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Nick Cellini GONE?

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790 The Zone fucked themselves in the ass big time. First the Two Live Stews and now Cellini's gone. FUCK.
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Indeed, it's true. What a bunch of utter dumb fucks:

Loyal Listeners:

Change is never easy and is something that we at 790 the Zone have never taken lightly. We are making some alterations to our lineup. This is all part of trying to make the radio station enjoyable for the widest possible audience. We know that many of you are attached to some of the individual programs here at the Zone. It's that attachment that has allowed us to grow to this point. At the same time, we continue to monitor the audience and the marketplace in a constant effort to expand our reach that is the business we are in.

The new lineup gives us the best possible chance to do that.

6am-10am Mayhem in the A-M. Beau,Steak and Bell continue the longest running sports radio show in Atlanta.

10am-12noon: Southern Comfort: Matt Chernoff with the Mitch and regular special co hosts such as Wes Durham, Tony Barnhart, Bob Neal and many more. This will be the ultimate Falcons' show in Atlanta with many regular live broadcasts from Flowery Branch.

12noon-3 PM: Two Live Stews: An extra sixty minutes of the hottest and biggest sports talk show in the city.

3PM-7PM The Big Show with Dimino, Chuck and Cotter. This will have many of the elements that made the Bottom Line a staple of our lineup plus more. Chuck is the foremost college football expert on the air and is exceptionally well versed in everything else. He is also a true southern boy which should make for an interesting contrast to Chris Dimino. Chris Cotter is the foremost Thrashers and hockey expert in town and has an acumen in golf, college basketball and all things Georgia Tech. These are areas that our listeners have been asking for more coverage of.

Radio shows do become a part of our lives and we all at times feel like a part of the family and nobody wants to part with a family member. But we hope you give the new sound a fair shake and if you do we are confident you will be listening to 790 the Zone even more than you do already.

Thanks for the vine,

The Colonel
WQXI, 790 The Zone
Great. Not only did they completely fuck-up the best on-air chemistry in Atlanta radio by getting rid of Cellini, they add in his place the biggest fraud in Atlanta radio, Chuck Oliver.

And, yippie! An EXTRA hour of 2 Live Stews! Fantastic!!!

Within 12 months, 790AM will be playing elevator music.

680AM here I come... even though you are still mostly rednecks.
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No way. Fuck 680. I'll just do without.
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Yeah... you're right.

Looks like Nightsticks and Package CDs from here on out.

Atlanta radio blows.
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Yeah, what happened there? Did he finally piss someone off too much? And I can hardly listen to the 2 Live Stews. They sound like 2 guys they found on the street, and then offered them radio jobs. Maybe they'll get more polished as they go along, but jeez, they screw up stuff all the time on the air. I think one day at lunch, I counted 5 screwups in 5 minutes of airtime (calling players/coaches the wrong name, getting facts wrong, etc.).

I actually think Chuck Oliver is somewhat funny...but I don't see the match-up with Chris Dimino. Just don't get it. And I like Matt Chernoff too, I'm just sad they left him hanging by himself, essentially.
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The "2 Live Stews" are the daily equivalent of a 3 hour on-air car crash. Simple un-listenable.

Seriously, nails on a chalkboard would be more appealing.
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