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Samurai Fiction!

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Just finished watching this flick. Wow, what a cool film!! Thanks to Davis and others who finally convinced me to track down a copy of the DVD. I've been hearing about this film with some interest for the past couple of years and feel silly that I just now got around to getting it. Good stuff!

I'm not keen to check out Aka Rage (Red Shadow) & Stero Future. Same filmmakers, and much of the same cast (including Hotei, who plays the villain in "Samurai Fiction" and scores the films). Speaking of which, I must get that soundtrack sometime as well.
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Dame typos.

I'm now keen to check out Aka Rage (Red Shadow) & Stero Future.
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By the way, for those who aren't aware, AkaRage (RED SHADOW) is his Ninja movie:

<img src="" alt="" />
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Glad to hear that you liked, Carl. Hotei and his sidekick cracked me up.

I'm also looking out for Stereo Future and Aka Kage myself. Too bad the Japanese Region 2s are too damn expensive translated to dollars.
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I'm finding RED SHADOW DVDs (NTSC, English subtitles) all over eBay for under $15.

No sign of STEREO FUTURE or the SAMURAI FICTION soundtrack anywhere, though.
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I try to steer clear of ebay boots unless it's essential (Versus ).

have you tried They have the Korean manufactured original soundtrack to Samurai Fiction for 13.99. Just run a search for Samurai Fiction at their site.
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So what's the skinny on this flick? I remember reading a review of it on AICN when it played Sundance ('99 I think), then never hearing about it again 'til now. The review was real brief, saying it updated the Samurai genre, but based on the title, I figured it was some kinda Pulp Fiction spoof set in Samurailand. What makes it unique?
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glad to hear you liked Samurai Fiction, Carl. especially since i sorta pressured ya...

watch out for those Red Shadow ebay DVDs, they are indeed bootlegs. and while Stereo Future is every bit as good as Samurai Fiction (though a completely different type of film), Red Shadow is, to be honest, not that great. i liked it simply because have a particular fondness for ninjas, but i admit the movie itself is kinda messy...
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I really want to see this movie and it matches my name to.
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I just picked up Red Shadow at a small comic convention this weekend. As mentioned above, it's a pretty messy film. The action sequences were fun, though. Too bad they tried to put a story in there.

And why does the soundtrack work for that film? I can't explain it, but the thumping dance tunes actually made it really cool!

I'm really wanting to check out Samurai Fiction now...
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