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I've gone a total of 3.5 days. It wasn't very healthy.

Why would you possibly CHOOSE to go without sleep? Nightmares?
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Hey, well sometimes you just can't sleep at night- we've all done that "It's 4 in the fucking morning, forget it, i'm staying up" (or 10 at night in yours case ego, heh.)

But yeah, choosing to stay up for days is kinda strange- just trying to test yourself, werewolfgurl?
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No sleeping!!! I stayed up until 10am today and woke up around 2:00, so I'm in the not-much sleep club too. Last night in, though. I can hack it.
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That was precisely my sleep schedule, billz. Creepy.
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Next time, don't hog the covers so much.
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I wouldn't if you'd turn down that fucking air conditioning.
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Ice Queen.
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You're the one that's frigid.
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That's it! I'm going to stay with Mother. Feed the parrot, if your hollow soul will allow you to.

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Hmph. Another night at The Grind.
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I'll grind you!
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Please leave the homoerotic suggestion to billz...he's so much more experienced in that field.
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You're the one who can't sleep with a man without having sex with him.
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You're one to be talking...

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I'm going to bed now...with my girlfriend! Nyah!

*edited to change "boy" to "girl". D'oh!*
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Sure. Remember to change the pillowcase before you actually fall asleep.
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Damned inflatable girlfriends... frown
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You should at least take the sailor hat off of him.
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I actually have a night off! I'm so thrilled! That means no drunks from muncie indiana attempting to apply for my job. Or no high schoolers saying "I'm laying in bed thinking about you in your brown dress." Or no freaks rubbing their nipples on the glass doors at one in the morning.......

Guys just crack me up sometimes.
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I rubbed my nipple on that glass window too! You had two people do that in the same night?
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I was talking about you swykk
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Another big night at work. We're getting slammed with this virus shit again.
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I feel your pain Ego...but not really.
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I was talking about you swykk
Oh, yeah, right. Well, you wouldn't let us in so what else was I going to do to get your attention?
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The door wasn't exactly locked, genius!!!
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once again, i'm at work and bored out of my mind. i finished just about all i had to do for the night about 2 hrs ago. so now i have 6 hours to sit around and stare at the walls before i go home. i just finished my book, and don't really want to start another one yet.

Help me stay awake guys!
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Ate my Fuji apple, eating my pretzels. Still have some tuna fish and an orange to go. I think I'd better get some water.

Although on the bright side, it's a quite night here at work. No major outages, nothing pressing. It is a good night at work.
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that's cool. it's a little bit too quite here. i would almost welcome a few least they liven things up a bit.

i completely forgot any form of food or caffiene at home tonight. it's gonna be a long one here
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I'm still in day-off mode. Hehe.

Driving to KC tomorrow to pick up tickets to see Lewis Black and Dave Attell in concert.
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Two words, Billz. Fucking sweet. I love both of their acts, and I would kill to see them in person. Are they coming to Kansas City?
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Two words, Billz. Fucking sweet. I love both of their acts, and I would kill to see them in person. Are they coming to Kansas City?
Yep, that's where I'm seeing them. Sunday, Sept. 14 at 7:30pm, Midland Theater. I drove to the box office to buy the tickets because I refuse to pay Ticketmaster $8 apiece for the "convenience" of buying a ticket online. Come on up if you get a wild hair. It's going to be a great show.

Looks like they will be in Dallas on Sept. 10 and Houston on Sept. 12 also.
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Fuck Ticketmaster. Fuck them in their stupid asses.
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...with a tobasco-dipped razor blade.
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I"M MOVING!!!!!!!!

Sept 13 I get a real apartment
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congrats on the new apartment!
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<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

This is my new home....

and its only 419 a month.

700 Sq Feet...

OHhh yees.
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Sweet place! You can't get anything around in my area for that cheap! Most one bedrooms around here are 500 a month, at least!
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Social saw Cropsy kickin' trees:
Sweet place! You can't get anything around in my area for that cheap! Most one bedrooms around here are 500 a month, at least!
It was a special deal and the funny thing is, the moment I walked out after getting it secured the prices shot up. The one I'm in went straight to 589 a month.

I was happy with my salesperson to say the least.
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that is very cool!

My friend just moved into a 1 bedroom about 20 minutes away. she got that at like $420 a month...but the building is owned by her boyfriend's parents. needless to say, she got that at a steal.
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Colorado must be a hella expensive place to live. Nice apartment. Reminds me of my second one. Just right for a young man such a yourself.

Just remember, use glasses. Don't get in the habit of drinking milk from the carton. If friends ever visit (and they will), this will skeeve them out.
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however, there are times that it's good to be able to scare them away!

I had to pull the Red Forman "Bitches Leave!!" many a time in my first appartment.
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Classic line. Beautiful.
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I am drunk right now, and watchng Goldmember in my dorm room with like 6 other people. WHOOOO!@
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Ahh... the finer things in life.

Whataminute. If you're posting on Chud, isn't that a little rude to your guests? Shouldn't you be playing hostess to the masses?
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It's a spicy soft taco eating party here at the old workplace. I'm having a ball running around installing security fixes and service pack upgrades. Whoo!
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Dylan forgot to mention those six people include 3 very sexy girls.
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oh my god guys, it's amazing!!! I've been here for three hours and have actually been working!! that's never happened before. granted, most of of the stuff i had to do because the person on the previous shift got nothing accomplished. but i never thought i would say that i didn't mind having to do work today!

although i must say, i would rather be goldmember and drinking beer!
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I'd rather be wearing Member's Only and drinking Zima. 10 points to those that have actually done this.
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I can't say I have to either of those.

But i did get off at 7 am this morning, looking forward to going home and go to find my car in the parking lot loaded with balloons.

Fun fun fun
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