/cars, etc. Some focus on social stuff. Some just focus on their skills. Some focus on their personal life.

But even if you had a great rapper that did all of these (which I felt Biggie did), that's still going to get repetitive over 2 or 3 albums.

But it's not just rap. Most musicians today have their niche and they explore it to the max.
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I won't stop listening to him. It seems to me a little that some people might get tired of it. I am not yet but I do understand about him bitching and all.
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This is like complaining about Robert Smith being "mopey" or Morrissey being "whiny" or Nick Cave being "dark."

It's just what they do.

Eminem complains about stuff. People. Places. Things. Whatever. He does it in an outlandish, humorous, and creative manner that denotes that he has a good bit of skill as an MC. This is why he is popular.
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It's not just music. It's like saying Woody Allen should stop being interested in human psychology and neurosis. Or George Carlin is too political. Or Charlize Theron should stop taking off her top. Silly.
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Eminem is like Mark Twain.
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This ought to be interesting.....
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Its not that cut and dried, a lot of musicians evolve and grow. Eminem has obvious talent and a lot of range, and I think a lot of people would like him attempt something more ambitious, socially conscious, or at least serious.

I like some of his music, but the pop hits like Without Me are generic, boring shit.
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*TO attempt
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RathBandu: Gone Rogue:
Eminem is like Mark Twain.
Well, I remember Kirby once comparing the controversy he elicits to that of Salman Rushdie...

Actually, I've grown to like some Eminem, but I think the Twain comparison is gonna need some explanation.

If we're going literary, I could see maybe a comparison to some of Shel Silverstein's naughtier bits, but Twain?
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On second thought, only Silverstein in presentation...

Obviously, Eminem is getting at some deeper emotional issues, too, but I still don't see Twain's refined wit in even the most pointed of Eminem's barbs. His humor is a little too broad and his vitriol a little too wild for Twain status.
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Well, they're both white men who go by aliases.

That's about all I could come up with.
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I've always enjoyed em, but after that foul display at the VMA's I figure he can go to hell.

I'm not saying he needs to be a role model. I am saying that threatening people who have done nothing to you is pretty fucking reprehensible.

Thug life!
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Actually, I remember explaining to my therapist how Eminem was like Mark Twain, but to tell you the truth, I've completely forgotten.

I think Eminem, like "Slim Shady" is a character that Marshall Mathers has created in order to comment on society. Eminem is the id, a Tyler Durden of sorts, yet Eminem is the ultimate poseur. The white guy who thinks he's a "gangsta." Unfortuantly, I think that Marshall Mathers has lost sight of who he is because of those deep-rooted psychological issues that he adresses in those songs, and, like Jack in Fight Club, has "become" Eminem.

That's where I stand on Eminem. That and I think he's only done two good songs: "The Way I Am" and "Lose Yourself."
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So he's complex enough to warrant a comparison to Twain, but you think he sucks aside from two songs? We must always think before we post when it comes to bold statements that need backup...

Interesting theory on Eminem and Marshall's Durden/Jack-like relationship, but I think that sort of speculating is a stretch and a half without firsthand knowledge of the man.
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Re-newing this 15 years later because I think it's interesting how people were hating on him in 2002 but now he's very often considered top 3. And everyone agrees that his best was 2002 and before.
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