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Greatest Grabbing-Testicles Scenes

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Thread Starter, all homo-erotic insinuations and suspicions aside..

whenever a star grabs someones testicles in a movie.. it makes me more than a bit queasy.. but sometimes, SOMETIMES.. it seems like the coolest thing ever put on celluloid. im thinking specifically of MISSISSIPPI BURNING.. when Gene Hackman grabs KKK man Michael Rookers testicles.. and utters the coolest line in the film.

this is the defining coolest grabbing testicles scene ive witnessed.

another one that comes to mind is THE BEACH.. i got nothing against Leo DiCaprio.. but it was a pretty cool scene when that beach boy dude grabs Leo's testicles through his shorts. Leo's acting here is among his best work, i think . heheh

another one is LA CONFIDENTIAL .. where Russell Crowe yanks the ex-goon's sack in the bar to get some info out of him.

these are all cool scenes.. they make for some great dialogue opportunities... and so i thought theres gotta be other ones im forgetting.. or need to see.

anyone care to submit any?
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The Governor-Elect of California grabbed some balls in a movie or two.

Is it Last Action Hero I am thinking of?
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I believe Dirty Work has the best nut grabbing put to film.
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Bronson versus bar room neanderthal in The Evil that Men Do.

"Right now, he's trying to make you aware of your own mortality."

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Hands down, it's Gloria Hendry on some random punk in Black Belt Jones.
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Adam, I'm shocked.

<img src="" alt="" />
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"Dead Alive".
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"serpent and the rainbow" or was it cock smashing action? I forget.
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Clockwork Orange, there is no contest.
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I don't know about actual grabbing, but Quaid in Total Recall gets his junk punched and stomped 2 or 3 times. Those hits are great becuase of Arnie's painful expressions and cries. Either "EINNNN!!" or "AIIINNN!"
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I saw something recently where testicles were quite severely squished - possibly "Once Upon A Time In Mexico."

Actually, I liked that film, probably because I wasn't expecting to. How about that?
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Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy has a landmark junk grab.

Now, I can't believe I'm making a spoiler warning for Brain Candy but here it goes:


Near the end when Dr. Cooper is being forced by Don to take the Gleemonex Dr. Cooper holds the pill in his mouth, proceeds to grab grab the evil CEO's dangly bits in slow motion. This causes Don to yell in pain (as any man would) giving Cooper the opportunity to launch the pill into the offenders mouth. Surely this is a life saving technique we should all take note of. Obviously a highmark in Testicular grabbing scenes.

*** End Spoilers***

Edit: For more spoiler space, can't ruin Brain Candy!
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The Street Fighter, when Chiba rips it off, and
The Big Red One, where Marvin chucks one away.
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Sho Aikawa:
Adam, I'm shocked.

<img src="" alt="" />
"My NUTS!!!"
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Yeah I was gonna go with ODG, but then I remembered that Bronson has the larger hands. Thus, larger ratio of fist to manoyster.

Also, all ball scrunchers must bow before Vinnie "Lock Stock" Jones:

<img src="" alt="" />
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when victor gets his balls grabbed and lifted in the air by abby in Wet Hot American Summer...

and when the guy gets his balls squashed by a pair of pliers in stir crazy...awesome
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Aha, knew there had to be a good reason. Slightly better angle of the famous Vinnie nutcrunch below:

<img src="*-" alt="" />
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Paul Gascoine's facial expressions are so great in those pics.

He looks like a ventriloquist's dummy in the 2nd one...
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Cannibal: The Musical

Tis the end of the movie. The nutty to end all nutties. Pun intended.
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Goddamn, my first thought was that same Mississippi Burning scene...Hackman, man--what else can you say?
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Thread Starter 

heres an even better pic of the vinnie jones testicle grab on gascoigne

<img src="" alt="" />


hang on. theyre wearing different uniforms!
thats some nice photoshop work

btw.. Adam_72: whats ODG?

Madman Mundt:
Goddamn, my first thought was that same Mississippi Burning scene...Hackman, man--what else can you say?
yeah, man! .. my thoughts exactly..
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Definitely, The Street Fighter. Sonny Chiba de-packaging that goon was absolutely stunning. I cringed, I laughed, I approved.
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You guys scare me.
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