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Genius examples of intercutting

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The last film that I watched was Hitchcock's STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. The way he intercuts Guy's tennis match with Bruno reaching for the lighter is one of my fave scenes in all of cinema. Not only is the tennis match entertaining to watch on its own, the suspense builds up palpably as the fate of Guy's life is all in the hands of a simple lighter. Hitchcock has said that the editing of the tennis match befuddled him as there was so much footage that could be tinkered with. What we end up with is one of the most natural, exciting, energetic sports events ever manifested on film meticulously and brilliantly intercut with a psychopath pulling out all the stops to get a hold of a usually innocuous item. Dimitri Tiomkin's contrasting and powerful themes between both scenes gives the intercutting even more thematic urgency and resonance.
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I think it's in Bram Stoker's Dracula when there's a cut between Lucy's undead beheading and then straight to bloody roast beef being sliced...

Is that the right movie?

I love that cut.
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Staying with Coppola, the baptism/multiple hit climax of THE GODFATHER and the killing of Kurtz in APOCALYPSE NOW.
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The ending sequence of Requiem for a Dream is a perfect example of intercutting. Aronofsky nailed it.
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If anyone mentions Darth Vader/Padme giving birth, they're gonna get a cock to the kneecaps.
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It might just be me, but I love the hell out of the intercutting between the opera singer and Leloo kicking ass in The Fifth Element.

And speaking of Besson, the intercutting of Leon working out, Mathilda innocently buying groceries while Oldman gets ready to take out her family is pretty genius as well--it's the prelude before all three of these characters are irrevocably interconnected for the rest of the story.
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The cutting between the Nazis caning a guy in the street and the mud wrestling inside the Cabaret in Cabaret.
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Anyone remember from HELLRAISER, the sequence where Larry(Andy Robinson) is trying to force a mattress up a stairwell is intercut with his borther Frank furiously screwing Larry's wife? The harder Larry tries, the harder Frank thrusts culminating with the coitus climaxing just as Larry tears his hand gruesomely on a nail sticking up.

That always struck me as a particularly disturbing use of the technique. And, of course, that was the directors whole point.

Pure Clive Barker.
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The end of Silence of the Lambs, Mystic River, and the climax at the Black Gate/Mt. Doom in Return of the King. I wish I could think of more right now.
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teenage mutant ninja turtles, where raphael gets beat up.
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I know that it's currently in vogue to bash anything 'Star Wars' related...but I have to say that the end battles in 'Return of the Jedi' are very expertly edited together. You have the space battle over the new Death Star, you have Luke and Vader's personal battle on the Death Star itself, and you have the ground battle on Endor over the shield generator. While ROTJ certainly has its problems, the intercutting of these three battles is masterful. You can follow all three and not miss a beat. You gotta give it credit for at least achieving that. Now, if only more ewoks would have died...
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Just thought of another 'The Terminator', when Ahnold is beating the shit out of Rick Rossovich while Sarah's roommate is making sandwiches and jamming out on her walkman.
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i think intercutting is the screenwriting term and cross-cutting is the cinematic term...
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The intercutting at the end of JEDI is solid. It's technically proficient. I can't fault the film on that level. I dunno if it falls into the category of 'genius', though.
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I'm probably gonna get slaughtered for this, but: The Cell. I'd say the cutting between Lopez and D'Onoforio, Julia floundering around in the water, and the cops trying to find her is pretty well done.
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Denethor eating while Faramir goes off to his "death" in Return of the King is the first that comes to mind for me.
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Just watched The Crazies, so I'll mention the gong/rape scene in that.

The sex scene/getting dresses in Don't Look Now, however, has to take the prize as far as genius intercutting goes.
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Cutting between Roger at the helicopter, Fran and Stephen in the hangars, and Peter in the chart house during the airfield scene from the original Dawn of the Dead.
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Originally Posted by 70sCinema
Cutting between Roger at the helicopter, Fran and Stephen in the hangars, and Peter in the chart house during the airfield scene from the original Dawn of the Dead.
I forgot that one. T'was quite an effective tension-builder.
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While not genius, the wounded Sgt. Elias crawling for the chopper in "Platoon" is definitly gut-wrenching.

Order 66 in ROTS was handled quite well.
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Kinda the same scene, but howbout the Indy/Shortround parallel fights (voodoo doll) in Temple of Doom? I love the end when we cut back & forth to the heroes wailing on their respective adversaries.
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Yeah who would of thought Billy Boyds singing would almost lead to tears.
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Out of Sight definitely closes this thread. To me, the scenes of Clooney and Lopez meeting again in the bar and them in the room making love are one of the most heartwarming, spine-chilling and senses-melting love scenes of the past ten years.

And lest not forget the interrogation scenes of Hollywood Homicide. Hard to tell which of these two great comedic actors at the top of their game you end up feeling more ashamed of.
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