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Ted Nicolaou's Full Moon Lounge...A Thread for the Charlie Band fans...

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Okay, I'll cop to it. I'm a Full Moon Fanatic. I love those stupid, direct-to-video adventures in low-brow "B" movie fodder.

I was a member of the fan club. I wore my shirt in pride.

Anyway since I know I can't be the only Chewer around here who has a hidden love of Megan Ward and Charlie Spradling...who's apparently now married to Jason "Randall 'Pink' Floyd" London, didn't know that one...I decided to open the official Chewer Full Moon thread.

So named after the man who's probably made more crappy Full Moon flicks than Band himself.

Empire Pictures...Full Moon...Moonbeam...Surrender Cinema...

You name it...if it came from the warped mind of Charles Band, let's debate it.

Here we go...
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Shouldn't this be posted in the Creature Corner?
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Nope. I want a mainline Chewer discussion.

CC has turned into...well...

And everytime we start talking Full Moon in there...things tend to go badly...
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Never got into the later stuff...the Romania years. Things like Dark Angel just never gelled with me.

In fact the more I think about it...I tend to love everything from Puppet Master to Arcade. After get's pretty scattershot.

Like when they sent Tim Thomerson to the middle ages. That was just stupid. Not Dollman versus the Demonic Toys stupid...but close...
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Whoa. I thought I was the only one who liked Robot Jox. I'm not a big Full Moon fan these days but when I was younger HBO used to show their movies every Friday night. Lot of good memories.
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I guess now Full Moon is changing the name to Shadow Films. They released a movie called Bleed under that label, and it sounds like the Full Moon brand is on the way out.

Interesting how Charles Band went from his fairly large budgeted films to these really small $30,000 DV flicks. I keep waiting for them to go under, but it's the company that won't die.
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Full Moon will always have a place on my shelf.

I happily own the Puppet Master box set and I watch them a lot.

They're the masterpiece of the Full Moon legacy. It evolved from a kind of Child's Play-esque story about slasher toys and turned into a sweeping epic involving Lovecraftian villains and old magic.

It doesn't get any better than Retro Puppet Master.

And what about Prehysteria? Austen O'Brien is the caretaker for a misfit group of midget dinosaurs.

Arcade? Arguably Peter Billingsley's finest work.

Castle Freak is underrated.

And those Full Moon videomagazines on the vhs tapes? Wonderful. That's a great idea that needs to be used more.
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They're our generation's AIP, our Corman and we should love them from that.

I always used to imagine Charles Band sitting in an office overlooking some seedy, hooker strewn Blowjob Boulevard just thinking shit up no matter how abject and bizarre it may have been - the more the better. And thus, mainling that immortal credit into the public consciousness: "Based On An Idea by Charles Band". How could one man have such crazy cool wonderous ideas?

Incidentally, for brits it's really weird to see Jonathon Morris assume the Romanian vampire mantle: he used to be a foppish sit-com star in a really awful incarnation called Bread


<img src="" alt="" />

to this:

<img src="" alt="" />

A battle with some demonic toys can be but a heartbeat away...

Have a soft spot for Phantoms/Meridian with Sherilyn Fenn also...
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Coop those Videozones are what's got me on this damn fool idealistic crusade to collect all the FM movies on LD. Yes, they are including on the LDs too.

Save for Castle Freak...which pisses me off.

So far I've managed to track down the LDs to:

- Trancers II, Netherworld, Bad Channels, Doctor Mordrid, Trancers III, Castle Freak...

...On order or coming from Ebay...

- Puppet Master, Shadowzone, Puppet Master III, Dollman, Demonic Toys, Seedpeople, Arcade, Robot Wars, Bloodlust: Subspecies III, Dollman vs the Demonic Toys, Trancers 4, and Trancers 5.

The hardest ones to find seem to be the Subspecies flicks, Dark Angel, and The Lurking Fear.

I remember Prehysteria. Funny in a sad way.

Arcade was also Seth Green's and AJ Langer's best work. John DeLance just played Q in a suit. Best shit rip of TRON ever.

The one I forgot how much I liked was Netherworld. Nothing says fun like bad soap stars mixin' with Southern trash and hot gypsy babes.

But my favorite thing about this Full Moon Film Festival?

Watchin' perky Charlie Spradling hock Full Moon crap at the end of every VideoZone. As Joe Bob once said during a showing of Meridian - or Sherylin Fenn and The Beast...

"She has the greatest pair of talents ever. The most well rounded personalities I've ever seen..."
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Meridian, Robot Wars and, of course, The Puppet Master series were all a part of my weekly rental ritual growing up. I must've seen each of the PM's at least 4 times. I fell hard for Miss Spradling, as well, as I'm sure most of you can understand. I'm sure there are other Full Moon titles I rented, but I've forgotten them. Is there word on a PM DVD box?
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The Puppet Master box was released seconds a few years back. It was almost immediately pulled when Unca Charlie discovered that he really didn't own the rights to any of those Paramount released films.

Of which at least the first three PM films are.

That's what killed the planned FM DVD Box Sets of the Subspecies and Trancers films as well.

I remember Band and Co. were blowin' these things out during L.A. Fango 2001 for $40 bucks sealed. I didn't get one as I was never a HUGE fan of the series. And I believe none of the DVDs have the VideoZones which appeared on them.

And knowing is half the battle...
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Yeah that Koch DVD of Trancers is a crack-up. They forgot to edit out not only the layer switch but the 'end of side two' from the laserdisc they used as a source.

Of those 'Cult Video' releases...I have the same ones you have plus Petticoat Planet.

And I've never seen Pit and the Pendulum available on ANY format...
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