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Jacob/Winjer...would it be worth my time to even bother with the expansion? As an add on pack...would it be worth it the way United Offensive was for COD?

just curious.
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God of War - Too easy
RE4 - 20th time beating hard mode
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I'm still playing a bunch of stuff, finding it hard to actually focus on one thing and finish it, but I'm working my way through Doom 3 on xbox, I'm still drawn in to Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow, and I just started dallying in some World of Warcraft.

My sister's boyfriend had a 10 day pass and he gave it to me. It's a LOT of fun, and it'd my first MMORPG experience since offline Phantasy Star Online doesn't count.

I may have to play for more than the 10 days though...
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When school is out in a couple of weeks, I'll finally have some time to get back into WoW. I loved it, but it can be very addictive and time consuming.
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Originally Posted by mongycore
Jacob/Winjer...would it be worth my time to even bother with the expansion? As an add on pack...would it be worth it the way United Offensive was for COD?

just curious.
The only new things are the bullet-time, the gravity gun, and a few new creatures and bosses. It's 'more of the same', really, but I liked it well enough. I certainly wouldn't advise you to rush out and get it (go buy PSYCHONAUTS! NOW!), but if you can find it at a good price I'd say pick it up.
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Mercenaries for XBox. Just started the Diamonds part of the Deck of 52. Very addicting game. I often find myself wandering off to other skirmishes while I'm in the middle of a mission. I'm also using the cheat to add $1 million to my acct at any given moment. I also have cheats for unlimited life and ammo, but I'm trying to not use them right now. I'm having fun doing air strikes on anything and everything, and just "acquired" a cheat in the game to play as a Russian Mafia guy.
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thanks for the heads up Jacob. Downloaded the pc demo of psychonauts this morning. Will be installing it later on after I track down my controller in the closet. If it plays well with the pc setup I'll go that route, but if it's a pain in the ass playing I'll go with the x-box.
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Psychonauts. Fucking greatness at higher than 720p screen resolution. God damned game is dripping with originality. Makes me want to dig up Grim Fandango sometime down the road.

Brothers in Arms. bought this sucker off a neighbor and have been immersed with the game.

Mega Man 1. I'm not iceman's bitch anymore. take that fuck face. had to alter the way the tv stretches the screen (setting it back to 4:3 mode) helped tons with the jumping puzzles.

guild wars. got myself an expensive guild cape for chud west. started a new warrior character called Captain Rehab.

jade empire and splinter cell still get some play.

also some minor matches in halo 2 with friends back at home. game has just as much legs as unreal tourney.

haven't had time to do much with Midnight Club the past week. must remedy that.

jesus, now I know why I decided to become all self-employed working at nothing all day.
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I've been hitting San Andreas pretty hard. Holy shit, if you're going to require airplane missions, rent Crimson Skies and figure out how to program decent plane control and handling. Also, I LOVE the casino.
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Started up a new game of KOTOR last night, and I just got Forza, so I'll add that to the list of games in the current rotation.
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Tons of Halo recently. For the life of me I can't find any god damned pick up team that can hold their own in team slayer...wouldn't be so bad if the peons would just finish a match instead of bailing.

Midnight Club 3/Forza. Enjoying these two downstairs offline. Just got the skyline. Even unmodded it looks pretty (in mc3). Still don't got the skills to do any cool car designs for Forza.

Jade Empire. Been forever since I gave it a whirl. Guild Wars owns me in the rpg category. Still in the imperial city. Definitely lost it's 'new' charm. Maybe I should trade it in or sell it online.

