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Favorite SNL sketches?

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Due to the fact I don't know when the new season starts, I'll ask ya all to post your favorite SNL sketches-

Celebrity Jeopardy, especially if Sean Connery's involved.

Jarret's Room-The one where we find out Gobi was actually smart way back in high school (Britney Murphy episode)

"Two of Us" parody-"What if John Lennon and Paul McCartney opened a fried chicken restaurant?"

Ladie's Man-Leon's new girlfriend turns out to be an undercover cop in drag (The Rock)

The Perm-A guy (Derek Jeter) shows up to his friend's Christmas party with a perm.

The Scorpion King & Son-"Aw man, I can't believe I'm talking about virgins with my DAD!"

Gorch and Lily Tomlin sing "I've got you, babe." (This was way back in the '70s)

The investigative reporter for "High Times"

The Robert Goulet Christmas Special-Just hearing Hugh sing ALW's "Music of the Night"...-sigh-...

And, probably to the suprise of no one here-
The infamous "Christmas Kangaroo"
<img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" />
"After a while, I questioned if my dad was even trying to win....."
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Oh, God...Robert Goulet was sheer genius.

"I know, I know...too inside".
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The Christmas Kangaroo and The Investigative Reporter for High Times were good.

I always like the sketch were Chris Farley and Adam Sandler were the old married couple that read the resturant descriptions. That was some quality sketch comedy.
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COWBELL. That, and every Jeopardy sketch, preferably with Burt Reynolds/Turd Ferguson
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The skit where Jim Bruer, Chris Kattan, and Will Ferrell are bellboys at a posh hotel. So perfectly over-the-top.
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Celebrity Jeopardy, of course.

The one with Mike Myers and Nicole Kidman acting like little kids.

Super Happy Fun Ball.
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"Hey! I wear my pants like all of you guys do. Except when I put them on, I record gold records."

Christopher Walken is the man. For me, my favourite is of course the Blue Oyster Cult skit with the cowbell and such but Celebrity Jeopardy will be close to my heart forever. I also love the Japanese gameshow with Chris Farley as the American tourist stuck there. Hillarity ensues.
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Forgot to add the 'Storytellers' one with Neil Diamond.

"I killed a drifter to get an erection."
Comic gold. Will Ferrell's dead on with his impression.
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The one with Horacio, Ferrel, and Cuba Gooding Jr. do the improv of the story of Jesus. Especially the scene when "Kiss Me" is playing and they are in a college dorm with Jesus lifting weights on his bed and Peter playing basketball on the door.

"So Peter... I heard you were good at discipling..."


And how about the skit with Steve Buscemi playing the Mad Hatter in Alice and Wonderland?

"Why I'm so mad I constantly burn my penis with red hot cigar butts!"

Steve's the man.
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The "Luhvahs"

The Salad Commercial (1 lb. of ice burg lettuce!)

Jarret's Room

The Rock as Mr. Peepers's Dad

King Kong's Penis


Celebrity Jeopardy

Pranksters with Cristopher Walken

That rap skecth with Horatio Sans, some other guy, and Mena Suvari as Aaron Carter, when Horatio's mustache starts coming off.

The Christmas song with the guy signing, the guy holding the keyboard, the guy playing the keyboard, and Chris Kattan dancing.


Colonial Angus

and many, many more.
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The Continental always cracks me up as well

"Would you like some champanYAH"
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I'm so old I remember seeing the original broadcasts of the "Wayne's World" sketches, but my favorite recent sketch would have to be the "Religtables" sketch from "TV Funhouse".
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Um, you guys do know SNL had sketches that were aired before 1995, right?
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This thread makes me feel old.
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Napoleon Rodriguez:
I'm so old I remember seeing the original broadcasts of the "Wayne's World" sketches..
Ah, yes.

And Poxy, uh, Richard is correct. I love and miss all of the sketches with the "old school" crew. Folks like Chevy, Jim, Dan, Gilda, Eddie, Bill, Lorraine and on and on. THAT was SNL at its best.
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2 great pot-related sketches:
Night on Freak Mountain, where Frank Zappa happens upon a group of hippies living in an old castle, who can't deal with the idea that Frank doesn't do drugs.

The Rolling Paper Chase, about Judge Ginsberg (the supreme court nominee who congress wouldn't approve because he had smoked pot) at Harvard.
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Hee hee. "Morons in Stereo".

