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Very Excited about the new season!!!!!

It will be intersting to see how McLaren does with their explosive driver line-up. I hope McLaren can start off strong this year.

Mark Webber should also be strong this year at Williams, and Fernando Alonzo should win a few races.

How do you guys think BAR will do this year?
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I was glad to see someone else than Shumacher win.

It was nice to see Coultard up there, I wish he could have gotten a podium though. Overall, I though Red Bull did an excellent job.

BAR was a disappointment, although I'm good with that, because I don't like them.

I wish Kimi didn't have his troubles at the beginning of the race, it would have been interesting to see what he could have done at the front of the pack during the first corner.
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The new rules mean that one burst of rain on Saturday can screw up the entire weekend. Hopefully Sepang will have a better 'show.'
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It's hilarious. The FIA have always said, when the issue of success ballast is bought up, that the sport is the pinnacle of motorsport and that's just creating an artificial racing environment. As evidenced this weekend, how is that any different from this bullshit qualifying format?

The FIA act as if somehow, touring car series like BTCC are beneath them. (Ironic when BTCC creates some of the best racing on Earth.) Yet create this stupid qualifying format that essentially creates an artificial race environment.

The sport of F1 would be a lot better off if the FIA just fucked off and left it alone. Every move the FIA make takes the sport further and further down the toilet. (I've been a fan for almost 20 years. You should watch some of the late 80's FIA review tapes to see how pitiful the sport is now in comparison.)
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good to see fisichella up there. he used to be kind of raw a few years back, making irresponsible mistakes while pushing too hard at times.

and red bull made one hell of a decision when they signed coulthard: he really does get the best out of any car. i think he'd have done a better job than montoya if he'd stayed at mclaren. juan pablo is an obviously talented driver, but most of the time he just seems... indifferent.
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It was nice to see Fisichella up there celebrating on the podium like he deserved the first time he won. You could tell it really meant a lot to him.

And I think you are right about Montoya's attitude.

And did you guys see Nic Cage down there at the race? Is he in Australia because he's filming Ghost Rider?
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Schumy had a really off race. He'll be back strong as ever in a week. Barichello drove a hell of a race, and it was nice to see him up there.
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I've always liked Rubens better than Schumi. I'm always hoping that Rubens beats him, although I don't like Ferrari at all.

One thing that bothers me about the announcing team, is that Bob Varsha always pronounces Rubens name - Badachello, and everyone else pronounces it - Barichello. Everyonce in a while, Varsha will pronounce it with a "r", but then two seconds later, he'll say - Bada-cello. It drives me nuts.
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Good race in Malaysia last weekend.

I wish Kimi didn't suffer that lost tire, it would have interesting to find out where he would have ended up, especially considering he was posting the fastest lap times.

Good to see Toyota and Red Bull up there. They are both the real deal, with Toyota being the stronger of the two. Jarno is kicking the crap out of Ralf Schumacher, who Toyota signed first.

And I love to see Ferrari struggling.
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I think Kimi was on for a podium there, apparently the tyre valve was faulty, but since they can't change tyres anymore they just fiddled with it and sent him back out. Lucky it didn't go pop on a fast corner. Also lucky Kimi didn't punch Mosely's teeth down his throat.

And just you watch, the new Ferrari is going to kick everyone's ass.
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And just you watch, the new Ferrari is going to kick everyone's ass.
No doubt the new car will be up to their usual tremendous standard. That ain't going to change the fact that Bridgestone have some serious issues though. Interesting to see how it shakes out.

Honda need to pull their finger out too. Button lost his temper when interviewed after his retirement, giving one of the least diplomatic answers I've ever heard from a leading driver questioned about mechanical reliability. I'm surprised the engineers weren't out on the track committing seppuku after both engines failed on the same lap. As Button put it "It's easy to design an engine that only lasts 3 laps".
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Jeez, I hope not. For the sake of watching the sport.