Still killing combine in Half-Life 2. I need to track down those capture the flag files.
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I'm stuck on all three available San Andreas missions (the Triad fake poker chips, Heist hotel plans, Area 69) so that's hit the backburner yet again. Lumines and Donkey Konga 2 get the most play right now.
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Paper Mario was on sale for $20, so i couldn't resist. it's actually a pretty cool looking game and a fun RPG to boot.
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Originally Posted by slagar
Paper Mario was on sale for $20, so i couldn't resist. it's actually a pretty cool looking game and a fun RPG to boot.
20 bucks?! I know it's been over a week, but where did you find it for $20? I've been waiting for that game to come down in price.
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Jade Empire - finished. Took me long enough. Now I need to get back into splinter cell and actually complete the games I bought this spring. The game wasn't awful but playing through it I was expecting something more...bigger. If you're going to call it Jade Empire I'd like a freaking Empire to wander around in. So all you get is 3 towns filled with some sidequests on the side and then you get plumped onto a linear path, bah. Giving you all those techniques is kind of useless late in the game when you'll need (or maybe not) your older fighting styles maxed out. Mirabelle is fucking brutal. A little too brutal. I like the storyline twists and all but it really felt like I paid for half a game.

I might be on crack though.
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I've been rotating between Fight Night 2 and MVP Baseball for the GameCube.
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I started a new character on WoW so I could play on the same server as all my buddies from work. Apparently, everyone in the computer department at the Best Buy I work at is playing. Go figure. I've also been playing a little Baten Kaitos (on the Gamecube, of course) and X-Men Legends on Xbox. There's so many unfinished games on my shelf that it's becoming overwhelming.

mongy -- I don't think you're on crack. Jade Empire was waaaay too small of a game after all the hype it received. It was a good game, but it just wasn't epic enough. The fighting was pretty fun, even though it was too easy most of the time. I'd like to think that I'll play it through again on Closed Fist, but I think that's just wishful thinking. I feel like the twist in the Jade Empire story tried to be too much like the one in KOTOR. Sometimes, a story doesn't need a mind-blowing twist to be good. The game world was beautiful, and it was for the most part fun, but I think it just fell a little short of what we were lead to believe it would be.
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I lost nearly a whole day screwing around with gary's mod for half-life 2. It's just insane what you can do with the characters, objects, and physics in the game.

so far the things I've done don't compare to that domino video whitehead dug up a few weeks back.

My favorite thing to do is to tie a character up to a car with rope, and add several thrusters to the car. hit the on button and watch the poor sap zoom away.

edited to add more lame homebrewed fun:

I do it to myself
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Started playing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for the first time yesterday. The game's a lot of fun, and is the first X-Box game outside of the Halo games to really catch my interest (yes, I'm slow on the uptake. All the X-Box stuff is my brother's so I don't play that often). My only problem is getting past the first big boss (the Prince's zombified father)--the battle system is really ill equipped for dealing with enemies attacking you from all angles.
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I just got Conker, San Andreas, Timesplitters, and Ghost In the Shell, BUT all i keep playing is the Battlefield Modern Combat demo from OXM on Xbox live, sure it keeps crashing but it's so much fun i don't care.

Come and challenge me at any East coast game, i am usually at the top of the ranks.
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I'm hooked on WoW again. That's a good thing too, since I'm paying a monthly charge for it.
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City of Heroes. On my second day of the 14 day trial run. So far I'm freaking sold on the game. Different change of pace. Don't remember what server I'm on exactly. Might be liberty...I forgot (edited to add: it's the Guardian server). Not liking the camera when the enemies decide to run away...but there may be a button that follows them automatically right (I think it's R)? Brings me back to playing Spider-Man 2 last year and just roving around stopping crime. Only at level 3 right far off am I from getting flying powers (or is that a class restriction), I picked one of the melee fighters (not the tank one). Used my Guild Wars character name: Captain Rehab.

Must resist this game. Will be playing this and hopefully the new halo maps this weekend.
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I finally got around to picking up Half Life 2, although I haven't really had time to spend with it yet. I got the Collector's DVD version for less than the stand alone game from Gamestop. It's pretty sweet since it has the original Half Life redone with the source engine on there, and of course, there's Counter Strike Source. I'll find time for it hopefully soon. I'm a little busy this week.

So when I take some time for PC gaming I'm usually on Guild Wars. I trade off with that one and Painkiller, and now Half Life and its ilk will get squeezed in there too. Not enough free time...

Gameboy/DS stuff comes with me on my commute. On that front I'm almost done with Metroid Zero Mission and Need For Speed Underground 2 is lots of fun.

