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Originally Posted by Mr.Crowley
It looks like it should be great.
By the way, this site has daily updates on the game.

(But whatever you do, don't venture into the forums)
Sorry I really should have listened to you, but I couldn't resist...

...and this is how I pay for that.
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Thanks for the link, I found this little gem... "skinless elephants have been appearing to my pockets for five years,what should i do to them? and since yesterday there have been singing vaginas appearing to my walls."

If that's not an awesome quote I don't know what is.
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The trailer is out.

It shows a jet plane flying above a cityscape. The first thing I'll do with it is fly into oncoming traffic!

Download it here.

Stream it here.
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So, when do we get a trailer with actual resolution? I mean, it's nice to see how smooth the graphics move, but there's so much flare from a camera recording a highly-curved TV that mucho detailo is lost.
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There's 5 or more DIFFERENT trailers now available at the official site. One shows a beach party at night with people dancing, another has you racing from a cop who's on a motorbike. I'll let you find out the rest. Plus, we now know what the map surrounding Los Santos looks like. FUKCING AWESOME!!!
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Even though I'm unable to watch the videos I'm extremely hyped for this game. I was wondering when they'll reintroduce firefighters in the game. If I'm not mistaken there were some in the very first game...

I'm also glad this is released worldwide without much of a delay.
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Where are the other videos on the official site? The only one I can see is the trailer in the video section.

Originally Posted by Nino
Even though I'm unable to watch the videos I'm extremely hyped for this game. I was wondering when they'll reintroduce firefighters in the game. If I'm not mistaken there were some in the very first game...
There have been firefighters in all the GTA games. Not 100% certain about GTA 2, but they're there in GTA 3 and Vice City.
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Yeah, I know. What I mean is, I remember them putting out fire in the first one. I'd like to see that again.
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Originally Posted by Nino
Yeah, I know. What I mean is, I remember them putting out fire in the first one. I'd like to see that again.
They do in GTA 3 and Vice City, too. Just throw around some molotov cocktails. They'll show up soon enough. I distinctly remember jacking a fire truck while they were putting out fires in Vice City.
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Originally Posted by Quatermain
Where are the other videos on the official site? The only one I can see is the trailer in the video section.
You have to visit all of the spots in the city map to see the other ones, they're all fairly quick and don't have a tremendous amount of gameplay in them.
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I just can't wait to hear a confirmed music list.

Man, I want this game so badly. Almost as much as Halo 2, Half-Life 2, and Fable.
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Originally Posted by Verbal Kint
I just can't wait to hear a confirmed music list.
This made me think. 2 months before Vice City, we had heard a lot about the "real" music from the game. This time, nothing. I wonder if they are going with original music again. I could like that, GTA3 had some great music.
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I am jonesing for this game to an admittedly unhealthy degree.

New UK mag came out recently with a bunch of confirmed new dirt, focusing on San Fierro. Happily, it's been popped up onto the web. Please let me know if it ain't kosher to post the links to the page scans here, and I'll take em right down. That is, assuming I figure out how to make the live links in the first place (such a gimp with these things)... Plenty o' spoilers:

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8

..Hmm, this board makes that damn easy.

Anyway, there is definite mention in there of "real" music, famous tunes (though no leak on what they heard).

Car customization. Good grief.

Actually, pretty balanced article with the hype-tempering description of the perceived flaws in this stage of its development. Hope they get the pop-up and drawing distance worked out... Though I gotta say, looked pretty good in that Juank Air plane shot in the trailer.

"Juank Air." I love thse guys.
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DOUGHBOY!!!! (with a little easy e tossed in there by the looks of things)

I also was reading that another aspect of the game is to keep people's image of your character have to actually wash your cars in this...they gather dirt and dust on the wheel wells and windows and people will make fun of your ride if it is to dirty
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Oh man, this game sounds better all the time. I'm a little concerned they might be trying to be everything to everyone at the price of focusing on just a few improvements but still... This game is fighting it out with Halo2 at the top of my Most Anticipated list.