I just heard that Red Bull Racing is thinking about buying Honda engines for next year. Do you think that a good idea considering Button and Sato (Mr. Spin)'s early retirement last weekend?
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Honda will bounce back, and with the displacement changes for next year you're better off backing class rather than looking at this year's performance. Red Bull would do very well to get on board with Honda IMO.

btw Sato didn't race at the weekend (even for 3 laps) - he had a virus so his car was being driven by Anthony Davidson. Not much of an F1 debut, poor bloke.
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I dunno, Red Bull are doing surprisingly well so far with their new Cosworths. Maybe they should see how they go this year before deciding to go with Honda instead for 06.
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Originally Posted by Bombjack
That ain't going to change the fact that Bridgestone have some serious issues though.
hard to say; besides ferrari, only jordan and minardi use bridgestone. it's not easy to establish whether it's the tyres that slow down ferrari, or the fact that the old car can't quite handle the new rules that well.

only the new ferrari will tell if bridgestone are still ok.
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It will be interesting to see how well Honda and Cosworth do next year in comparison to the rest. Both have extensive experience with low displacement V8s from the IRL and ChampCar. I think they may be in pretty good shape.

I’m fairly impressed with Red Bull. It is still early in the season and they have been lucky, but they have been in position to be lucky and that counts for something. I like the new, laid back Coulthard. It looks like he is having fun.

Counting Ferrari out without seeing the new car is probably not a good idea. They’ve been behind before and caught back up. If the F2005 is a good car and they are able to get the tires to work it will be fun to watch them try and chase down Renault. Fisi is looking stout which is surprising. I hope he is able to keep it up.

Oh, Malaysia was not Davidson’s debut. He ran a few races for Minardi a couple of years ago.
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Any opinions on the season thus far? I just got done watching Monaco and it was an entertaining race. It looks like McLaren has caught up to Renault in a big way. Ferrari and Bridgestone still seem to be sucking the hind one. Although the attempted pass by Michael on Ralf and the end of the race was pretty funny.

I’m interested in seeing how BAR bounces back from their three race suspension. I would love to see them come out swinging. They know their championship hopes are basically over, so they might as well take some risks and push the car.

Best wishes,
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Random brain-dump:

An interesting season. It looks like it will come down to Alonso and Raikonnen at the moment - can Fernando hold onto that lead? Raikonnen and Schumacher are streets ahead in terms of outright pace, I'm looking forward to seeing them battle it out sometime in the races to come. It would take a miracle for Schumacher to mount a title challenge now though, probably the kind of miracle that involves one of these two rivals being out injured.

The top potentially race-winning packages now seem to be:
McLaren: qualifying and race pace both extremely good (at least in Kimi's hands). Only question mark is reliability - have they cracked it?
Renault: qualifying pace and reliability both excellent, race pace not on par with McLaren or Ferrari.
Ferrari: the F2005 is clearly very quick - about a third of the way into the race. Its qualifying pace is generally poor, the Bridgestones seem take an age to get to temperature. Give Michael a good grid position, and he will be very dangerous indeed.

Button was in the commentary box for the UK's F1 coverage at Monaco. He did a decent job I thought. Most interesting for me was his characterisation of the tires now. They are apparently very difficult to heat up, especially when heavy on fuel and you can't push them through the corners. Whether this perception of his is partly due to the BAR's lack of balance is debatable.
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It's just a shame about the Bridgestone problem this year. When they're at the right temperature that Ferrari is a rocketship, but too often they're not at the right temperature, especially in qualifying, and it doesn't look like Schumacher's going to challenge for the championship this year. Alonso's lead over Kimi should hold out for most of the year, it could be a pretty close finish now that the McLaren is reliable.
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Originally Posted by f86sabre
Ferrari and Bridgestone still seem to be sucking the hind one.
only during the qualifying stages, and since it's so painfully difficult to overtake anyone in F1, they can't really make up for the lousy grid positions they usually get.

but once the tires are warm, they're damn fast and reliable.

nice to see there's some good competition this year, though.
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What a faboulus race on Sunday. Rubens finally had some luck on his side. Kimi did not.
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I don't think Kimi was unlucky really, his problems seemed all of his own making. So add that into the mix for the season - Kimi is capable of making mistakes. He's got a mountain to climb now, unless Alonso cops a couple of DNFs. Stay tuned
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Did you guys see how bad Kimi’s car was vibrating? Pretty impressive. The in-car cameras are so well damped that you don’t get a good idea of what the driver was seeing.