The consoles have been somewhat neglected lately, but I still play Burnout 3 and toss in some Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow for good measure.
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These games are old as dinosaur shit, but I can't afford to buy games at full price/I'm cheap and patient, so:

X-men Legends - been playing the fuck out of this sucker lately and I dig it. It's not the funnest game in the world but it's entertaining. It is a bit too much like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance but egh...

Red Faction II - I don't have an X-box and I needed a sweet FPS to keep me from going insane without any Halo action in my life. It's old, sure but man this game is fun and the deathmatches remind me of Quake's fun, fast and twitch gameplay. I love the weapons. And the music is cool. Overall very cool game for being so cheap.

I think Im gonna go and buy Killer 7. So far everything I've read about the game has me intrigued.
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Currently on a Mega Man X kick. Its beginning to die out for me, though, since I've realized that the ones in the series I want to play (X4, the later one that reveals the whole Zero-As-Wily's-Robot) are ones that I can't get Roms for.

Also dying out is San Andreas. I want to do 100%, and I have fun when I'm plying... but no desire to load it.

THinking about installing Evil Genius. When you cheat to remove some things, its a lot like Dungeon Keeper.
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World of Warcraft. I think the odds of me going back to guild wars gets lower and lower. Either this or City of Heroes will reside on my hard drive once the trial periods end. Just an amazing game to get sucked into. Loaded this up, after playing around with DS 2, at around noon-ish...and now am only getting off the computer to go cook some dinner. Started as a Paladin on the moon server. This weekend is going to be nice.
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I, too, have been sucked in again by WoW. I've been playing the hell out of it with a little RE4 thrown in now and then. Got a level 32 rogue on the Earthen Ring server. Rogues are freakin' sweet.
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Still down with the occasional trip into the world of Guild Wars, but not much. The game is still awesome in my eyes, just haven't had time for it lately, given the injection of Half Life 2 and the wiping of my PC. Reinstalled windows and all that jazz and Guild Wars and Half Life 2 are back on there calling my name. Tried Counter Strike Source too. I suck, but it was fun, and I have a friend who's into it, so I see it in my future.

Consoles have been neglected, but I just started playing Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. Of course I should probably go back to the first Splinter Cell, but they're all there waiting for me. Never really played any of them and I have them all because I have a disease. Nevertheless, I'm in the first level goofing off and having fun. It's good. I've been missing out.

Hopefully I'll get into a gaming phase again... It's begun, but I've been attempting to watch some dvds lately though and Harry Potter is back in my life.
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My soul and free time have been devoured by Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Dynasty Warriors 4. My first experience ever with a DW game (and I totally love it) and the first MGS game I've played since the original for the PsOne. MGS3 is amazing.
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I loved WoW and Guild Wars while I was playing them, but lost interest pretty quickly when my roommate moved out. It was less fun without someone you could team up with just by yelling across the hall. So, on to my current games:

God of War: Playing it for the second time, as it's so awesome. This time I'm on Spartan mode, because I'm too much of a pussy for God mode, but I bet I could handle it now that I see how much my skills have improved. But I've been taking a break for:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds: Not that great of a game, especially when compared to God of War. But it was $15, and I'm a sucker for all things Buffy.
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Originally Posted by g-dude
Started playing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for the first time yesterday. The game's a lot of fun, and is the first X-Box game outside of the Halo games to really catch my interest (yes, I'm slow on the uptake. All the X-Box stuff is my brother's so I don't play that often). My only problem is getting past the first big boss (the Prince's zombified father)--the battle system is really ill equipped for dealing with enemies attacking you from all angles.
Off topic, but g-dude: if you can't deal with multiple enemies, take them out as fast as possible. My favorite move for this is to vault over, slice, and use the dagger. Nice and neat combo. Only dudes you can't do this to are the guys with blue double-bladed staffs (if I remember correctly), but there are other combos that are just as effective.

