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100 sexiest movies ever made

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100. la femme nikita (luc besson)

99. before sunrise (richard linklater)

98. crouching tiger, hidden dragon (ang lee)

97. the conformist (bernardo bertolucci)

96. don juan demarco (jeremy leven)

95. farewell my concubine (kaige chen)

94. fatal attraction (adrian lyne)

93. love jones (theodore witcher)

92. devil in a blue dress (carl franklin)

91. ocean’s eleven (steven soderbergh)

90. swingers (doug liman)

89. palmetto (volker schlondorff)

88. titanic (james cameron)

87. intolerable cruelty (joel coen)

86. all the real girls (david gordon green)

85. the fifth element (luc besson)

84. the english patient (anthony minghella)

83. atlantic city (louis malle)

82. william shakespeare’s romeo + juliet (baz luhrmann)

81. cabaret (bob fosse)
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80. wild at heart (david lynch)

79. wild things (john mcnaughton)

78. afterglow (alan rudolph)

77. batman returns (tim burton)

76. chocolat (lasse hallstrom)

75. titus (julie taymor)

74. no way out (roger donaldson)

73. an officer and a gentleman (taylor hackford)

72. bedazzled (stanley donen)

71. entrapment (jon amiel)

70. body heat (lawrence kasdan)

69. your friends and neighbors (neil labute)

68. the brotherhood of the wolf (christian gans)

67. trois couleurs: bialy (krzysztof kieslowski)

66. desperado (robert rodriguez)

65. the thomas crown affair (john mctiernan)

64. performance (nicolas roeg)

63. the velvet goldmine (todd haynes)

62. how stella got her groove back (kevin rodney sullivan)

61. great expectations (alfonso cuaron)

to be continued...
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There should be at least one Luis Bunuel movie on this list.
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"What's wrong with being sexist ?"
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What - no Paris Hilton on that list?

The Shame.
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60. cold mountain (anthony minghella)

59. like water for chocolate (alfonso arau)

58. read my lips (jaques audiard)

57. les diaboliques (henri-georges clouzot)

56. tie me up, tie me down (pedro almodovar)

55. eyes wide shut (stanley kubrick)

54. the last of the mohicans (michael mann)

53. chasing amy (kevin smith)

52. annie hall (woody allen)

51. shakespeare in love (john madden)

50. get carter (mike hodges)

49. dangerous liaisons (stephen frears)

48. unfaithful (adrian lyne)

47. american gigolo (paul scharder)

46. alfie (lewis gilbert)

45. the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover (peter greenaway)

44. abre los ojos (alejandro amenabar)

43. two girls and a guy (james toback)

42. femme fatale (brian de palma)

41. to die for (gus van sant)

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40. one night stand (mike figgis)

39. the hunger (tony scott)

38. the virgin suicides (sofia coppola)

37. 10 (blake edwards)

36. out of sight (steven soderbergh)

35. chungking express (wong kar-wai)

34. rebel without a cause (nicolas ray)

33. i love you, alice b. toklas (hy averback)

32. waking the dead (keith gordon)

31. risky business (paul brickman)

30. sex, lies and videotape (steven soderbergh)

29. leaving las vegas (mike figgis)

28. solaris (steven soderbergh)

27. jungle fever (spike lee)

26. indecent proposal (adrian lyne)

25. barbarella (roger vadim)

24. bull durham (ron shelton)

23. basic instinct (paul verhoven)

22. a streetcar named desire (elia kazan)

21. tom jones (tony richardson)
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20. charade (stanley donen)

19. the piano (jane campion)

18. the talented mr. ripley (anthony minghella)

17. secretary (stephen shainberg)

16. quills (philip kaufman)

15. swept away… by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of august (lina wertmueller)

14. bound (andy and larry wachowski)

13. mulholand drive (david lynch)

12. last tango in paris (bernardo bertolucci)

11. lolita (stanley kubrick)

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I'm trusting that Misery is in your top ten. Nothing quite as sexy as big bad Kathy Bates hobbling her object of obsession to make sure he stays in her bed. A fat woman turning an ankle to a 90 degree angle with a sledgehammer is the epitome of sexy.
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The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover was a superb choice.

*crosses fingers for Bunuel's Belle de Jour in the Top 10*
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BOUND!!!!! oh i love that movie. funny story, a friend was asking me and some buddies what he should rent to watch with his girlfriend. we had just watched Bound the previous weekend, and as a joke we recommended the flick. So the guy rented it and that next week we each eventually got a punch in the stomach. good stuff, I tell ya.
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No, Bound completely belongs on that list. It's got one of the most authentic looking female orgasms ever in it.
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Before Teh Martix, there was BOUND.
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So basically, before there was crap, there was shit?
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The Wachowskis have an impressive resume.
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An odd list. No Way Out is a pretty good movie, but sexy? Wild At Heart is a fucking great movie, but sexy? Barbarella's just goofy. Batman Returns?

No Blade Runner?
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10. run lola run (tom twyker)

9. to catch a thief (alfred hitchcock)

8. romeo and juliet (franco zeferrelli)

7. in the mood for love (wong kar-wai)

6. the unbearable lightness of being (philip kaufman)

5. …and god created woman (roger vadim)

4. 9 ½ weeks (adrian lyne)

3. y tu mama tambien (alfonso cuaron)

2. belle du jour (louis bunuel)

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Fine choices in your Top 10 and Belle de Jour is very muhch deserving of that number two spot.

My guess is that one of these will be in at number one:

Blow Up
The Big Sleep
Saturday Night Fever
North by Northwest
Don't Look Now
Jules et Jim
Duel in The Sun
Blade Runner
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No "The Postman Always Rings Twice" ?
(I'm speaking about the 1981 version)
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1. trouble every day
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Originally posted by Eskimo
Great list though fabfunk, did you do all that yourself?
you betcha. Thanks.
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Cold Mountain?

Things that are sexier than Cold Mountain:
1. Balancing your checkbook
2. Playing chess against a computer
3. Celibacy
4. Tabletop D&D
5. Plumbing
6. Origami
7. Zubaz pants
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Great list, fabfunk. I own a good chunk of them.

I would add these 3 to it as well:

Revenge (the closet room/jeep scenes alone are worth it)
Sea of Love (Barkin sizzles)
Love Letters (An old Jamie Lee Curtis film which is on my current "to buy" list)
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