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Children of the Corn, parts 1 - 7

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Today I bought a DVD box with all seven (!) Children of the Corn flicks. Jesus, I knew there were more than the one with Linda Hamilton but seven? That's outright scary. Stephen King's story was okay and there's certainly material for a thrilling movie, but why and how did they make so many of them? Were they great hits on DVD? The short Disciples of the Crow had enough potential to be remade as a feature, but that could have ended then.

Children of the Corn isn't that bad. It fits well with all the other mediocre 80ies horror flicks. That red-haired Malachai kid still freaks me out. And that angry preacher midget.

Part 2: The Final Sacrifice (final, right) is nearly the same, but less. The new preacher kid looks like Justin Long and there is much stupid stuff going on. Like the corn kids remote controlling an old woman in a wheelchair into a store window - for horror. Or native american exposition wise guy turning out to be a ghost.

Now Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (it's basically Children of the Corn in da Hood) feels a lot like one of the Friday of the 13th sequels. Lousy but funny 80ies characters and lots and lots of gory scenes. There's major fx work, people spitting blood and cockroaches, corn rows attacking people and there's even a giant corn monster in the end. I guess it's probably the best of the series.

Haven't seen the other four so far, but I doubt it'll get any better after 3. Interesting casting bits though, with Naomi Watts, Kane Hodder, Charlize Theron, Eva Mendes, David Carradine, Michael Ironside and Nancy Allen.
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My sister made me watch the first movie with her when I was about 7 years old. Complicating matters was the fact that my house sat right at the edge of a massive cornfield. Needless to say, I was rocking myself in the fetal position by the time the credits rolled. Stupid "He Who Walks Behind the Rows"...
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Children of the Corn II will forever be a classic because it was filmed in Liberty, NC.

The only reason Liberty, NC exists is because of their Antiques Festival.. but to have an actual movie filmed here was quite a big deal.
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Which is the one with the red-headed kid from Sandlot and Dark Ride? That one was surprisingly decent. The rest are pretty much shit, though.
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Seen the first 3 myself. 1 was watchable but suffered greatly from changing the ending, 2 was dire and dreadful, 3 was trashy fun.

The first film was, Like Evil Dead, among the first big hits on VHS. Apparantly.
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Is this a US release? I know someone who would kind of love this. And it's not me, I swear!
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