As far as Rubens goes, there was a post on the SpeedTV message boards relating to the fact that he wasn’t going to give Michael any more freebees. Their take was that his contract wasn’t going to be renewed. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a clause that allowed him to race straight up if Michael was so far back in the points at a certain point in the championship. Either way, I would love to see him get some success.

Anyone going to the USGP? We will be in Stand J, Section 28, Row T.

Best wishes,
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I may give Kimi flak for flatspotting his tires, but to drive as fast as he did through that vibration was pretty heroic.

ITV's reporter on the pitwall said near the end that when the cars went past you heard the engines screaming sweetly, except for Kimi's car. The engine was drowned out (anyone who's been to an F1 race knows how loud they are) by the noise from that front-left.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a clause that allowed him to race straight up if Michael was so far back in the points at a certain point in the championship.
I'd bet money he doesn't. Agreeing a clause like that isn't in character for a team built around one man.

Rubens is a slightly sore subject for me. The guy's had talent all along, but he gave up his right to be considered a competitor long ago in my book. Anyone with the heart of a racer couldn't have stood for the crap he's taken as Schumacher's "team mate". I hated seeing a good driver sell out like that. I hope he gets the chance to have some fun this season, but that won't change my view.
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Originally Posted by Bombjack
Rubens is a slightly sore subject for me. The guy's had talent all along, but he gave up his right to be considered a competitor long ago in my book. Anyone with the heart of a racer couldn't have stood for the crap he's taken as Schumacher's "team mate". I hated seeing a good driver sell out like that. I hope he gets the chance to have some fun this season, but that won't change my view.
His position at Ferrari has been a sore point for a lot of people. It is a tough call to make. Do you want to be the top driver in a mediocre team or number two with the best (keep in mind Ferrari is not my favorite; it is just awfully hard to argue with the results the last couple of years). Eddie Irvine was willing to do it because he was an unashamed whore for the money. It is hard to say what Rubens’ motivations are. That being said, it would still be fun to watch him be the one to take it to McLaren and Renault, especially if it is his last year with the team. I think it would be super interesting to see DC in the car next year just to get his feedback on the differences between how the teams are run.

So if Rubens is out (big if), who goes in the seat? Massa? Do you go for Alonso or Raikkonen and promise them the number one spot when Michael leaves (which may not be for a while)? Tough to say, but fun to watch.

Best wishes,
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I'll be at the race in Montreal this weekend. Cannot wait. Should be great fun, as it has every time I've gone.
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I’ve always wanted to go to the race in Montreal. Everyone says it is a great time. The teams even love it. Have fun and enjoy the noise of a V-10 F-1 engine for the last time.
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Originally Posted by f86sabre
So if Rubens is out (big if), who goes in the seat?
actually (and this is not a joke), there have been talks about giving valentino rossi a shot. for those of you who don't know, he's this insanely talented kid who's won a world championship with all the different motorcycle classes (125 CC, 250 and 500), and has even switched to lesser teams and still kept winning.

he tried out the ferrari F1 a few months ago and right from the start he had lap times only slightly inferior to the ones of the real drivers. he has said he'd love to switch to F1 soon and ferrari aren't denying the kid looks like a good alternative. plus, from a marketing point of view he's perfect, cause he's fearless and immensely competitive.

i've read it was very common many years ago for race drivers to both compete with cars and motorcycle. maybe it's time to revive that nice tradition.
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Rossi's pure star power, likeable and hugely talented. He'd be a tremendous asset to F1 if he were genuinely fast enough.

But I doubt he is. Getting within 4 seconds of Michael's laptimes (in the same car) is simply the province of a very quick driver. Colin McRae, for example, has done even better in the past. The devil is that those last seconds are really hard to come by. When you get down to the tenths and hundredths that seperate the very top drivers from the fourth row, you find out whether someone has it.

