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Brotherhood of the Wolf

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I was surfing through the extra's disc the other day and came across the deleted scenes. I had no idea the fight at the beginning of the movie lasted a lot longer than what was shown in the theatres. I was sitting there thinking ok, this is pretty cool after Mani taps out and lets Fronsanc in on the fun...then both enter the fray simultaneously. A cool scene that unfortunately was cut.

So where do you stand, that is if you've seen it, on this scene? That the film-makers thought Fronsanc was too aggressive early on in the movie then reverting to a more mellow type dude until the near end of the movie. So they cut out his aggressive display and decided to reveal his aggression in stages.

Me, I wish they'd kept the scene. Sure it was just a little bit too much in terms of the editing and the somewhat arty close-ups on the rain...but if anything, having that scene in the movie would've been a great way to start. As well as doing something different...showing him to be a little bit more chaotic than just your average cookie cutter hero who rises up to the occasion during the climax. It would've made Fronsanc a much more deeper character because in one instant he brutalized the soldiers...the next he's wooing the girl.....and even more crazier, sleeping around with Belluci. The filmmaker should've taken a chance.

Well, those are my thoughts. What are yours...on this movie in general or the supplements included with the special edition dvd.
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i also saw that the DVD had an extended version of this fight scene, but i have not viewed it yet...i will have to remedy that...

i was surprised at the end when fronsanc started kicked some major ass...didn't know that he had it in him...but he rocked...maybe we would've known if this scene was in the beginning of the film

ah belluci...i say there needed to be a super-extended nude scene with her...wish that was on the DVD...
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I might be certifiably insane...BUT when I saw this in the theater...I swear on the guy that played Dengar...Fronsac ate Mani's heart(post-mortem) and then went on his rampage; hence his newly found powers of whoop-ass. On the dvd he just removes the bullets. Anyone else see that?
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you're not alone, I sat there wondering ok, where'd the heart eating scene go to.
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Interesting because I don't think I ever saw it in the film.

I noticed Fronsac's comment about the Indians' eating the hearts of their foes but no heart eating scene.
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Brotherhood of the Wolf is an excellent film but as far as the first fight scene goes, the director knew what he was doing. I don't think I would have been able to accept Fronsac as a ass kicking machine without that motivation. I think the director thought people would say if he can do all of that- what does he need Mani for? Mani was not just his guide but also his protector. Just my opinion.
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