Thanks for posting that article, Trav!
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Hey hey, you're welcome. All in the name of blowing off the work day!

...And haven't seen this brought up here, but this is the article from a couple weeks ago that put this thing right off the meter for me.

The new "R3" mission: Home Invasion

With a brief description on the swimming mechanics tacked on at the end.

There's one particularly beautiful screenshot, that I like to call "Ski Mask And Silencer"

This ain't just off the meter, this is off the machine. This is joules and ergs compared to watts and amps.
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i really need to get some more from rockstar if im going to start liking this. the eating thing alone ticks me off.....add on the loss of the mafia plotline, and this just straight up bothers me. I guess im on the fence still being a lifelong GTA fan.
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GTA was never a mafia story. Get over it. "Grand Theft Auto" not "Mafia".
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I was at first thrown off by the "eat to live" element, too. But the more I thought about it, the more I'm looking forward to modding my charcter's body how I see fit (ignore pun).

Fat/thin will be a different measure than weak/strong, so right off the bat I'm gonna balloon CJ up into a barrel-bellied tub of guts with junk food, and work him out in the weight room and put some big ol' guns on top of the flab. I'm going for Suge Knight's larger, meaner brother. For as long as I can actually get through the game like that.

Running? That's for street punks. Also, oughta be funny as hell, rumbling for a block and getting busted, hands on knees, wheezing. Any ped that calls me fat gets a beating.

...As for the mafia, they'll definitely be showing up. That is, if imdb is right at all, Frank Vincent's reprising Salvatore Leone. Work for him? With him? Against him? Whichever way, there's NO way Las Ventura is gonna be mafia-less. Add in Triads in San Fierro and the Ballas' ties to the Mexican and Russian mobs (going by the official site) I don't see what the problem is. Different starting point, but just as many factions to deal with as GTA3 I'm bettin'.

Also listed on imdb, BRIAN COX reprising his Starkweather role from Manhunt... I believe this makes it official: Brian Cox is everywhere, Brian Cox is everything.
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gamespot has a new preview up about the Country Side aspect of the game and all I've got to say is I can't wait to mow down pedestrians in a grain thresher
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LOL - I saw the pic of CJ in the grain thresher and immediately thought "Itchy and Scratchy".
If there is a code to make one of those appear in the city, this game just got one more customer.
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For the lazy ones:

I'm glad this game gets a almost worldwide release date.
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I'd really like to play this game, but not enough to buy a PS2. Like Vice City, I'll have to pass on this until it gets ported to the Xbox or PC.

How many more Rockstar games has Sony bought the exclusive rights for?
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Hell yes

Can't wait for this game.
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Wow! Virtual thresher driving!
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Well, Gio, if you're waiting for San Andreas to be ported to the Xbox, you won't be waiting long. I read somewhere that it may appear on the Xbox as soon as Spring 2005. The next-gen consoles are just around the corner and Rockstar wants all the cash it can get.

Plus, this game is dying for a custom soundtrack. I'd put as much West Coast rap as I could into my Xbox, even though I'm more of a East Coast guy. Add some Nirvana, early 90's pop (just for the hell of it), and I'm set for a couple of months.
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Originally Posted by AgentShaolin
I read somewhere that it may appear on the Xbox as soon as Spring 2005.
Lord, I hope that's true.
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Excellent news, Shaolin, I hope you're right.
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Frustratingly, Take 2 just announced the release date's been bumped back a week, to October 26th. "The title's launch date was moved to allow additional time for final testing of the game, which exceeds the size, depth and scope of traditional videogames." ...Frustrating, but hell yes de-glitch that sucker as much as possible.

Also in there, GTA: San Andreas for the PC in 3rd quarter 2005 (April, May or June, I think). No mention of it coming to Xbox...

On the bright side, Maccer is planning a comeback tour.