In my view, Rossi for Ferrari (hell, Rossi for F1, period) is pure PR and will not happen. I'll be happy to be proven wrong. I'm not though
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Originally Posted by Bombjack
Getting within 4 seconds of Michael's laptimes (in the same car) is simply the province of a very quick driver. Colin McRae, for example, has done even better in the past. The devil is that those last seconds are really hard to come by.
the thing is, those 3.5 seconds were in his first and only test so far in a F1 car, and they were compared to the lap times of a guy who's won 7 world titles. you are absolutely right when you say that those few last seconds are hard to shave off, but if ferrari are seriously considering giving him a shot, they must have seen something in him beyond the few seconds' difference.

otherwise, if it was a pure PR stunt, it could be one that backfired badly economically for ferrari.

me... i'm thrilled.
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Rossi would be a big draw for F-1. It would be very interesting to see how his personality would mesh with the Ferrari way of doing things. Goodness knows the Italians would love it. What would be the worst thing for him to do would be to go to Ferrari at a time where Jean, Ross and Rory all leave because Michael is retiring. None of them have said for sure that they positively would leave, but I would guess that at least Rory would bail. If Rossi got into F-1, and if he was really good, and if the car was really good ,it would be like a weird mating of the talents of Schumacher and the balls of Villeneuve. That would be special to see. Or, it could go like his attempts at rally. In the trees.
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Rossi's rumoured to be coming to Ferrari in 2007, and while it'd be exciting to see how good he is on four wheels, I also think it'd be a pretty big loss to the MotoGp circuit. He's the Schumacher of motorcycle riding, and it'd be a shame for the other riders to lose the chance to beat him on track.
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yeah, it'd be a loss, but the guy is getting seriously bored over there. i know it sounds weird, but he's tried switching teams and he still wins. at some point you need a little challenge.
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There is nothing wrong in looking for new challenges. Rossi would be following in the footsteps of John Surteees and Mike Hailwood and they had success in F-1. I think Rossi could do it if he set his mind to it, but he has t be careful to make sure he outs himself in the correct environment.
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also, rossi would add some color to the whole F1 scene. have you seen raikkonen when he wins a race? the guy can hardly smile, for crying out loud.

speaking of winning, did anybody see the race yesterday? quite eventful, to say the least. and i can't help being impressed by red bull; they're basically the same team as jaguar last year, but they've already piled up 22 points. that's really great for such a small team.

granted, they were helped by the fact that both renaults and one mclaren didn't finish the race, but still...
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Yeah, Ive been real impressed with Red Bull this year. Coultard has been good, although I wish they would decide on a second driver, I hate the switching. I hope they keep Coultard around for another year or two.
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Red Bull are getting Ferrari engines next year (due to Sauber dropping them), and they're keen to hang on to DC. They're doing a good job with what they've got so far.
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heh... mclaren dropped coultard and replaced him with montoya. now juan pablo has 16 points, while coultard, who went to a much weaker team, has 17 points.

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Well, Montoya did have to sit out two races with a shoulder injury, but having said that Montoya's F1 career has never really been impressive. He's shown signs of speed, but no consistency whatsoever. Kimi is totally owning him.
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just what the fuck happened at indy? a travesty, that's what it was.

were any of you guys there?
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I think f86sabre was going. Can't wait to hear his report.

I can't believe the arrogance of Formula 1. That's probably why it isn't very big over here in the states.
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Originally Posted by Del Griffith
I can't believe the arrogance of Formula 1.
you mean the organization, or the teams that didn't race?
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Yup, I was there. My wife and I flew in Wednesday evening. We did the pit walk Thursday and checked out the cars. We went to the interviews after the pit walk and heard Button, Sato and Speed talk. We got up early on Friday and got a few autographs as the drivers were coming into the track. We watched the first practice from the turn 10 complex. We then moved to the exit of turn 13 for the second practice. Ralf crashed just down from us and slid maybe 100 yards past us. He got out, was obviously pissed, kicked his car and pulled off his helmet. He was obviously dejected and frustrated. I’ve got some good pictures of the offending tire as they hauled the car away.

