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Six Feet Under CANCELLED!

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Got this from 'Digital Spy'

Fifth 'Six Feet Under' season to be last

The upcoming fifth season of Six Feet Under will be the last.

Series creator and executive producer Alan Ball has told HBO that he feels that the show has run its course.

Ball told Reuters, "Working on Six Feet Under has been enormously fulfilling creatively, but if the show is about anything, it's about the fact that everything comes to an end.

"I will miss working with such enormously talented writers, cast, staff and crew and I'll always be grateful to HBO for allowing and encouraging us to tell the story we set out to tell in a challenging and uncompromising way."

Carolyn Strauss, HBO's entertainment president, thanked the cast and crew of the show for all of their impressive work, adding, "It's been a fantastic experience to be associated with this show."

The show's fifth season, which will contain twelve episodes, begins production on November 16.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, "NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!"

*edit* Forgot link.
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I think I speak for everyone when I say "That's not cancelled, that's coming to the conclusion."
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While I'll miss the show, I agree with the creators that I can't see what else they can possibly do with it. There's only so many times Nate and Brenda can break up and get back together, or David and Keith fight and make up, or Claire can have sex (oh wait, no I can watch that a few more times).

I hope they do a good job wrapping things up though.
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We're playing the semantics game here, but Devin's right. The show's creator saying he thinks the show has run it's course is a HUGE difference from the show being cancelled.
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I had second thoughts about the subject of this thread, but it's too late now. It would've been better if it read "Six Feet Under ENDING!"

At least they're getting to work on the final season a lot earlier than last time.
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I wouldn't be surprised if HBO talks them into another (partial) season. HBO has tried very hard to avoid ending two popular shows the same year, and this is the end of the Sopranos.

That said, I can live with it. SFU has gotten a bit oppressive to watch - entertaining, but just draining. This season it aired at the same time of year as Nip/Tuck, a show with a similar dark humor/adult content/morbid profession slant, and IMO SFU suffered from the obvious comparison. Nip/Tuck was sharper, smarter, and just more hopeful, in a twisted way.

HBO sets the standard for how to handle TV. They give creative people free reign (Alan Ball and others expressed surprise that HBO execs' comments on the mature content in early episodes were things like "You can make it more explicit if you want.") And HBO doesn't bleed the very last dollar out of their successes by keeping them on the air long after the creators have lost interest and the show has become a shell of itself. Better to end a show like Six Feet Under while it's still a quality show than to wait until it's irrelevant (ahem, ER) or has died on the vine (cough, X-Files).

The good thing about SFU ending is that it will open up a slot in HBO's lineup for another groundbreaking and unique (and hopefully good) show.
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I think a creator (a more appropriately, execs) not wanting to milk a series for all it is worth shows tremendous maturity and far-sightedness. After about the 6th season, every remaining climax is "jumping the shark."

Did i use that term correctly? I sure hope so.
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I love this show and I like the fact that its ending. I can't wait to see what they do with everyone since they know that this is the end. I gaurantee that another member of the Fisher family dies. Maybe they'll all go in a bus accident.
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I love to watch six feet under episodes and i know this show has canceled now. But its all seasons were good and still i am waiting may be they planned to make its next season. i desperately want this show starts again.

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Six feet under got cancelled?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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