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Been on my mind all day

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no video for this, but there is a local college radio show named for this song that is at 3 pm PST on i think weds or thursdays.  

They always open with this song.

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A recent performance of "You Never Loved Me" by the amazing Aimee Mann:

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My jam right now. I keep going between this one and Horripilation on this wonderful Do Make Say Think record.

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And I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart

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Not only is it infinitely superior to the original, but fun fact: Neither guy actually speaks English.  Ridiculous.


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Best live crowd ever?


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Watched Oasis: Supersonic the other day. There's a small bit where Liam Gallagher describes how he used to devote days just buying records and "blasting it out, getting soaked in it". I remember doing the exact same thing in my teens, especially with the song that's playing in that scene:


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I've been meaning to watch Supersonic!  Cool song btw.

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I just learned of a new musician that's pretty decent: Tash Sultana. She plays multiple instruments. I believe she's primarily a solo act. I can't speak to her ability on the guitar, but it's better than a lot of the new shit I hear these days. There are a few tracks I like of hers, but I keep coming back to this one:


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I'm still on my Gary Numan kick.  Right now, I can't get enough of these two songs:

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The other night I saw Greta Van Fleet, a quartet out of Michigan that sounds uncannily like early Led Zeppelin. The lead singer sounds so much like Robert Plant circa Led Zep 1 & 2 that I kept doing a double take. Derivative as hell, but I love the sound they're mimicking:


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That's bordering on Zep tribute band territory, really.

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Originally Posted by MichaelM View Post

That's bordering on Zep tribute band territory, really.

Oh, don't worry, their other songs are even more derivative. However, their ripoff sound was an oasis in the desert for a lot of drunk oldheads in northern Tennessee.

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If you ever wanted to hear Beck take a stab at Police-era Sting, check out No Distraction on the Colors album.


So fucking good.

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New single featuring the dueling vocal harmonies of Andi Deris, KAI HANSEN and MICHAEL KISKE .  Oh and the guitars are fucking insane because well, Hansen added into the mix. Enjoy!

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Anything Halloween flavored I'm a total sucker for.


Not really in the spirit of this thread as such, but I just found my new pre workout amp up track.


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One of the best covers I've ever heard.


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I love most of A Perfect Circle. I was jazzed to see this new track drop. At first, I was lukewarm, but after several listens I really like it. I'm sure it will sound even better for me in context of the full album:


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