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Oh well, at least Fable will be here next week. That SHOULD hold me over until GTA. I can't even think of anything else I really want after Fable and before GTA.
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Damn it, Sony! Oh well, I can always play San Andreas at my friend's house. Guess I'll just have to be content with my lowly Xbox and that crap game coming out called Halo 2.
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Damn I guess I have to play Fable, Doom3 and Halo 2 before I can play this game...
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Fuck the Xbox version. I have both PS2 and Xbox versions of GTA3 and Vice City, the ps2 controller is far better for playing these games.

Scroll to the bottom of this thread to check out a very recent article and info about Las Venturas / Las Vegas.

The best new bit of info about this game is the following... The average gamer playing the game straight through with a strategy guide would be playing for 130-150 hours.

Something interesting to note is that you can now fly 3 times higher in SA compared to Vice City. You can buy packs of smokes at gas stations and other stores, light em up and smoke them. There's shovels in the game which have been hinted at being capable of digging "shallow graves".

Here's some more random new info about the game...

Dialouge Boxes: When communicating with NPCs, players will be given simple answer options for posed questions.

Climbing: Your character now has the ability to jump, gra-on and climb over almost any "reachable" object in the game. This includes crates and backyard fences with animations reminiscent of the foot component of Tony Hawk Underground.

Altitude: Gamers expecting the flat terrain of Vice City will be shocked by the extreme variety in altitude through SA. Not only is there a mountain, but the countryside drifts between highs and lows like a drawn out rollercoaster. Even in the cities there are some sharp slopes, which is great for jumps.

Vehicle Jacking: Almost everything in the game can be jacked. In our demo we saw; pushbikes, motorbikes, quad-bikes, dirt-bikes, Harley's, Monster Trucks, 4WDs, convertibles, lowriders, dinghys, tractors, combine harvesters, speedboats, helicopters, light-planes, trams and there were some tasty hints regarding trains and possibly even skateboards. The animations and AI reactions were quite varied too.

There is a casino called "The V-Rock Casino," modeled after the Hard Rock Cafe. The name is from the Vice City radio station.
Other casinos include the following: "Caligula's Palace" (Caligula was a controversial movie), "The Visage," "Pirates in Men's Pants" and "The Pink Swan." They are all modeled after their real-life counterparts in Las Vegas.
The famous neonlight cowboy in Vegas is also in SA, but it is Avery Carrington instead.
There is a huge Candy Suxxx figure on one of the buildings.
You can now gamble in the casinos, but you wont be able to access all of them. Rockstar claims that there will be a lot for you to visit.
You can play tons of casino games including blackjack, craps, slots, roulette, video poker, and wheel of fortune. Being a high roller will also help you gain respect.
There will be drunken Elvis impersonators. Rockstar has also paid great attention to detail inside of the casinos.
What you can steal and carry from home robberies depends on your physical fitness and strength you've accumulated in the gym.
When selling stolen goods to the fence, you can negotiate the price.
There are ruins from the 1989 earthquake in San Fierro.
The 'Lombard Road' and 'Trans-America tower' are in the game.
When other pedestrians break the law, the police chases after them and helicopters can even get involved. You can get hurt from these chases and even die.
The article hints toward stealing trains and skateboards in the game.
Magazine editors flew for minutes in a straight line without seeing a town.
Carl's mobile will help you get back on track if you get lost. Not sure how this will function.
The complete day (24 hours) finishes in 24 minutes. 1 minute = 1 hour in game.
Health can be viewed in the stats menu.
It took the magazine editors ten minutes in a plane and on the ground to find something once leaving Mount Chiliad.
The main cities have airports with vehicles to drive.
The necessity to eat will be displayed in either a bar on the screen or text appearing. It was undecided at the time of writing.
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Sounds pretty amazing. RPG elements, a huge gameworld, early 90's soundtrack, I don't know how this game could be better.
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Holy smokes, between this and HALO2 I don't plan on seeing the outside world until June 2005.
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Yep, there goes my life. FLUSH down the tubes.