Yes, there were some pre-'95 sketches that were good, like Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest as those two Jersey Guys, especially when they talk about F. Murray Abraham. "Hey, that's a cool nickname...F."
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Put me on the "I feel old" list. My favorite skecth of all time was the "Superman funeral" that they did around the time they killed Superman in the comic. I love it because basically everybody from that cast was in the sketch. Carvey, Rock, Sandler, Hartman, Spade, Meadows, Farley, Schneider, and more were all represented. The only big name missing was Mike Myers. I rememebr Sinbad hosted and played "Black Lightning," a 70's super hero with a huge afro who wasn't allowed into the service.

My other favorites would be "Massive Head Wound Harry," the "Sinatra Group" ("I got chunks of guys like you in my stool!"), the one where Farley goes nuts after he finds out he's not drinking his usual coffee, and anytime Norm Macdonald portrayed Burt Reynolds.

For you guys mentioning the "Blue Oyster Cult" and "Celebrity Jeoprady/Turd Ferguson" sketches you should check out the "SNL: Best of Will Ferrell" DVD. Both those sketches are on there along with a bunch of other Ferrell classics.
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Will Ferrel: The angry little league parent, "Why don't you be a good boy and stay on the bag..." Also the same type of sketch with the "I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE IF YOU DO NOT GET OFF THE SHED!!!!!" Classic....
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Okay, here goes....

-- The Steve Martin/Bill Murray "What the hell is that?" sketch. Just the two of them staring into the camera repeating, "What the hell is that? I don't know what the hell that damn thing is!" Then they walk off camera, only to re-emerge after a few seconds to say, "What the hell was that?" Hilariously absurd.

-- The Star Trek sketch with Belushi as Kirk. Really let NBC have it with this one.

-- The Billy Crystal/Christopher Guest "I hate it when that happens" sketches. The beauty of those is that you can tell they're just out there improvising the whole time, and it's a wonder to behold.

-- Aykroyd's Bass-a-Matic

-- Aykroyd's Julia Child

-- Any Samurai sketch

-- Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor playing word association: "White." "Honkey." "N****r." "DEAD honkey." Pretty cutting stuff for its time, and something they'd never think to try again.
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Norm McDonald with the fake news

Michele Jackson maybe a Homosexual pedaphile but one thing he is not is a plagiarist
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The Continental always cracks me up as well

"Would you like some champanYAH"
First time SNL had made me laugh in years.

Before that:

Andrew Dice Clay being shown by Jon Lovitz's Satan how, if Clay hadn't appeared on the show, Nora Dunn would've been crushed by Sinead O'Connor's PA stack and Frank Zappa would've used the opening monologue to go on a 78 minute anti-censorship rant. Nasty.

Gilda Radner once played a little girl telling herself weird German fairytales and bouncing herself off her bedroom walls. True genius manifests itself in the strangest ways sometimes.

The Coneheads' Halloween. Applebobbing? Applebobbing.

The Landshark!

Crystal Gravy.

Super Colon Blow.

Anything with Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin bitching at each other. Especially over Christmas Gifts like Bag o' Broken Glass.

"Germany's Most Disturbing Home Videos" on Sprockets. Mike Myers calls Kyle MacLachlan "beautiful and angular". Deiter was brilliant. Glad there's no movie.

Eddie Murphy going undercover as a white guy for a day. Especially the cocktail party on the bus. Ballsy, I think.

Ed Grimley going absolutely buggo waiting to see Pat Sajak in his office.

Billy Crystal as Kitty Brynner, travel agent, in Lifestyles of the Relatives of the Rich and Famous. "Nononono. You cannot go direct. You have to change in Atlanta." In drag and a bald wig no less.

Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd. Never have two Czech brothers swung so successfully in tight slacks.

"Wow! That's terrific bass!" Loved the Bass-o-Matic '76.

And most of the Deep Thoughts were pretty good. "If trees could scream, would we still cut them down? I think we might, if they screamed all the time and for no reason."
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That Neil Diamond VH1 Storytellers with Ferrell

Neil: "This next song, you all might like. Few people know that I am fueled creatively by my massive hatred of immigrants. Gary and I have gone on for hours about how much we hate foreigners. Right, Gary?"

Gary: "Leave me out of this, man."

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Land Shark

Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute (Dan Ackroyd)

Any News sketch that had Ackroyd calling Jane Curtin an "Ignorant Slut!"

Ackroyd and Steve Martin's "Chec Brothers"

Gilda Radner and Bill Murray as "The Nerds"

I remember this one sketch with Buck Henry as host of a late night call-in show. The topic was current events. No one would call in so he panics and starts saying these outrageous things like incest is what I do. Blacks, who needs'em.

