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Recasting LOTR with Muppets

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This idea is as good as a license to print money.

Kermit and Fozzy= Frodo and sam (obvously)

Waldorf and Statler= Gandalf and Saruman (Bunsen Honeydew or Pops might mike a better gandalf, I dunno...)

Sam the eagle= Elrond ("you are all WEIRDOS! get out of my valley...")

Gonzo= Either Gollum or Boromir , if he played boromir, think of all the wacky stunts he could get himslef into while trying to steal the ring from frodo/kermit...although I guess the same thing could happen if he was gollum.

Rowlf= Gimli

the sticking point here is Aragorn. I just can't quite think of the Right muppet to play King Elessar, I'd also like to fit Lew Zealand in somewhere, butI'm not sure which role suits him best...oh yeah, sweetums can play the balrog...
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Bert and Ernie as Merry and Pippin. That or the two-headed monster from Sesame Street.
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Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

Here are my suggestions:

Gonzo and his loyal chicken as Frodo and Sam. Gonzo likes missions, right?

Kermit as Legolas. He's got the slender, graceful nature.

Miss Piggy as Arwen. She only thinks she's a true elf, while Sam the Eagle as Elrond denies this.

Fonzie as Boromir, as he means to do things right, but never does.

Animal as Gollum (he's got the whole gangly, crazed thing happening).

Rizzo as.... I am drawing a blank.

The Swedish Chef as Sauron, because then they could say, "One BORK to rule them all!"

Of course, I think it would just as cool to see the Creature Shop do a rendition of the LOTR trilogy featuring original puppets. We all know they've done the old German and Russian folktales in The Storyteller.

I know Slater would do good with this.
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the sticking point here is Aragorn
Dr. Teeth?

Aragorn: Are you frightened, little dude?
Frodo: Yes.
Aragorn: Not nearly frightened enough. I know what hunts you adn it ain't groovy.
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Of course Aragorn would have to be Dr. Teeth. They both have groupies.
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Now that was scary!!
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I can picture that.
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that works, but it wrecks the concept of having the electric mayhem play the ringwraiths.

I got another one...scooter as faramir
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Snuffalufagus as one of the Orcs 'War Olliphants'
Oscar the Grouch as Sarumon.
Guy Smiley as Sauron.
Grover as Frodo.
Elmo as Pippin.
Link Hogthrob as Aragorn.
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Adm. Eucalyptus (BeerDie-ologist):
Now that was scary!!
Does somebody owe somebody a Coke here?
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Since I posted first WITH mock dialog you owe me.
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Frazzle as the Witch King.
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Miss Piggy isn't Arwen, but she's definitely Eowyn, down to the "Keee-yiiii!" karate chop.
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...or they could just get the cast of Meet the Feebles to return.
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The Nordling In Black:
Miss Piggy isn't Arwen, but she's definitely Eowyn, down to the "Keee-yiiii!" karate chop.
so who would be the witch-king?

also, if we are including Sesame Street characters, then Grover has to be Gollum, and if oscar the grouch is Sauron, then we'd have to change Barad-dur into a towering trashcan.
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double post
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Beeker and Bunsen Honeydew re-forge Narsil....Hilarity ensues
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double post
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Hmm... maybe I'm wrong but I think Animal as Gollum would be great because he could run after Sam and Frodo, (played by Rizzo and Gonzo because they made for a good adventuresome duo in The Muppet Christmas Carol), just yelling..

"Ring! Ring! Ring! Precious! Precious! Precious!!!"

(If you ever see the Muppet extras on the DVD's, there is a great one of Animal in a Streetcar Named Desire just yelling "STELLA!" over and over again.)

If we going to included all Muppets, the Skekis could be orcs and Fraggles could be other hobbits.
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Hey, if the puppets from 'Sesame Street' aren't muppets, then what are they? Kermit made the transition from both shows, so why not others?

If you want to talk hilarity, just think of Guy Smiley wiping out dozens of his enemies per swing ala Sauron in FOTR with that shit-eating gameshow host grin of his.

And Grover would have to be Frodo, he has that slightly, unlucky shit-magnet bad luck that Frodo has. He would at least have to play Bilbo.
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(I should add that its my secret desire to sell a Muppet movie. One of the greatest exercises in screenwriting is trying to script one.)
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AphexHybrid runs OCP
[QB]If you want to talk hilarity, just think of Guy Smiley wiping out dozens of his enemies per swing ala Sauron in FOTR with that shit-eating gameshow host grin of his. [QB]
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as a brief aside, does anyone remember when Coming Attractions (may it rest in peace, alas) posted their April Fool's movie previews, and one of them was of an upcoming 'Pulp Muppets' done as a Rated R faithful remake? That is still to this day the funniest thing I have ever read; I wish I still had a copy of it. (anyone?...)

