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5 hours in. 5 hours is usually my point of no return as to whether I'm sticking with an RPG or not.

I'm curious enough that I'm sticking with it, only because I have a strange amount of faith that when this game opens up, it may very well be awesome.

Right now, I feel like I'm in the middle of a playable tutorial. One I'm enjoying, or rather, I havent gotten tired of yet, but a tutorial nonetheless. I actually rather like Lightning, Sazh (this surprises me, considering he goes from a bumbling asshole with a bird in his 'fro to being the game's voice of reason), and Snow (though I'm a little creeped out at how young his fiancee seems to be).

Hope and Vanille, on the other hand....Jesus. If there isn't a 20th hour twist where we find out Vanille is really a malfunctioning humanoid robot created by extraterrestrials to haphazardly spread Aspergian love to humanity, I'm gonna be really disappointed.

So far, I'm digging it. Giving it another 5 hours. Keeping in mind, I stuck with FF12 for 15 before i decided it could go fuck itself.
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This darn game... I sacrificed it during a trade a ways back. I went way too long in between sessions and when I went back to it I didn't have the patience to get back to it. Pretty sure I left off somewhere near the end of chapter 9, but there were some stretches there that just seemed to want to keep going. I know there was a long hall and it was FILLED with enemies. I just wanted to see waht was next, but I'd have to push through to get there... Silly me.

I WAS digging the game though. It was different for sure, but I was still having trouble deciding how I really felt about it... still not sure, but I spent almost 30 hours on it (that REALLY didn't feel like 30 hours). In some ways it is genius, in others it felt like a misfire, but some of that on both sides is surely wrapped up in expectations.

In the back of my mind I knew I'd get it again someday, and true to form, I should have it back in my hands pretty soon. Ack! I blame this thread and its recent posts, but mostly, I blam ME!

Justin, I'm curious to pop back in and see how your thoughts on it evolve, and to see what anybody else has to say when they chime back in.
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I got stuck in the White Woods, on this boss that randomly changes his weakness. It's kind of a pain in the ass, and I've been stuck with Lightning and that loser kid for what seems like forever. Poor pacing.


FF 13 VS, on the other hand, looks like the most fantastical vaporware of all time. Really amazing stuff in the new trailer


Also gonna be an FF13-2. I kind of like Lightning, and could see the X-2 approach working as far as taking a more light-hearted approach to the material. But I never played X-2 because I'm not a pervert.

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I gave it 15 hours of my life, cheated, read the Wikipedia entry on the plot, and decided I had better things to do. Like getting stabbed in the dick.


This game, apparently, goes NOWHERE after hour 5. The affair is over.

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Dragging this thread up to talk about Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Now I loved the battle system in XIII so I'm sorta interested. Unfortunately I hear this game is extremely easy. That could be a deal breaker. I'm all for creating a deck of awesome paradigms, but if the enemies are a push over what's the point?


Aside from my opinions, the game is sure to flop commercially. I expect I'll pick a copy once the price plummets.

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Picked up the first one about a month ago for the girlfriend for only $8. It was a bit of a rough start, but now getting closer to the end she says she is really pleased with the game and has enjoyed it. And honestly, Ive enjoyed it as well. Its great to look at and the battles tend to draw me in and get a bit intense. I've gotten yelled at on multiple occasions for back seat gaming.


So I'm a bit excited for the sequel as well. No way will I pay full price for it though. I'll probably even hold off until they release some sort of ultimate edition with all the content included. Apparently they have mini-games listed in the menus, but when you go to access them it just tells you it's unavailable and to wait for future dlc.

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