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Social saw Cropsy kickin' trees:
I can't say I have to either of those.

But i did get off at 7 am this morning, looking forward to going home and go to find my car in the parking lot loaded with balloons.

Fun fun fun
Don't forget about the banner that read "The Party's Here" !!!
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my bad!

the winnie the pooh tape was a nice touch!
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and either you or i need to post a pic of that, swykk!
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CHUDenver's Seahawk:
Dylan forgot to mention those six people include 3 very sexy girls.
Yes, there were 3 sexy girls, 2 of which were sleeping on my bed with me. Yes, you can fit 3 people on a dorm bed.
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You go Dylan!!
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I'm watching The District right now cause I hate reality tv
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I hate waiting for the weekly ad to drop on It's after 11:00 damnit! Where is it!?!
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I hate being hungry and too lazy to do anything about it.
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You can have some of my pizza if I can have Mr. Show for less than $25.
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I don't have Mr. Show for under $25, but if you give some pizza to me now, I can offer you a pristine copy of OVER THE TOP for 12 cents.
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4 cents and a hunk of crust is all you will get for Over the Top. I'll give you a half a pie for a copy of Prince of Darkness though.
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I own Prince of Darkness! NO DEAL. You must take it higher, fight with fire, over the top.
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Okay, half a pizza and some monkey taint pudding. That's my final offer.
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Throw in some of Captain Lou Albano's bottled semen and you got a deal.
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Well, as we were debating I ate the pizza and tore the monkey's throat out with my teeth. Sorry about that.
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Very well. As Festivus rolls on, we come now to the feats of strength.
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The Best Buy ad is posted now.
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Still no Tommy Boy SE? DAMN YOU BEST BUY. I know they secretly have it, they just won't release it to the public.
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Kid Ego is a meat popsicle:
Pessimist. Don't you know that Best Buy has a wonderful plan for your life?
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You mean the plan where I spent 25 minutes standing in line whenever I want to simply buy ONE FRIGGIN' DVD!?
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The wars with moronic Best Buy staff haunt me to this day, like my Nam flashbacks. You can't turn it off. The only thing that helps me is when Crenna leads me away to a Frank Stallone song.
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Yeah that's part of the plan. Another part is that you will be harrassed and treated like a thief by every employee in the store for browsing in the DVD section for more than 2 minutes.
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Exactly. NOTHING IS OVER! NOTHING! I am not a thief! If they keep that up, I'll take my business to Suncoast, where the dvds are 10 dollars more expensive.
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Or just go down the street to Target where they're usually $3 cheaper and actually in-stock.
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...or online.

But I usually don't like paying shipping and handling...
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Hmm. I heard you paid Next Day Air for that Brainy Smurf figurine to complete your collection.
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Well, shit, of course! That was Brainy Smurf. What would you expect??
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<img src="" alt="" />

You're welcome.
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<a href="" target="_blank">I'm going to hell for this.</a>
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<a href="" target="_blank">OWNED</a>
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<a href="" target="_blank">...this too. At least *I'm* making mine.</a>

&lt;edit&gt; except for the BF1942 poster.&lt;/edit&gt;
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You've got some big minerals, mister. Actually, if you'd posted pics of falling WTC people that would have been out of bounds. Maybe.
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I'm still looking...can you direct me to a site?


Found 'em...although I refuse to do anything with them...
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Eh, post the link. Nobody ever comes in here anyway.
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And to balance that link: <a href="" target="_blank">Scary</a>
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Dillon! You son of a bitch!
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Yea! Another night at work! I'm so thrilled--well, not really.

I made a really stupid mistake and tried to eat on the way over here [i pretty much came right to work from school tonight]. since i ate in a hurry, i feel like absolute ass. Someone needs to remind me that i would rather starve than feel like ass. and to add to that, i got a horrible headache. I'm a baby when it comes to headaches.

but anyway, how is everyone else doing tonight?
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Just hanging here. Finally pushed out a web page with some of my pictures from my Cozumel trip on it. If you'd like to see, I'll drop the link in here...
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Drop away.
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put em up!
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Everything was fine here until that damned WTC photo showed up.
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you boys and your penis-waving.

My wang sez "Own3d" on it.
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I'm bored out of my mind, running my radio station, with an astounding 0 listeners. Does nobody appreciate the merits of David Lee Roth?
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yea! I have the night off! I'm going to bed early--only to wake up early and trek off to class! Wooo hooo!!!
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<a href="" target="_blank">Here's my vacation in Cozumel.</a>

At least parts of it. I actually took over 350 pictures (digital and film) but these are the "clean" ones, ie. the pics that I show my family and such.

BTW: I'm the fat guy in picture #12. The other dude is my cousin, whose family I went there with.
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CHUDenver's Seahawk:
Everything was fine here until that damned WTC photo showed up.
Not my fault! Gruber started it. I had to end it.
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