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Clearly they missed an opportunity by not subtitling the game BRING ME THE HEAD OF DRACULA.
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When viewed small, it ends up looking less like Castlevania and more like Captain Phasma: Vampire Hunter... which is immediately more than Forwakens did for her.


Also, The Rocketeer is pretty good.  I don't think it approaches anywhere near the 'successor' of Indy movies at all despite having a lot of the same fun trappings as those.  So much great stuff in the movie, but as a whole never all that thrilling.  It was definitely a movie that excited me more in concept than in actuality... even when I was a kid.

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The only strike against it is that cheesy, high school play prop skull in the corner. The rest looks pretty cool to me. That Dracula face is some legit nightmare fuel.

Anyhoo....out of The Phantom, The Rocketeer or The Shadow....what's the general consensus on which is best? Probably The Rocketeer right? But they've all aged into pretty cool fun movies. Nice throwbacks to a different era. Good clean Indiana Jones-ish adventures without actually ripping off Indy.

I feel like there's another one I'm forgetting..
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Originally Posted by duke fleed View Post

I think that the Rocketeer and Sky Captian And The World Of Tomorrow make a perfect double feature. Both are great retro pulp fantasy films where the heroes perform unbelievable acts of derring do that should have wowed audiences more then they did. If not for the box office failure of Sky Captain Robert Rodgiguez or his replacement Kerry Conran (directer of Sky Captain)would have directed John Carter in: A Princess Of Mars based on Edgar Rice Burroghs Pulp series John Carter of Mars.

See, Sky Captain lost me about halfway in, but I DO have Rocketeer as 1/2 of a double-feature in my house:

Part 1: The Rocketeer
Part 2: Captain America: TFA

They're spiritual cousins by the same director, and I swear I'm still waiting for my flashback Cap film where Secord and Rogers team up to take out a Nazi plot.
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Yea that IS pretty damn metal.. I still remember the soundtrack turning ominous whenever the sun went down.. "What a terrible night for a curse.." I believe the subtitle went..


I want to say I still own Wizard issue #6 with the Incredible Hulk tearing up the Wizard robe that they at that time used to incorporate into every cover.. Artwork by Sam Keith, tooth gap and all!!

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Oh man, it's like a totally different duke fleed from a different era!

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Wow, just looked up Billy Campbell on IMDB. For someone who's worked very regularly since The Rocketeer, he hasn't done a whole hell of a lot that I recognize.

Rocketeer was great, but I haven't seen it in decades. Saw it in the theater freshman year of high school upon release, then a whole lot maybe a year later on cable. Probably not since. May have to rewatch.
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Originally Posted by neil spurn View Post

Wow, just looked up Billy Campbell on IMDB. For someone who's worked very regularly since The Rocketeer, he hasn't done a whole hell of a lot that I recognize.


I recommend ENOUGH. Forget everything you thought you knew about Billy Campbell.

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But Jennifer Lopez gives me cramps.
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Billy Campbell had a great recurring role in the Syfy show The 4400 (basically Heroes for people with brains). He also played Ted Bundy in a TV-movie a while back, and was the male lead on a great but short-lived drama series called Once and Again.


Also... in the new Rocketeer film the part of the Rocketeer, like that of Marion Crane, will be played by a black female pop star.

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Ate lunch at the Sci-fi Drive-in restaurant at Hollywood Studios today. Look what was hanging on the hallway wall...

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