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Yet again it is another night where I should be asleep right now, yet there is so much else I want to do. Why did God have to invent sleep? Why can't our bodies just be energized 24 hours a day? Or atleast it should be that we need only one or two hours of sleep to re-energize our bodies. There is so much of our lives wasted just doing nothing. Sleep sucks.
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I loooove sleep. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...or maybe that's the cat.
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Sleep is delicious. Unfortunately, when I get home I have to throw some food stuffs in the slow cooker and pay a lot of bills. I also have to come in early tonight. Work is not delicious.
post #304 of 5955 in the slow cooker....

I think I'll do that too.
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6 hours.

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7 here...and only 5-6 hours of sleep today because it was HOT in my room...ugh...
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Just got home from the dreaded "meet" between my family and my sister's fiance's family. I've been stressing out about it because my parents and my sister's fiance got off to a TERRIBLE start. But all is right with the world now. His family turned out to be just great and my parents and he were able to smooth over their differences. OK, it took lots and lots of booze to make this happen, which I was more than happy to spring for. Anyway, the tipping point was reached when some drunk guy in a bar hit on my sister and her fiance's mother grabbed the guy's collar and threatened to cut his balls off. YES! After that all was well in Engagmentville. Now I'm back here and drunk and not tired at all.

And I also want to say, as an aside, how stupid all this CHUD infighting is. What the fuck? As I learned tonight, there are many ways to get over petty differences, the principal way being a huge fucking drunken honesty-athon. Maybe what we need is a big CHUD summit where Micah and Devin can't talk until they've each chugged five beers and tried to drink each other under the table ... Ah, fuck it.
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Kid Ego is a meat popsicle:
7 here...and only 5-6 hours of sleep today because it was HOT in my room...ugh...
Same amount of sleep for me because the damn phone kept ringing and I had mucho errands to run. Swiss steak was great in the crock though.
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I have to go to sleep because I have this overwhelming fucking idiodic drunken but overpowering temptation to go into the brand spanking new, snow white virgin, never-been-posted-in "Threads That Annoy You" Forum that Nick just made and type ... "FIRST!"
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You go Brody! Chug that beer!

Pretty funny story. I wish my parents got to know my sister's previous husband's folks. Maybe we could have gotten around the mess that ensued.
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Time's getting short, and I have but one more knarly procedure to document on Lotus Notes user installation before taking my leave. Whoo. Hoo.
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Lotus Notes blows.
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True true.
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Kid Ego is a meat popsicle:
Lotus Notes blows.
Your mom.
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I used to install Domino servers and write Notes apps. That shit blows monkeys, man. There is better stuff out there.

Yes, they have a powerful database engine, but it doesn't even compare to SQL or dBase.
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Preach it, brother Kid!
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I'm still up, but not because I was working.

I'm just a lazy bastard who likes to stay up late.
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Preach it, brother Kid!

To be fair, I was on the Lotus bandwagon for over a year around 1998. I was diehard against everything non-Lotus, mainly Novell. It was very cool, but I could only see using it for the simplest an addressbook, or a guestbook/message forum, which it is exceptionally adept at.

I quickly learned my ways though. Now it sucks.

I think my next <a href="" target="_blank">COMIC</a> might just be based on that...Hmmm..
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i just started working this wonderful 11pm to 7am shift. happy happy joy joy! There is shit to do here at night, so i'm trying everything i can not to crash! honestly, i'm not even sure if i'm able to surf the net, but i'm assuming that anything that keeps me awake goes at this point! on the sucky side, this place only has a dial-connection. took 5 minutes just to load the thread! it makes me appreciate my cable modem more and more. so how do all of you guys survive the late night shifts?
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We kill small rodents.
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We make holes in teeth.
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We drink Mountain Dew, chew on chocolate-covered coffee beans and crank Nitzer Ebb to ear-splitting levels on our stereos. We also occasionally do some work.
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We hates the hobbitses.
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not a big fan of mountain dew, but certainly not above chewing on coffee beans! what a way to feed my addiction. since i work at a hotel, blaring music is not appreciated, which sucks.

