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Originally Posted by Jameson00 View Post

because they have a good track record of letting people shine and hit their full potential, like with Galloway and EC3 to Christian and Bubba Ray showing they have it to be main eventers.



No, more like they have a track record of taking WWE castoffs and pushing them ahead of their own talent.


At any rate, they missed one check too many and now Billy Corgan pretty much owns the place now.  I'd be more encouraged by that if they'd just cut Dixie out of the fucking company altogether already. That lady is an albatross.


I would argue that the best weekly show right now is CWC. 

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Good job by Rollins to stay on point after a fan "charged" him in the ring on RAW:


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ADR and Paige now have 30 days of free time to look forward to.
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If I were ADR and had Paige as my BAE.... I could think of plenty of great ways to pass the 30 days.

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Originally Posted by Anjin View Post

If I were ADR and had Paige as my BAE.... I could think of plenty of great ways to pass the 30 days.


You know they planned it for a holiday together.

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Just to say, this year's G1 was so bloody good, (finally caught up with all the good stuff now). Kenny Omega may be the best worker in the world right now. If he isn't then Ishii probably is. 
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Del Rio and Paige came to my work yesterday. I was on the phone in my truck getting ready to leave and I heard Del Rios unmistakable voice saying like 'I've never met the guy, he's some guy on WWE creative'.

So I looked up and there they were, Paige looked me dead in the eye, could probably tell how starstruck I was.

They seemed mad, so I left them alone. Also I'm stupidly shy.
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Coward! I would have called em a Perro and given him that silly double foot stomp right there in my work I would ave!
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Del Rio and Paige are such an odd combo. She has the worst taste. Kudos to him though. There is a WWE Ride along that has a Fuck marry kill and Del Rio is a choice with Paige and what's her name. Might have to see what she says
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Now Eva Marie has failed.  The moment I start to enjoy her shitty character too.  A perpetual fuck up.  

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They should go the Brock Lesnar route and just be part-timers, skip all this drug test bother. 

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They should rotate an off season for these guys. Give them a 2-3 month stretch off so their bodies can recover.
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I doubt any of those three are anything but recreational drug use.  

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I just mean in general.

Wonder if they will still go with you introducing Eva Marie but just have her not show up
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Smart of Vince to snag some cash now before this Eva Marie news causes the stock price to plummet.


 Vince McMahon, chief executive officer of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment Inc., sold 1.55 million shares of Class A stock in the company as part of his estate planning, a transaction worth about $32.5 million at current prices.


The stock, held by a trust, represents about 2 percent of total Class A and Class B shares of the company, WWE said Thursday in a regulatory filing. McMahon, 71, told the Stamford, Connecticut-based company he has no plans to sell more shares and intends to continue as chairman and chief executive officer for the foreseeable future.


The CEO still controls about 85 percent of the voting power at WWE and about 47 percent of total shares outstanding, the filing said. The company has been the subject of takeover speculation this year, especially after the sale of UFC to WME-IMG for $4 billion.

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I don't mean this in a gross male gaze sort of way, but Eva Marie has this weird skin tone thing going on.  What's with the obsession of taking a beautiful person and glazing them in an orange fake tan that makes them look like an Oompa Loompa?


EDIT: Her husband just posted a statement on twitter.


"When the public finds out why my wife was unjustly suspended they will be absolutely outraged! Official statement and facts coming soon."


Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.  

Edited by Freeman - 8/18/16 at 4:25pm
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Omega vs Naito is one of the greatest match of all time. Those last 10 min stretch was pure insanity. Holy fucking shit. There's no match this year that can even sniff in that direction.

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Takeover was glorious!

Austin Aries put on a clinic! GTS! Billie and Ember both looked good!

Haven't been a fan of Cien, but he was on fire tonight, and Bobby Roode was awesome as usual, despite the shitty finisher. He has to ditch it and go back to the Pay off.

Revival vs Gargano/Ciampa was excellent. However, I went to an NXT live event a few weeks ago and their match there was much better. Expected Ciampa to turn, but I was glad he didn't. Think they will be the ones to beat the Revival eventually.

Loved that Asuka beat Bailey again so decisively. I want WWE to acknowledge her streak. Hopefully Bailey goes to Smackdown, since they're down a woman.

The main event was pretty good, despite Naka not selling as usual. It felt real, something that doesn't happen too often.

Joe seamlessly transitioning between submissions makes guys on the main roster like John CENA look bad.
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The tag title match and Joe/Nakamura were off the charts. 

I think I've finally figured it out after that main event: Wrestling needs more violinists!

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Roode's theme song. Fuck me.

So, best WWE tag team match since Edge/Rey vs Angle/Benoit?
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That entrance both Roode and Nak was just out of this world. Brooklyn was hot tonight!

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Joe needs to be champ on the main roster. Dude took knees to the back of the head and a dislocated jaw in the process.

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So it's not broken? That's good. When he lost I assumed he was moving up. Both him and Bayley probably going to raw.
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That violin entrance for Nak was dope.  I hope Roode takes off in WWE, he could be a break out star for them.

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Omega/Naito was fantastic.  I'm really happy for Omega; I don't think there's a ceiling for that guy.


The NXT show last night was very good.  Despite really liking Joe/Nakamura, I feel like they have a better match in them.  I was pumped for Nakamura's win, though, and his entrance was cooler than just about every high-priced WrestleMania one over the past couple of years.  Asuka/Bayley was much better this time around (the first match was good too), and it did a great job of pushing Asuka to the stratosphere.  The tag match stole the show; the Arrival personify the art of tag team wrestling, and both guys are natural heels.  Roode is really going for the 80s, both in look and moveset; I'm cool with that since I think it fills a void NXT could do wonders with.  This was the first I've seen of Ember Moon, and I was definitely impressed.  Aries/Jose was a lot of fun; Aries put on a very good performance and that was the best I've seen from Jose thus far.