"I was terrified of drugs. Thanks to DARIUS FONTAINE* , I have become hooked on several illegal drugs and no longer fear them at all."

Think I'll be hitting the Bell for dinner. It's the damn jingle -- as infectious as the meat.

Man, I love these guys.
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IGN gamestore has free overnight shipping for this game if you haven't preordered yet.
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I just checked out that link above this. All I have to say is that if Darius Fontaine is on a Talk Radio station, Miguel Alvarez might just have been dethroned. That page is awesome.
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Caligula wasn't just a scandalous movie. Caligula was a Roma Emperor.
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And quite scadulous.

It's also a chain of "gentleman's clubs."

As for replacing the music...shame on you. SHAME. The radio stations and the DJs are a huge part of the game.
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I like it with a blast of Sprunk!
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Holy shit! How many posts have to be made before this switches to a second page!?!?!?!
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Originally Posted by cabal
Holy shit! How many posts have to be made before this switches to a second page!?!?!?!
This one should do it.
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Grand Theft Auto: Risk, The World Conquest Game

The gang turf aspect is becoming a liitle clearer. Going by some other bloke's write-up of "P2" magazine's GTA:SA peek [couldn't find actual scans of the mag]...

As we cruised around the city, we noticed that the on-screen map contains various areas highlighted in the colors of the other gangs. Capturing these areas is actually a fairly simple (though not necessarily easy) task -- once inside 'enemy' territory, simply let the other gang know your intentions. A good way of accomplishing this is by emptying a clip into the back of the nearest gang member's head -- that usually does the job.

Once the bad guy has been attacked, the challenge is made, and almost before you've had time to reload, all hell breaks loose on screen while on the map the contested territory starts flashing red to indicate that you're attempting a takeover. All you need to do then is survive wave after wave of angry, gun-toting bad guys -- easy.
Apparently not so easy. In the presentation the R* guy had to go into an Invincibility cheat. I suspect you'll be wanting to bring maximum back-up. After you successfully manage the takeover, your own gang members will start to spawn in that territory. "Respect for you."

Two things I'm wondering... Will the other gangs try to take areas BACK? And, will the Big Map on the pause menu reflect the colors of the turf?

'Cause I'm picturing tooling around the hippie parts of San Fierro, package hunting, looking around, then getting a call. Check the map -- see the old hood flashing red. Haul ass across the countryside in the nearest vehicle? Buy a seat on the first Juank Air flight to LS? Steal a plane or 'copter and drop right into the street under fire? Or let the 'hood fall to the Ballas, swallow the hit to my "respect," and make a mental note to steal a tank and take the turf back at my leisure? Apache in the 'hood. "Brown Thunder: Take Back The Streets"

And in an absolutely shocking turn of events, San Andreas has officially been labeled "M" by the ESRB, for "Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, and Use of Drugs."
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You'd think that as this series turns into GRAND THEFT SIMS that the ESRB would say "enough already" and give the game the dreaded AO rating.

The new EGM cover feature mentioned that you WILL have to defend your turf occasionally once you take over various sections of the city. I am getting so pumped for this game. When do the radio setlists get released?
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Some quote from Rockstar mentioned that only a few songs might be revealed before the release of the game, everything else they want to be a surprise. I'm looking forward to all the crazy talk shows and weird commercials as much as the music though.
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It's going to be real hard for them to top the joy I get (still) from cruising around listening to Sister Christian.
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"Out of Touch" for me. I love me some Hall & Oates.

It's weird- in GTA3 I only listened to the crazy talk shows but in Vice City I barely tuned in. The power of cheesy '80's rock, I guess.
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In Vice City I don't think I ever even switched channels after I found out Africa, Sister Christian & Keep on Loving You were on the Emotion channel. Yeah, I suck.
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Otis gets positive rep points for his radio station tastes.

In other words, it's Geezer Approved!
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