as for small rodents, i haven't seen any around....thank god! if we did, you would hear me screaming all the way to colorado! well, probably not...but it would give me some excitement i guess.

i would be really suprised if i did more than an hours worth of work a night. right now i'm getting paid to post on CHUD and read The Followship of the Ring.
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read The Followship of the Ring.
That is a fate worse than death.
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not a tolken fan, huh?
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Like the movies, despise the books. They just put me to sleep.
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yea, he does tend to be pretty damn discriptive, which can sometimes take away. but i guess it's better than staring at the nasty looking sofa we have in the lounge here and wishing i could go to sleep.

today has been a particularily fun day--12 hrs with nothing to do. on the bright side, i get to go to bed before 7 am. but on the not so bright side, i have to wake up early and see about fixing my car. damn thing decided to break down on me.
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It's that time again...
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I am especially pleased tonight, because I'm posting at a normal time, and I'm at HOME! the only way this would be any better is if i had the day off...but i'm not that lucky! but tomorrow i'm back to the same old shit---11-7's straight until sunday. can't you just feel the joy?
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The only reason why I post late is because of the fact I'm on a dial-up service, and to guarantee I won't be interrupted I usually log on late.

Besides, Some of my friends are on the other side of the world online, so I feel, if I don't have anything better to do, and can't sleep, go for it.
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right on

we have a dial up at work, and it really makes me miss my cable modem. even late at night, there's no promise that i won't be kicked off
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Late late late....
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I *almost* feel sorry that I have my OC12 connection here at work. There is no such thing as waiting when I'm here at work surfing.

Unfortunatly, because of the big outage on the northern East coast, we're really busy tonight. The boss has got us hopping. That's why I haven't posted until now. We've got all kinds of routers down.

And oddly enough, it's not just affecting the New York area, we have certain locations in Virginia that are down due to the their circuit going through a repeater housed in New York. This power outage sucks.
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that sucks! it sucks that you have a better net connection at work then i do, and that the power outage has made your job more demanding! i figured i would post now, while i'm still at home, and if boredom completely overtakes me, i may just brave the dial up at 3 am. Later!
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Anybody got a sing-along for my ding-dong?

Boredom creates the weirdest thoughts...
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Yup...<a href="" target="_blank">Here ya go.</a>
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Billz, I give you Chuck Berry's <a href="" target="_blank">My Ding-A-Ling</a> .

It's not exactly ding dong, but it's close.
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Thanks guys, but I think Kid Ego wins the Juicy Juice Box this time. Ding-dong songs are the shit!
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I can't go to sleep for two more hours. Have to pay car payment. Have to work tonight. Y'all gon make me play some Johnny Paycheck...
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woo hooo! i just got off of work, and thank god! i'll be glad to get some sleep. i forgot why i don't like working midnights in a hotel---drunk guys calling down saying "Hey sweetie! I was just laying in bed thinking about you in your brown dress..." NASTY!

i think i had about 6 slobering drunks tonight in addition to the above mentioned ass.
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i forgot why i don't like working midnights in a hotel---drunk guys calling down saying "Hey sweetie! I was just laying in bed thinking about you in your brown dress..." NASTY!
Actually, that was just me.
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I wish, swykk!

But at least it wasn't porn-boy. That would have been really bad.
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I just got to work and I'm already tired. This is not a good sign. Plus I ate before I came here so I got a full belly.

If I even remotely get into a comfortable position here in my chair, I'll be out like a light.... zzzzzZZZzzzz
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I ate earlier, but I didn't get much sleep today, so I'll be out about 1:00.
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I have decided to spend five days without sleep. I propose that we start taking bets on when I fail. Any takers?
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5 days? I've never lasted more than 3 days awake...if you can beat that, mucho respect for ya.
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