But back to the muppet movie at hand-

Theoden - Dr. Teeth - i just cant see anyone else here
Eowyn - Miss Piggy - which may mean Charles Grodin has to be the witch king
Arwen - Janice - she even looks like an elf
Frodo - Kermit - a given i suppose
Sam - Fozzy - same
Merry - Grover - remember the Supergrover helmet? now picture that in action on Pelinor fields....
Pippen - Scooter - just the right level of optimism and naivete
Bilbo - The Janitor muppet - forgot his name, brown fur (Shelly? Shelby?)
Aragorn - Scooter - tough one. not really happy with this casting, but it's all i could think of. Now i know how PJ felt
Sauruman - Dr. Bunsen Honeydew - brewing up evil potions deep in the bowels of Muppet Labs...
Wormtongue - Beaker, by extension of above
Elrond - Sam the Eagle - cribbed this from the above post, but it's perfect.
Gimli - Rowlf - the voice more than anything does this for me
Legolas - Floyd - 70's rocker hairdo already in place
Gollum - Cookie Monster - my precious... cookies.... picture him saying the line in my 'sig...
Boromir - Bert
Faramir - Ernie - thus ending the 'co-habitation' debate...
Sauron - Oscar - which would make Mt. Doom the Staten Island landfill
Oliphaunt - Snuffleupagus - no brainer here
Balrog - Snookems - cribbed from above again, but great
Shelob - one of those freaky yip-yip-yip-ah-hah martians that were afraid of telephones, if only because they scared the crap out of me as a kid. remember them?
Gandalf - The Amazing Mumford - im goin back a ways here, he was on Sesame street, dont know if he's still around (he was a magician)
Orcs - Animal - thousands of him, cloned by Dr. Honeydew

good lord, i need a nap

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After laughing my ass off at most of these suggestions (Sam the Eagle: genius), I've come to the conclusion that somebody over at the Henson Company NEEDS to make this happen.
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I'd say that Elmo would be Gollum, since they both have the tendency to refer to themselves in the third person.
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Animal=Aragorn. He even looks like Viggo!
Cookie Monster=Gollum
Swedish Chef=Sauron, because, yes, it should be one bork to rule them all. Hurty flirty, schnipp schnipp.
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Here's one I did on the Muppet Central Board a few months back-
Opening-Dressing Room

Scooter walks in to see tonight's guest star, Viggo Mortensen, using a Fry Daddy.

Scooter: Mr. Mortensen?

Viggo: At last, the best onion rings in the world! Nine turned out pretty good, seven were a little burnt, five are kinda doughy, 3 are really burn, but one, one is PERFECT.

Scooter: Uh, Mr. Mortensen?

Viggo: (Turns around) Huh? Oh, I didn't see you there.

Scooter: Show starts in 5 minutes! Just want you to know!

Viggo: Oh, thanks.

Scooter walks out of the room.

Scooter: Wow, I've never seen someone obsessed with Onion rings.....

OPENING THEME: Instead of Gonzo's usual trumpet, he's in medieval garb with a long horn.

The formal opening begins like an old Disney movie, where a story book opens to Once Upon a Time. Frogo Baggins, his pals Fozwise, Gonzy, and Rowlfin have been entrusted to deliver the best onion rings in Sorta-in-the-Middle Earth to the evil lords, Souron and Sourman (Statler and Waldorf). They stop in an inn, where Aragorn is sitting by the fire. The four Muppets get a round of rootbeers, where they start to sing Chumbawumba's "Tubthumping". Badly. Aragorn gets up from his spot.

Aragorn: If you're going to sing that song, SING IT RIGHT!

Frogo: Who are you?

Aragorn: I am called Strider, but my full name is Aragorn, son of Isildur, cousin of Milton, best friend of Jake, college roomate of Dave, penpals with Kevin.....

The Muppets have fallen asleep.

Aragorn: HEY! Anyway, I've heard you have to deliver the Onion Rings to Souron and Sourman. I'll be your guide through the many perils.

Frogo: Sounds great, but maybe we should ask for some more help.


We come back to the Muppets in Rivendell, with Gandeagle (Sam the Eagle), Bobomir, Linkolas and Rizzli joining the quest. Lady Pigwen throws herself on Aragorn.

Pigwen: I would give up my collection of designer originals to go with you!

Aragorn: Okay, but there's going to be a lot of rock climbing, orcs and mud.

Pigwen: On second thought, I'll wait here.

They finally get to the caves when they see a sign that says "Beware of Balrog".

Gonzy: I think they must've made a typo.

The Balrog, however, turns out to be Bill, the guy that shoots bubbles out of his head with a monster mask.

Bill: What, you don't think a guy that blows bubbles out of his head is scary?

At the end of the tunnel, they get to the palace of Souron and Sourman. They receive the onion rings.

Souron (Statler): I've never seen a plot so full of holes!

Both: Doh ho ho!

Curtain call-They all say their goodnights, when Scooter comes out with Viggo's Fry Daddy.

Scooter: No! You can't have it! This is my precioussss......

Kermit: I'm sure he'll be back to normal next time. Goodnight!

The end.
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