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Under Suspicion question (huge spoiler)

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I just saw it yesterday. Its with Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman.

First off a real good film (there a nice double meaning in the title) but I left with one big question. Why does Hackman confess to a crime that he knows he hasn't commited. My only guess was that he couldn't live with the fact that his wife thought he was a child molestor (even this I'm a bit confused about, was he indeed considering the photos we see).
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I'd say that he was under such a huge mental pressure that he lost his nerves and would have admitted anything in that moment. They put this proud egocentric guy down and made him a mental wreck, very surprising ending if you ask me.
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I agree with you 100%, Derek. When my girlfriend and I saw it, she asked the same
question, and I said he couldn't believe that his wife thought capable of such things,
and thus he'd rather go to jail. And yes, it is a very good movie.
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Yeah I liked this flick as well. He was totally broken by the end.

Belluci ahhh anyways so yeah Hopkins did a nice job with this one and I like BT's score.
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He truly loves his wife.  When he sees the pictures of the girls that Chantal had given the police, he thinks Chantal killed them because she was jealous of them.  He takes pictures of them simply because he photographs anything of beauty ( as we'd seen in his darkroom). So, he confesses to save Chantal, his wife.  After Chantal finds out he was innocent, it doesn't take too long for her to realize, that he would have confessed and gone to jail for her.  She then contemplates suicide.  


Finally, she returns to her husband, but it's too late.  He rejects her because if she really thought he was the murderer, then she didn't have a very high opinion of him.  She may have even hated him or worse yet, regret having married him in the first place.  Being with someone that doesn't really want to be with you is worse than being alone.  At this point it would be probable that she would stay with him as repayment of what he would have done for her, to keep her out of jail.  Although he is a guy that desires young women, he desires young women that WANT to be with him, not in some way, forced to be with him.

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