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DVD disk problem ---BattleStar Galactica Season 1

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Hi Guys

I really need help on this.
I got Battlestar Galactica Season one from Futureshop.
2 (disks 2 and 3) of the disks in the set won't play good on my dvd player
(sony f350?? 5-6 years old)
-it keeps spinning/skipping the disk when i try to go to the next chapter
or when i fast-forward. (this only happens on specific episodes - "water" and "flesh and bone")
-it doesn't happen with any of my other dvds that i have except for one or two of my sisters music dvds(indian - bootleg) dvds. She won't llisten and continues to play them.

I returned the DVD Season one Set three times now beacue of this problem, on the same disks. They never checked it on there systems. They replaced with a new Set everytime.
The funny thing is I did try the two disks on my PC and they work perfectly.

The question is, should i go and return the set again or is it my dvd player???
How come it plays perfectly on the PC?
(on the pc i used Windows media player and Classic windows media player.)

Let me know what you think


ps my english isn't the greatest (dyslexia)
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Dude, if you're in Futureshop why not just try it on one of their DVD players at the store. It's pretty clear to me that it's most likely your DVD player that's causing the problem if the disc plays fine in your PC DVD.

I don't know if there's branching or alternate angles or anything like that on the BSG:S1 DVD's but that can often cause problems with older players. Terminator 2 and the special edition of the Abyss are two that have been known to cause problems.

Obviously it sucks that it won't play but if you have the money you can probably find a $130CA player that's as good as or most likely better than your 'high end' one from 5-6 years ago. Still, that's a fair amount of money to spend just to watch Battlestar Galactica (for me though, it would totally be worth it).
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THanks for the input

I don't work at futureshop....but i am going to try the disks at my friends place.

I was really wondering if the pc-dvd makes dvds play better. because it was very odd to me to see it mess up on my dvd player specific episodes and yet play fine on my dvd player.

Thanks again
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I really meant more that you can just walk up to any DVD player that's on display at the store and just put your DVD in it. They don't really care. If they do care, all they'll do is ask you what you're doing. If you pretend that you know what you're doing they usually won't say anything more. If they do ask you to stop then you just say OK and stop. No risk!

You can always just tell them that the disc doesn't work on your current DVD player and you were considering testing it out on different DVD players to make sure it worked before buying a new one. If they smell a potential sale they'll probably not try as hard to stop you.
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How old is your DVD player?
The same thing happened to me though with different DVD's : They would not play in the DVD player but would on my DVD ROM drive on my computer.
I bought my old DVD player in mid 2001 and I thought this might be the problem.
Since I bought a current model DVD player all the DVD's that would not play before play perfectly.
Apparently you should plan on upgrading you DVD player every two or three years. Luckily the price has gone down so that it is not a big deal anymore.
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My dvd Player is old now i got it in 2000....what player did you end up buying???

My current on ei have is sony. Also did you hack yours to make it regoin free??

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I got a Sony..but that was because it was the best deal. I understand as long a you get a reputable brand and it is up to date manfacture there is not much to choose from.
No, I did not hack it to make it region free because I really don't buy enough Not region DVDs to make it worth while. If I did, I would probably plumb out the money to buy a ready made non regional player.
And I would not know how to hack it, anyway. It's probably not hard, but it is not an issue to me.
BUt I would seriously consider a new DVD player. It might well solve your problem, it did for me.
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