Eddie Murphy as "Mr Robinson's Neighborhood"

Joe Piscapo as Frank Sinatra

Martin Short as Ed Grimly

Phil Hartman as ANYONE

Dana Carvey as 'Church Lady'

Dennis Miller/Norm MacDonald Update

Kevin Nealon did a great sketch called "Mr. No Depth Perception"

Tom Hank's "Mr. Short-term Memory"
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Dana Carvey's George Bush and/or Ross Perot sketches
Dana Carvey's Church Lady
Dan Ackroyd's Bass-o-Matic
The Ackroyd sketch where he was selling the dangerous toys
Eddie Murphy's Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood
Eddie Murphy's Buckwheat
Crystal Gravy
Oops, I Crapped my Pants
Super Colon Blow
Deep Thoughts
Bill Murray's Cracklin Crotch
Bill Murray's Whip Master
Celebrity Jeopardy, especially with Sean Connery
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I live in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER.
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Rich and Seabass stole mine. I'll add Little Chocalate Donuts (and all of the fake commercials really). Anytime the Killer Bees graced the stage was a good one. More recently I love the Happy Fun Ball.
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The death of Buckwheat as brilliance.

"Brought to you by Mutual Life. Because you could die tomorrow. Just like John David Stutz."
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I completely forgot about the Schwetty Weiners with Alec Baldwin.
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The death of buckwheat was brilliance

and what about chris farley trying out as a chippendale dancer...
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Antoher of my favorites: there was a children's show with John Goodman and some others, and a news alert broke in and said that Goodman had just killed a bunch of people, and he was in this white supremicist group called the "Eagle of Christ". That's all I remember.
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More recently I love the Happy Fun Ball.
Which brings up the question of what is "recent." That sketch has gotta be over a decade old by now. Feel old, cap? wink

I started watching around the Eddie Murphy era and still occasionally catch it. It's never consistently gone downhill, since there's always a Myers, Farley, or Ferrell that shows up every couple years to make it watchable again. Plus, there are the lower-key non-star types who keep it consistently funny, like Hartman, Nealon, and Lovitz.

The Billy Crystal, Martin Short, Christopher Guest season is underappreciated. Male synchronized swimming = classic.
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So I guess I'm in the minority when I say Chris Farley never ever did anything remotely funny?

That's okay, I like it here in the minority.
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[quote]Who Can It DaveB Now?:
Originally posted by capteucalyptus:
<strong>More recently I love the Happy Fun Ball.
Which brings up the question of what is "recent." That sketch has gotta be over a decade old by now. Feel old, cap? wink </strong>

I said "more recently". I did not say recently.
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Millenium Hand & Seabass:
So I guess I'm in the minority when I say Chris Farley never ever did anything remotely funny?

That's okay, I like it here in the minority.
I'm with you. People have compared him to the Belushi. SACRELIGE!!!
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One fake commercial I really loved (and maybe the only funny thing from that sad Janneane/McKean cast, aside from Norm's Weekend Update): headache tests. Janneane Garofalo in overly sincere, grave voice: "Sometimes I think I may have a headache, but how can I be sure?" [warning: do not take aspirin within 4 hours of test. Side effects may include headaches]
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Wayne's World
Mr Robinson's Neighborhood
Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker
Weekend Update(Chase and Curtin, Nealon, McDonald, Fallon and Fey, Quinn, Miller..I like em' all pretty much)
Commercials(Schmidt's Gay, Swill, Happy Fun Ball, Little Chocolate Donuts..many many more)
The Nerds
Walken shite-The Continental, Bruce Dickinson/BOC, pranks etc
Scwetty Balls
The Hyper Hypo Kid
The Herlihy Boy
Opera Man
The Phone Company sketch was great(the one with Roseanne, oddly enough)
Goth Talk
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Funniest sketch ever was Male Synchronzed Swimming with Martin Short and if I remember correctly, Harry Shearer and Christopher Guest.

Second to that, Bill Murray as Hercules.
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Damn, I forgot about "Goth Talk"! That is my absolute fave recurring sketch.
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My favorites have been taken, but I liked Brendon Fraser's Charlie Brown. Brady Bunch meets the Partridge Family. Gay Dracula. Sully & Denise. Sweeny Sisters. Fat Albert: behind the music. Collette the Pill Popper. Helen Madden(LOVE IT!!) Mrs.T.
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Buckwheat Sings ("Fee Times A Mady")

Celebrity Jeopardy ("I'll take Anal Bum Cover")

Charles Nelson Reiley on Inside the Actor's Studio with James Lipton ("You make Gandhi look like a child pornographer")

Chris Farley on the Japanese game show ("Godzilla?")

