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Pink Floyd Appreciation

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Just kidding, they suck.
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Heh, you got me with that one.

I love em but this will turn into another nightmare appreciation thread.
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For the record I will hunt down and eat the hot bloody viscera of anyone who dares to insult the Floyd.
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I've been listening to The Wall pretty much constantly for the past month, I'm starting to mumble things about worms in my sleep...
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Fink Ployd

I was a huge fan in high school, especially of the DSotM/Wall/WYWH era albums. Somehow, in the years after college, I lost my taste for most of those. But at the same time, I've gained a greater love for the first few albums (the first two with Syd Barrett and immediately after he freaked out and left the band)

I have a badly-worn video tape of Live at Pompeii, and badly need to buy the dvd for this classic concert. "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" is one of my all time favorite songs--especially that crazy live performance with Roger Waters going batshit on the gong--cool bitness.
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I could never get into 'The Wall', a few good songs but too bloated in concept. The Division Bell was one of the first CD's I ever bought and I've loved it ever since no matter how many people put it down.

It's a shame there's no definitive live record to showcase how awesome they were live during the waters era.
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Dave Gilmour was one of the slickest blues guitarists of his time. And if you think his work with Pink Floyd wasn't blues, you aren't listening properly.
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Not so hot on the post-Waters stuff, but I love the Wall in all its overblown glory, really like Animals, Wish You Were Here, and Meddle, and am okay with some of the other stuff I've heard.

My like or dislike of Dark Side has become irrelevant in light of classic rock radio overplay. I don't know whether I like it or not anymore - all I know is that I don't want to listen to it.
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I like bits of the Syd Barrett era (Scarecrow) and some early Roger Waters. I can't stand the Wall, save one or two songs (Another Brick in the Wall Pt. II; Run Like Hell; some others). Like Dave, I never want to hear Dark Side again, or Wish You Were Here, for that matter. Meddle is a bit interesting, but ultimately boring to my ears. And you can lay into me for enjoying (who knows why) The Division Bell.
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Re: Fink Ployd

Originally posted by Rong Fo
I was a huge fan in high school, especially of the DSotM/Wall/WYWH era albums. Somehow, in the years after college, I lost my taste for most of those. But at the same time, I've gained a greater love for the first few albums (the first two with Syd Barrett and immediately after he freaked out and left the band).
Hey, are you me?
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Re: Re: Fink Ployd

Originally posted by Adam Warren
Hey, are you me?
Yes. And oh yeah, what's our Visa card number again?
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Care to elaborate on that?
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Just for you werewolf girl, Pink Floyd is the greatest band that ever was.
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Very good, now, name everything about them that you love from least to greatest. Or in alphabetical order if you wish.
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Pink has always been my subliminal favorite band. I usually tout how big a Zeppelin fan I am, but when I comes down to it have more Floyd CDs and merchandise than Zeppelin, so I think my subconcious likes them better.
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over-rated pretentious prog rock.

have to be in a mood to even be able to stomach them, although I did go through a phase of enjoying the wall.
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Holy shit I can't believe you just said that. That's the most insane thing I've ever read.
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Over-rated and pretentious?? Hey, every one's got an opinion. Prog-rock!?!?!?! Not even close...and long song length doesn't auto-label a band prog-rock, nor does heavy keyboard/synth usage. They are a straight-forward classic rock band.

Odd and funky time changes, and (usually) outstanding but misguided musicians, signify a prog-rock band. Pink Floyd wrote in the basic 4/4 time almost all the time (exluding Money,) and no one has ever claimed they were the greatest of musicians - except that Gilmour usually gets a lot of love.

Pink Floys is great, by the way. They are part of the REAL Holy British Trinity of rock and roll. Fuck that Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones bullshit. The real Holy Trinity is The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. Recognize!!

Again, just an opinion, but it really is a fact!
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I remember someone posting a pink floyd thread ages ago and it turned into a gilmour vs waters argument with mecha superior on the pro-waters side. It was a great thread with mecha posting articles to prove the last incarnation of PF was nothing but a backing band for gilmour with the PF name and Waters was far superior.

I think Pink Floyd have earned their place in the rock pantheon, if anything, they brought a cinema experience to their concerts and studio albums, Pink Floyd should be experienced, not listened to.
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The Wall is the greatest disco album ever.
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I don't think "overrated" and "prog-rock" are really THAT far off the mark for Floyd, actually.

