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by Joshua Miller: link

A charming tale about a violent little boy who wishes his family dead on Xmas.
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What does it say about me that I've been eagerly anticipating you doing one of these for the Home Alone franchise? Blame it on my 90's upbringing folks!

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Nice choice. Gonna have to go home and give this another watch. The description of the crowbar scene got me giggling here at work

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I love you, Josh.  That was great.


I was actually surprised by how positive you were towards the film with a more 'objective' approach. 

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Fair appraisal of that first film. Now, I can't wait to see you recoil at the violence in part two.

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Great review. I too am a fan of the spider scream and the look right before the crow bar beating. After reading your review it dawned on me just how much I loved this movie back then. I feel like it was the very last time I loved a movie with my impressionable kid brain. It was only about 8 months later or so that I flipped the switch into "I'm too old for this kids stuff" mode and started to get exclusively violent and weird with my movie interests... as a 12 year old.


You're taking me back, man.

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I can't wait until you reach parts 3/4. Nobody believes me when I tell them they're real and star that twerp from the Clooney chick flick

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Yep, this just went to the top of my Netflix queue.

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