The father needs a vault-slice-slice combo, multiple times. Do this quickly and he can't touch you at all.
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Fate. I haven't checked to see if some parts of the game that were installed are in fact spyware. But this diablo clone is mightily addictive. That and if I'm on for too long my wife can't complain cos there's a freaking cat following me around.

Battlefield 2. No, I haven't bought the game (yet)...still insisting on boycotting all things EA (until the next burnout game comes out that is). One of my friends that I play with on weekend lan parties has it installed and the way it plays/looks - just a solid game. (damn you ea) if I need my war gaming fix I still have unreal/counterstrike/half-life ctf.

WoW. Lost my paladin character after needing to do a re-install of XP. Started with a warrior guy.

Spider-Man 2. Not even bothering with trying to finish the game now. Just cruising around NY doing shit here and there, killing time as my comp encodes files.

San Andreas. mmm, hot coffee, or not. Nabbed it off amazon earlier this week. For some reason I love this game more than Vice City. It plays better, runs better; has more interesting things to do - not at all interested in Tommy Vercetti now...just finished that russian chase mission. Pretty awesome stuff.
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(yes I'll pathetically keep this thread from entering oblivion)...


Capcom Classics Collection. Played through final flght the other day, still getting owned by the original ghosts and goblins, doing decently in 1942 and commando; going all freaking cross eyed on exes exed.

ok, listen, it's called Call of Duty UNITED OFFENSIVE not european assault...I don't know why I keep calling it that...isn't it the expansion to Medal of Honor? So much greatness in such a small package. The bomber mission and it's finale were outstanding. A nice warm up to COD2.

NHL 2k6. icon based passing still rules. now if they'd add some option to icon based defense selection. Warms my heart to no end hearing Harry Neal spew load on any player or play that just happened. Custom soundtracks rule.

The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction. Throwing stuff with the surround sound cranked up to 15 at 7:30 in the morning is sweet. Take that you asshole barking dog.
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Trick Style on my Dreamcast.

Fucking love that machine.
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Hot Shots Golf PSP- There are a lot of challenges and items to unlock. I've put a lot of hours into the game and still haven't unlocked all the characters or courses, nevermind all the clothes and stuff.

We Love Katamari- I must roll up the King. Also, I don't think I've even played all the levels yet.

San Andreas- I figure I should put a good faith effort to actually finishing this before I pick up Liberty City Stories.
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I'm trying to maintain some focus, but I'm still all over the map, so here's some stuff I've been spending some time with lately:

PC: Painkiller Gold (in short bursts)
I'll get back to Guild Wars sooner or later

GBA/DS: Trace Memory, Pokemon Fire Red (or whatever the hell version it is), and Megaman Battle Network (the first one, suprisingly fun, just like Pokemon)

Xbox: Galleon, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Evil Dead: Regeneration

I'm itching for some PS1 styled Final Fantasy, but I never finished them back then, so who am I kidding... I'l be happy if I ever finish at least 1 more RPG in my life. I've got a hardcore gamer brain, but I'm a casual gamer in practice.
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NHL 06
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

All for XBOX
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Ninja Gaiden for XBox

Hate anything that rides a horse, making me wish we could zoom the camera out.
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The steady revolving wheel now includes Ninja Gaiden Black, Burnout Revenge, and Guitar Hero. I fully expect Ninja Gaiden to take a backseat for Half-Life 2 next week.
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Got together with Nick today for some multiplayer. Got into LoTR Tactics (PSP) which was a lot of fun, and Infected, which was slightly less so. Now I'm trying to connect to the world with my new copy of Mario Kart DS, which I expect will keep me from doing anything else tonight.
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Originally Posted by Russ Fischer
Now I'm trying to connect to the world with my new copy of Mario Kart DS, which I expect will keep me from doing anything else tonight.
Bastard. Now you're just rubbing it in.
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The Movies.
Great game if you want to run a studio, but the film making feature is a fun toy, not a real film making tool. It's like the rollercoaster builder in Roller Coaster Tycoon: it is for game purposes only, don't expect to make anything like a real film with it.
BTW I have problems imaginaing how this sucker would be fun on a console. The controls on the PC version are fairly complex.
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City of Heroes. My scrapper is getting owned by some things in the Hollows...need to find some team-mates or something. Some dudes suggested maybe levelling up in Kings Cross. Also started a new tanker character. On the fence about picking up Villains.