Saturday was basically a repeat of Friday. We got up early, got some more autographs and went to various parts of the track for practice. It was obvious that something was up when the Michelin runners were going through the pits on every lap. We went down to the braking zone for turn one for qualifying. We were sitting at about the 75 meter point from turn 1. The crowd was really into it and it was interesting to see Trulli take poll.

Once again on Sunday we go down to get some autographs and Paul Soddart walks up. Someone asks about what is going to happen with the race and is he happy to be with Bridgestone. He responds that after what went on last night he is awfully glad to be with them. I wasn’t sure what he meant so I asked the Formula 1 TV cameraman who was there what was going on. He said that he had heard that Michelin was in big trouble and he wasn’t sure of much beyond that.

We then went to our seats in turn 1. We watched the Formula BMW and Porsche Super Cup races. Around this time I start playing with my race scanner and I came across the ITV broadcast. As you can guess, with a scanner at one of these races you can hear the announcers and the producers during the broadcast and during the commercial breaks. The producers were in a panic. They didn’t know if there would be a race or what was happening. They were trying to come up with contingencies. The producer kept telling the broadcast crew to keep positive. I switched back and forth between ITV and Speed Channel and I start to get a bit of an idea of what’s happening. I let my friends know and they are shocked. The whole time Tom Carnage, the old guy who does public address work for the 500, is blabbing away, but they make no mention of any problems.

It keeps getting closer and closer to grid time and I’m pretty much glued to the scanner passing news to my friends. I hear Nick Fry tell ITV that they intend to take the grid, do the reconnaissance lap and then come into the pits. He says that Michelin has told them their tires were unsafe. I hear bits and pieces of other conversations and it really starts to sink in that these guys were not going to run. During the recon lap I was able to find Coulthard on the scanner. He was saying how he felt what they were doing was wrong and he wanted to race. The team told him that they had no choice and he had to come in.

I was looking down at the scanner at this point and when I look up I see the onboard camera view from Alonso on the jumbo-tron. He was heading for the pits. At that point most of the people around us figured they were going to change tires and then start the race. Once I saw cars being pushed into the garage I knew otherwise. The six cars lined up for the start and by the time they made it down to turn 1 and no Michelin cars came out the rest of the crowd started to catch on.

The booing started and a few people started throwing things. Our section was pretty well behaved. After about 10 laps people started to leave. We maybe lost 20-30% of the people from our stand left prior to the finish. About mid-race a numb nuts who was sitting near us decided to throw a plastic beer bottle. It didn’t make it to the track and hit a lady down below. I was looking down track at the time and didn’t see it. The security guy came up and looked at our row and asked who was throwing things. I looked at him blankly and he just stood there. At that point the rest of the crowd around us started yelling and pointing the guy out. The security guy pulled the guy out of his seat and gave him a warning. Everyone around was yelling for them to toss the guy out. That was it for the unrest in our stand.

We watched the rest of the race in pretty much a numb state. I heard Ross Braun tell the guys to bring to cars to the end and reduce revs and I knew it was pretty much over. As the race worked its way to a conclusion, the guys on the PA kept asking people to be calm and respectful. I heard the ITV people interview the local police to get their input on what they were ready to deal with. They said they had troopers in riot gear ready to go. I heard the ITV producer tell his guys that French TV had cut away from the race to show a movie due to all the flack Michelin was getting.

Now for the opinion piece.

I had a great time aside from the race. The international atmosphere is amazing. Name any other event in the US that brings in so many people form around the world. Even though the race was disappointing it was still interesting being a part of motorsports history.

I think running the race as they did was the only real option. The only other thing that would have really worked would be for Michelin to go to Bridgestone and lease the tires they had left and mount them to the cars. This would obviously been bad for Michelin, but the show would have gone on with more cars. The Indianapolis Star had a depiction of the chicane that was proposed and it was ridiculous and unsafe.

I still support the teams. I especially support the teams that ran. The mood in the stands was pretty dark as it was. I hate to imagine what may have happened if there had been no race at all. I think Ferrari, Jordan and Minardi should be commended for putting on what show they could.

