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I started Cartel today, loving it. And I picked up Feast: A Gitksan Story for a bit of culture...it's written by a Chewer so buy it!

Yeah. Cartel is ridiculously good. I bought it last week, and I'm already almost done with it.

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I just finished THE LONG UTOPIA by Baxter and Pratchett. Now, I'm not a Pratchett superfan, but I've never read a bad book by him. I got a bit misty eyed when the author page described them and read "Terry Pratchett was...." WAS. Dammit. 




Currently reading the new Kim Stanley Robinson (The guy who wrote the excellent Mars Trilogy), AURORA. So far it's doing his usual of setting up the framework (and explaining to neanderthal readers like myself) how it all works, and I haven't gotten to where the plot really kicks into gear yet. But liking it so far. 

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Finished Scarlet Gospels, book went from bad to worse. Just a lot of totally pointless interconnected events. Like being told a rambling story by a psychopathic six year old. Really disappointing. There just wasn't a thread to follow, it was nominally a chase story, but there was no real sense of purpose or urgency. Characters popped in and vanished for no reason. There was an entire prologue with Harry that literally had no point in the rest of the story. Lots of fairly lazy description and repetitive phrases. Not the Barker I remember. Yukk. Been a while since I've been really annoyed with a book (that I bothered to finish) and this one managed it.


Right, Cartel next, finally.

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