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Whatever happened to Bridget Fonda???

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Bridget has been one of my fave actresses for years.

She had a very promising career back in the nineties, was working with the likes of Tarantino and all of a sudden she just disappeared.

Anyone know what happened?

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Well, according to IMDB, after Kiss of the Dragon, she had a couple bits in tv movies/series, and was in a car wreck in Feb '03 - OK except for some back injuries.

All I can think is that maybe the back injuries are too debilitating for her to work through?
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She married Oingo Boingo.
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Seriously tho I dont get it, its not like she had any major flops or anything.

She went from acting under Tarantino and starring alongside Pacino and Cusack in the mid nineties to being a bit player in Kiss of the Dragon and The Chris Isaak Show.

I mean WTF?

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I thought she had a kid recently? She's a really good actress, I seriously doubt her agent just stopped calling.
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Danny Elfman is refusing to share her with the world.

I've liked Bridget Fonda's work from what I've seen; I can ignore roles like Point of No Return when she undertakes a role in Jackie Brown or A Simple Plan. Perhaps she's waiting for Quentin Tarantino to write and direct a remake to Lucio Fulci's The Psychic.
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I've always liked Bridget. She hasn't always gotten the kinda roles she deserves.
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The real question should is what happened to the Pesci. Lethal Weapon 4 and then retirement?
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Sadly we never got another My Cousin Vinny so Joe P retired after his rap album. Thug legend 4 life!
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I always wondered what happened to 'The Pesci' Scorsese needs to cast him in one of his movies, he always gets fantastic performances out of JP.
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She fucked Eric Stoltz. This is what happens when you fuck Eric Stoltz.
No one can explain your sudden lack of being, you just implode into nothingness, It's like Stolz's cock is a super blackhole, tragic.
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that picture isn't helping. that has to be one of the worst pictures of her I've ever artificial looking.

I don't really think she is a major talent, but she has never hindered a movie by being in it, like some other actresses. so kind of odd to not see her around, but I would guess it is her own decision, considering the caliber of actresses still getting work.
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That better?

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yes, thanks.
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