Overrated - I think the only rock band that comes close to deserving all the insane accolades it gets is perhaps the Beatles (maybe). Floyd was great when they were on, but as soon as a good number of fans start considering a band infallible, that band is fully qualified to be considered overrated. There are plenty of Floyd fans who can't separate the good from the bad.

Most of my favorite bands are flawed - it's only by recognizing these flaws that the great stuff becomes greater by contrast.

Prog-rock - It's an ill-defined term, but some might consider concept albums a hallmark of prog-rock. Combine that with the lengthy songs, lots of floaty "serious"-sounding keyboards, and you might have a prog-rock band on your hands. I don't think it's a given, since all of these things qualify the Who's Quadrophenia as "prog," too (and it's not, IMO), but the argument is not without its support.
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You are right about how most bands are overrated to some degree, and the Floyd, as well as most other popular bands, have a large number of fans who consider the band infallible. I guess that's part of being a uber fan of one band. As a super Floyd fan myself I certainly recognize there is plenty of bad that the Floyd has produced, but the fanside of me usually lets most of that go. Even still, there are plenty of songs from Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell that are bad and I can't stand, but I will listen to because I'm a fan. I will not listen to the bad output of bands I am not a fan of, but I will listen to and buy all Floyd's material. That's just the way it goes being a super fan of a band. I'm like that with Metallica too. I won't get into the Waters versus Gilmour debate. I'll just say not everything Waters has done while part of the Floyd, or solo, has been worthy of the Floyd at their best. I like The Final Cut a lot, but there is a lot of bland material on that album that non Floyd fans would not tolerate after a few listens. That's just how it goes. Amused to Death is better then both MLoR and TDB, though!

I fell in love with the Floyd after buying several of their bootlegs back when you could buy bootlegs in a record store. Sure, albums like Darkside, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall are great albums and their place in classic rock history cannot be denied, even by non fans and Floyd haters, but it was the live pre-Darkside floyd that turned me into a super fan. The improvisation and atmosphere of their concerts before they broke big is incerdible, and it's too bad not too many people know this side of the Floyd. Even the live versions of their classic albums are incredible, but due to Pink Floyd being a bunch of dickheads most people are never going to be able to officially here Live Floyd during their heyday. Gilmour-led live Floyd was more of a spectacle rather then a rock and roll concert. It was good for what it was, but it was nothing compared to their live shows in the '60's and '70's.

The lumping of Floyd into the prog-rock genre has been something I have always had to deal with, but will always deny. You are right that concept albums are another typical staple of prog-rock. It's funny that the Floyd certainly due have at least three of the most fundemental elements of prog (long songs, lots of keyboards/synths, and concept albums,) but I still cannot lump them into to a genre with the most popular prog groups like ELP, Yes, early Genesis and others. Their songs are long, but they are not structured like most prog-rock band's songs. They use a lot of keyboards/synths, but I don't think anyone here will claim that Rick Wright played in a style anything like the typical prog-rock keyboardists. And, their concept albums were about completely different subject matter then most prog-rock type bands. The Floyd didn't write about snowdogs and Trog-dors and fairies and other worlds or magical realms. They wrote about human conditions and the music industry and the business world - the type of subject matter that is not typically associated with prog-rock.

Hey, again, just an opinion. Do I claim Floyd is one of the greatest bands ever? That's subjective. There is sales evidence to back up a claim like that, but that same argument could be used to say Meatloaf is one of the greatest ever, and that's just plain bullshit. They are one of my favorite bands ever, and they have remained so for nearly two decades. That's really what's important. I like their good and their bad.
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I like enough of their songs to not dislike them.

But if you take the bulk of their material, (imo) I would mark them as "painfully" average.

As many misses as hits when it comes to enjoyable material.

They still deserve their place as icons, because many of the hits were brilliant, but if you evaluate them on everything they detracts.
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Love Pink Floyd - they were all I listened to in High School. I still enjoy most of their stuff. Great band that'll never be duplicated.
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Watching David Gilmour, live at Pompeii amphitheatre. Fucking amazing. Apparently literally the first performance of any kind since the eruption in 79 AD.

Track this down.
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Not the show you're talking about, but you reminded me that whatever sorrowful keyboard/mellotron effect it is they use at the start of the Pompei version of Careful With That Axe Eugene, is basically the best sound ever.



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Originally Posted by Bluelouboyle View Post

Watching David Gilmour, live at Pompeii amphitheatre. Fucking amazing. Apparently literally the first performance of any kind since the eruption in 79 AD.

Track this down.

Oh. I had assumed he did that at the same place they did Live at Pompeii.
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