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Roode needs a new finisher badly. The road dog pump handle slam is just not glorious enough.

Is a dislocated jaw an easy heal? Fuck man, that knee to the face was gnarly.
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Glad I didn't post picks earlier today. So far I'm 0-2. Heels off to a good start.
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Cena/Styles is a legit great match.
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Originally Posted by Moltisanti View Post

Cena/Styles is a legit great match.


Absolutely! Great end, too!

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Styles was due for a big win. This should put him in line to start feuding with Ambrose (assuming he takes care of Ziggler).
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Surprised, but happy that Finn got the belt.

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Didn't think he'd take Seth but they know Finn is going to be iconic and they're not wasting any time for a drawn out push.

Rough night for Ziggler. First a loss for the belt then that awful KFC abomination with The Miz. Ouch.
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That KFC commercial gave me flashbacks to the early 90's.  Not so much flashbacks as much as PTSD. Ugh.. that was just awful.


They running short on time, or did Rusev legit get injured? I stepped out of the room for a piss break and all of a sudden the match was over.

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Too bad the last two matches didn't actually have endings. Up until then, this was a pretty good show. 

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The shot of the blood pouring from Orton's head. Jolted me.

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AJ and Cena killed the show until the very very end.  The other matches were OK.  Nobody was approaching the work level of Cena Styles though, so the crowd was basically pooped and done and climaxed by the time that match was over.  


Seth just tweeted his sadness as the fans booing the Universal Title every single time it was on screen.  Sorry Seth, but it's fuck ugly and stupid and deserves to die a death.

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The show was just too damned long, and having the last two matches basically stopped before they could get going was just a baffling decision. The new title looks generic, basically a pallet swap. You can put it next to the Women's Title and probably get confused on which is which.


I know Brock is taking home the biggest paychecks, but that doesn't mean he has to be in the main event.  The main probably should have been Rollins/Balor.


Nice tease with Balor and The Club, btw.  I doubt Balor is turning just yet, but it'll happen eventually.  Gallows and Anderson are kinda just languishing right now though. 


Cena vs Styles may have been the best match of the weekend, though granted I haven't had a chance to see the Super J Cup finals yet. (Ospreay vs Sydal? Yes, please!).  Revival vs #DIY was a close second. 


Joe vs Nakamura was great, of course, but I agree with Bryan Alvarez: These two have SO much more in them. A rematch would be most welcomed if Joe doesn't get called up to RAW or Smackdown first - which he deserves.


Ziggler pretty much has to go heel now, right? If not, he may as well just give his notice now. He's never going to get that next level push as a babyface. 

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The way I called the Ziggles Ambrose match was Ziggler gives it his all, he REALLY pushes as hard as he possibly can, but Ambrose is just too good.  Ziggler loses for some reason to do with his pathological need to prove himself, and instead of being gracious in defeat he grabs a chair and cheap shots Dean from behind, beating the living hell out of him.  Then have Shane run down to calm him down, and he beats the fuck out of Shane too.


Instead we got a pretty great heelish cocky confident Ambrose doing his job setting up Ziggler for the big comeback, and then Ziggler just sort of let it fizzle out and the match died a death.  It's remarkable how much a Takeover can be different from Summerslam when the base ingredients are so similar.  I have to wonder if Vince is just picking results and storyline directions out of a fucking hat sometimes.  What was that last match?  Was that intentionally that awful?  Brock doing the MMA elbows seemed to imply he meant to bust him open.

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Looking back at those Brock elbows they wanted that ending. Orton went to his head after that and cut himself. Stupid ending.

And Samoa Joes jaw injury was just for show. Reports are that he's fine. Time to bring him up to Raw.
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Joe paid his dues. Time for him to move up.

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Balor injured his shoulder in last night's match. Could end up needing surgery.

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Jesus that sucks.
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He'll relinquish title:


Raw General Manager Mick Foley tweeted that he and Commissioner Stephanie McMahon would "accept" Bálor’s forfeiture of his championship tonight on Raw.
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We don't get to have nice things.

I can't believe they let Brock and Orton go the suplex city route. I hope they have another match. We need monster heel 2008 Voices Randy Orton vs the Beast. What a shit main event.

And why couldn't we have gotten a match from Roman and Rusev? They tore the house down last week, we couldn't have gotten like a 15 minute match and than that beat down?

It was a solid show until those matches. Obviously the Women's match and Cena/Styles being highlights
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Feel bad for Finn, but I still laughed when Rollins happily strolled by him on his way to the ring tonight.


That being said between being involved in huge injuries to Cena, Sting, and now Finn in a little over a year I wonder if Seth's reputation backstage is taking a hit.

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Bret Hart thinks he's dangerous, and this will do nothing to convince him otherwise.  It looked to me like Finn was trying to flat back against the barricade but Seth dropped him too high and his arm whiplashed over the top.


Dean Ambrose wrestles just as much as Seth and doesn't hurt anyone, I'm just saying. 

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Such a bad break for Finn, and unfortunately it doesn't do much to bolster the already disliked Universal Title. 

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They just need to get rid of the buckle bomb I guess.
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Looks like "The Villain" Marty Scurll will be making his ROH debut in November along with Ospreay on their UK tour. Those are two great signings and I don't doubt that they'll be appearing on more shows going forward. Great to see ROH tapping into the rich UK talent pool.
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