Eddie Murphy posing as a white man ("What a silly negro")

Germany's Most Disturbing Videos on Sprockets ("I guess it is true what they say: wherever there's a sprinkler, a fat man will follow")

Harry Karey hosting an astronomy show ("Would you rather have skin cancer or be the most prominent scientist in your field?")

Jim Carrey as one of the Roxbury guys ("Yeah? Yeah? No? All right")

Land shark ("Flowers")

Matt Foley visits Christina Applegate's family ("'Hey Matt, how can we get back on the right track?'")

Nightline's reports on the death of Buckwheat ("How did he die? Let's take a look")

Robot Health Insurance ("..and uses their medicine for fuel")

The Rock as Superman ("Superman may have experimented in college...")

Scooby and Rob Lowe as Shaggy on Court TV ("If it's our right to solve mysteries with Phyllis Diller and the Harlem Globetrotters...")

Schmitt's Gay ("I'm gonna like housesitting")

Simon (Mike Myers's bathtub guy) with Danny Devito ("Did you look at my bum?")

Tom Brokaw practicing announcing Gerald Ford's death ("Gerald Ford was attacked by an escaped circus tiger... in a convience store")

More to come as I remember...
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Honestly, I found Farley extremely funny, and the Chippendale's sketch was about the most hilarious thing ever. Sorry.

David Spade's Hollywood minute.

Happy Fun Ball.

Sprockets and Wayne's World.

Will Ferrell as James Lipton. "There is no word for how brilliant your performance was. So I'm forced to make one up. And I shall do so right now. 'Scrumtralescent'."
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Aren't all the Inside the Actor's Studio sketches brilliant? My personal favorite is the one with Clint Eastwood (Norm McDonald).

"If God exists, what would you like him to say to you as you enter Heaven?"

"Well, I'd like to hear him say-after he doffed his hat to me-'Clint, James Lipton is in hell, being raped by the devil.' Yes sir, I reckon that would hit my ear just fine."
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Canteen Boy.
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I'd totally forgotten about Bill Murray's Hercules. Thanks!
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Jesus. Look at all the unmade movies in this thread!
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Millenium Hand & Seabass:
I'd totally forgotten about Bill Murray's Hercules. Thanks!
Glad to be of service. Nice sig. I'm reading that book as we speak.
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Bathroom Monkey

The one where Meadows amd Morgan play the two lawyers who are "gonna get you yo money!"
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eddie murphy singing reggae at the american legion talent show (kill the white people)

bill murray: lounge singer

the continental

jackie rogers jr.'s $100,000 jackpot wad

schlitt's gay (if you like beer and you're gay...)

bill clinton: weekend update movie critic

astronaut jones and the creature from vorpulon

tracy morgan telling lorne michaels, "get me a soda...bitch!
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The game show "Food, Sex, or Cars?" ("Potato skins, Connie Chung, or a 1989 Pontiac Bonneville?").

Bill Murray's lounge singer making up lyrics to "Theme From Star Wars".

"What's the Best Way?", the giving-directions-in-New-England game ("Manchester, New Hampshire to Roxbury, Mass." "Why would you wanna go there?" "Yah, lotta crack down there. Betta bring ya nunchucks, pally.")

"Big Red", the Viking action figure that sprays red goo out of his helmet ("Dye is non-washable"). Fuckin' slayed us as children.

"Action Catz".

"Old Glory Robot Insurance"

"Cooking with Monkey" ("This four-course dinner was a capuchin monkey named Pepe. He was delicious.")

"Quentin Tarantino's Welcome Back Kotter"

The drunks at the bar remembering the legendary Bill Braschke ("He taught me how to love a woman, and how to scold a child.")

"Toonces, the Cat Who Could Drive A Car" (just not very well).

The "Mr. Mike" sketches they would give Michael O'Donoghue in an attempt to pacify him (didn't work).

Tom Schiller's short films, especially "Don't Look Back In Anger", with an elderly Belushi visiting the graves of the other original cast members ("People wonder why I'm still alive; it's because I'm a DANCER!").

The "Monday Night Football" sketch with Frank Gifford (Darrell Hammond) creepily turning the game he's calling into a metaphor for his infidelity ("Mark Brunell blows out his knee just ONE TIME, and the Jacksonville Jaguars start cutting his picture out of all the wedding photos... maybe Mark Brunell should just go out tonight and blow his knee out again, freaky-style, with like four other teams...")
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