Formula 1 has had some dark days. I don’t look on the race as a tragedy as some have called it. Tragedy would have been death. Death of one of the Michelin runners, death of one of the Bridgestone runners due to having an accident caused by running over fan debris on the track or a death of a course worker who was removing such debris. The USGP exposed the dark parts of Formula 1 and how it is run. I hope that something good will happen because of this.

Even after the USGP I still think F-1 has the best cars, drivers, teams and fans. I want to go to Indy next year and shoot the breeze with people from Japan, Brazil, Columbia, UK, and Germany while waiting for the next practice session. I want to see the guy and gal with the huge Minardi flags. I want to see Coulthard smile at people when he gives autographs, I want to see Hobbs, Varsha and Matchett walking through the tunnel. I want to smell the mustard like exhaust of an F-1 car. I want to hear the scream of them going down the front stretch. I really hope that the speedway and F-1 can come to terms and we will have a USGP next year. I went to renew my tickets Monday morning before catching my flight and they took my information, but they would not run my credit card because the speedway didn’t know if there would a 2006 race or not.


Some of my pictures:

Some news stuff
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Given the incredibly sensitive nature of a F1 car's suspension (and aside from the obvious commercial difficulties), I reckon it would have been pretty difficult to switch to Bridgestones. That said, it might have been worth a try, IMO. Anything to get the race going. I do have some sympathy for Max Moseley, though. Whilst the teams are falling over themselves to blame him, at the end of the day Michelin dropped the ball.

BTW, did you see any Karthikeyan fans out there?

I hear they're a fun and crazy bunch.
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We did see a good number of Indian fans in the stands. I watched the race last night when I got home. They showed a group of guys that had “Go India” on the back of their shirts. They were sitting down toward the front part of our section. Everyone from India or of Indian decent that I talked to was really excited. It was cool to see.

I realize that it probably not be so simple to just bolt on a set of Bridgestones and run. I would like to have seen some teams try it any way. I would imagine that Sauber may have been able to make it work. Their engine and transmission are provided by Ferrari and there would have to be some point in the power train where the parts would become common to the two. Even if the hubs and A arms are fundamentally different you would hope the could make it work. Indianapolis is home to a huge number of race teams and a massive amount of knowledge and machining capability could have been brought to bear on the problem.
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All I can say is - tough luck, sabre.

There's nothing in sport to match that murderous scream when the lights go out.

I was at Silverstone a few years ago when Damon Hill won. Fantastic!

I’ll also add that I’ve never seen as many gorgeous women congregated in one place.
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I’m not too worried about it. What would really disappoint me would be if they didn’t come back. I’ve been to all 6 USGPs held thus far and I plan on going to the 7th. Like I said before, it is just too much fun not to go.
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Thanks for the report, sabre. I'm a bit surprised those of us watching on TV had more information than the crowd at the track. Really sad to see the crowd booing and throwing things at the cars and drivers who were actually putting a race on. I heard a couple of BAR mechanics were beaten up in the car park afterwards? It's not looking likely F1 will be back next year, so far.
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I had heard that a couple mechanics were roughed up a little. I also heard that the team boss bought all the guys USGP shirts to change into so they could slip out. That is just plain wrong. Those guys had nothing to do with what happened.

I hold out hope that they will be back. We'll see. F-1 did this to themselves. Really Michelin did it to F-1. I hope Bernie and Tony George can work something out. F-1 was slowly starting to gain momentum here.
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Disclaimer: I was at Le Mans, so I may be missing some common knowledge.

That the parties involved couldn't come up with a solution to allow all teams to race beggars belief. Nearly all commercial interests would be aligned in this. The obvious solution seems to be to run the Michelin teams, on harder compound, from the back of the grid in their own qualifying order; the only good reason this couldn't happen is if the alternate tires never made it to the track. Do we know if they did get them shipped in, on time?

Assuming the tires were there, then someone had to veto their use. And we can all guess who that was. If anyone says 'why should Bridgestone runners (i.e. Ferrari) suffer for Michelin's mistake?', I'll reply: they're not suffering, they're gaining grid slots. Hell, give the Bridgestone boys the chance to put fresh boots on too, problem solved.

I'm gutted for you and all the other fans there f86sabre.
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