Sacred. Dumped Dungeon Siege II off to a friend, just wasn't doing anything for me anymore. Heard most of the bugs were fixed for this...maybe this and CoH will tide me over until Oblivion finally comes out.

Call of Duty 2. Finished. Hill 400 was the finale, the last mission...more like a cool down lap. Dug the end credit adventure.

Civ 4. Not as addicting as it once was, but when it pulls you back in - it fucking pulls you back in for several hours. So far I've won by space race & dominating the map.
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I'm sort of house sitting for my dad and keeping my grandmother company so I brought my PS2 and a few games with me and I've been playing some Grand Theft Auto: Sand Andreas lately. I've had it for PS2 since it came out and I never really played it. And I dug into my stash of PS One games and I started playing Star Ocean: The Second Story, another one I never really played. I'm enjoying both so far. And I played some Guild Wars over the weekend when I was back in Brooklyn. If I can pull myself away from Grand Theft Auto I'll be killing more Collosi...
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Battlefront 2. Leagues ahead of the original, which I dug multiplayer but didn't gel that much with, singleplayer wise.
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Need For Speed Most Wanted...the pc demo. Don't know if I'm missing anything not having bought Burnout Revenge - but after spending nearly 30 minutes destroying police cars, traffic, plowing through road blocks with the nitrous on, and occasionally taking out the 7-9 cop cars on my tail hitting the pursuit breakers (triggering various objects to block/crush the cops)...all the while racking up a quarter mil in damages/points. It'll be painful not picking this up when I venture down to CC or Best Buy in the coming weeks.

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Indigo Prophecy - This game is amazing. Not too far into it yet, but just for the story alone this game is worth it. It's the most original thing i've played in a while. Too bad Omikron wasn't more like this...
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The new TRUE CRIME. The driving is pretty bad -- first time out of the station, I grazed a bus which spun out of control. Was immediately swarmed by cops, which rammed my car, plowing me through a half dozen pedestrians. When I got out of the car, instead of arresting me they blew my hands off.
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Originally Posted by Russ Fischer
When I got out of the car, instead of arresting me they blew my hands off.
Well, you have to admit, that would make it pretty hard for you to drive again.

Just finished F.E.A.R. last night, pretty solid, fairly creepy.

Finished up Indigo Prophecy last week. Fun, to be sure, but seemed rushed at the end.

I'm only on the 5th collossus in SotC. Enjoying it, but sometimes it seems as much work as fun. Then again, I knew going in that this was all about hour-long boss fights, so I can only blame myself.

I'm well into Sly Cooper 3, but haven't touched it in a couple of weeks.

I'm up to the first big boss in Quake IV. The big spider thingie. I probably should have waited and rented this for the 360, assuming I'll be able to find one.

I'm about 70% in Call of Cthulhu. This game can be truly fun and then appallingly frustrating in turn.

I'm also checking out World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons Online in their respective free trials. Right now I'd give the edge to D&Do. I know, blasphemy!
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Still playing Ninja Gaiden: Black, beat Master Ninja Mode, beat all the mission modes on normal, and working through hard and above. I can't imagine how many times I've played through the story mode.

Serious Sam 2 - It's fun, I guess. It's funny though that after playing through the level that pokes fun at game bugs and glitches I load up my game to get a hard drive corrupted message and lost my save (first time that has ever happened to me).

Shadow of the Colossus - still not done, I'm not having as much fun with this as I'm supposed to.

Half Life 2 - Just picked it up a couple minutes ago, can't wait to get off work and play. I wasn't a huge fan of the original, but I think that's because by the time I played it (PS2 I think) it was looking pretty dated and didn't control so well. Half Life 2 is THE game I've been waiting for.

Dragon Quest VIII - Got this today as well, probably be awhile before I get into it. The box art alone is enough to give Singer an embolism.
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